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  1. Late to the party, anybody got a good link please?
  2. Got a good feeling about today. Well worth £20 at 5/1, too.
  3. Yeah, I clicked on several and they were all gash. Hence my question.
  4. It will never be entirely stamped out, because there will always be some morons about.
  5. I get your general point, but I wouldn't necessarily put De Bruyne in the top 10, and certainly not Lukaku ?
  6. Thank god this weird Sarri cult episode is coming to an end soon. It's all been very bizarre. Cheers for the silverware, but to keep him on was only delaying the inevitable - great move for the club regardless of why he's gone.
  7. Nobody mate? Don't see the relevance to my comment though?
  8. Disgusting. No FA bias my arse.
  9. This is spot on. Can't see why people don't see this or refuse to see this. In my opinion it is very short sighted and a waste of time to keep a manager on just because he won the farmers league and got top 4, when we were expected to win the former and were very fortunate to achieve the latter. Will just ultimately hold the club back unless we get rid sooner rather than later - we'd just be delaying the inevitable keeping him on.
  10. Just look at that side. So depressing looking at these likely line ups for next season, so uninspiring and looks toothless without Hazards name in there. We need this ban frozen big time.

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