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  1. We beat Liverpool and Spurs on the way to the final and lost to the first ever team to win the domestic quadruple, on penalties, whilst outplaying them ont he pitch for the 120 minutes. Seems strange to not take this as an achievement. No, I don't see second as an achievement. Perhaps this is where we differ. I couldn't care less if he get's us to finals and we lose. Imagine thinking Sarri had nothing to do with our league finish. Both Hazard and Kante have had their most productive seasons in a Chelsea shirt whilst being apparently thrown out of position by Sarri. Take those two players out and name me one more player even close to being world class. With how many games we've had to manage Sarri has done wonders with what he has at his availability. How many genuine world class players do Spurs, Arsenal and Utd (our direct rivals for third) have? Exactly. We should comfortably finish third. I'm not sure how you are measuring Kante's productivity? Goals? Of course he'll score more goals being played out of position further up the field than where he is best used. I don't think you can attribute Hazards performances to Sarri. If anything Hazards job has been made harder by being forced to create something from nothing due to playing such a rigid, un-productive, tippy tappy, sideways pass for the sake of sideways pass style. It is probably down to Hazards obscene brilliance alone that Sarri has been let off the hook by some with the blinkers on. We were already qualified on the last day so how could we have f**ked it up? I was quite clearly talking about third spot - you know, relating to your original point of declaring how spectacular of an achievement it was. If the only manager you wanted sacking was AvB and not Mk.2 Mourinho than this tells me a lot. In fairness, I had forgot to mention this one. Arguably our best player this past month or so. lol. He's been shocking all season and has restricted us severely in how we play (in fairness this is as much down to Sarri's stubbornness). One month will not change that.
  2. - We didn't win the milk cup. Growing up in the late 80's means I will always be grateful for a cup final, but let's not get too hung up on finishing second. If we start seeing this as an achievement we will be no better than Arsenal - a club that we have ridiculed for years now for accepting mediocrity. - We haven't won the Europa League yet. Lets see how we fair with that. Remember Sarri has not once stepped up in a final in his entire career. - We finished third despite Sarri, rather than because of Sarri. I'm not having that our squad is not good enough to have comfortably finished third. He's got an array of talent at his disposal, including two genuine world class players - one of which he has played out of position all season to accommodate his only system, and the other which has been played as a false 9 in the most important games - despite this clearly not working. Instead we have crawled over the line despite Spurs, Arsenal and Utd all having one of their worst ends to a season possibly ever. We even did our best to f**k that up on the last day, despite it being in our own hands. I am not fickle, the only manager other than Sarri I have wanted sacking was AVB. If I can see signs of hope then I will back the manager regardless of where we are in the league. Unfortunately Sarri has proven himself to be damn right incompetent time and time again. Week after week I've watched the same predictable and stubborn mistakes. He must be an absolute dream to prepare for. He has one plan of action and either doesn't have the tactical nous to change things up or is too stubborn to do so. Either way it's not the standard required from our club. I'm not overly concerned as I know it is only a matter of time before he's out the door. I would just prefer it to be sooner rather than later, particularly if CAS freeze our transfer ban. Heaven forbid he see's Kante as surplus to his system and sells him before he's sacked. He can take Jorginho with him.
  3. Can't wait for him to go personally. It is inevitable sooner or later because he just isn't good enough, just hopefully we don't leave it too long.
  4. Who is running this club? Who is actually making these despairing decisions, seriously?! I am used to Chelsea being generally quite chaotic, but the decision to play a f**king charity game 2 weeks before a major European cup final, against our close rivals no less, has left me in genuine disbelief. I'm finding it hard to put into words how ridiculous this idea was.
  5. Yeah we got on at Nuneaton and saw him. Funny, because he gives it the big one on twitter then hides himself away in the corner when out and about.
  6. I heard absolutely nothing of the sort yesterday, and that would not be the first time this season that Levene had reported such 'incidents' at games that I have heard nothing. The bloke is a freelance journalist and strikes me as a bit desperate to honest. Reports on 'racism' from his press box without even being present in the concourses of away ends or sat in the stands with the fans. What he does is actually quite dangerous. He practically led the media witch hunt against that bloke who was accused of racism towards Sterling, with absolutely no evidence to support what he was saying. The guy has since been proven innocent after losing his job as a result of the false accusations. If it was me I'd be looking at legal action against Levene. People have called him out on Twitter for what he does, but his simple go to response is just to brand people as racists. He's too simple to realise that it's not him standing up against racism that people are against, but rather accusing people/whole away ends of racism based on hear-say or with no evidence whatsoever, and in some cases, ruining peoples lives in the process. Funny thing is, he even has history of racially abusing an Indian boy on twitter himself. Pathetic man.
  7. I'm trying to see it as a win-win situation. Ban upheld = Hazard stays (fingers crossed), ban not upheld = massive spending spree
  8. This cult following that Sarri has is very bizarre. He is the worst Chelsea manager that I can remember, constantly fails to change things when it is clearly not working and will make all of the same mistakes again on Sunday.
  9. Just been to have a quick glance at RAWK, and a majority of them think it'll be straight forward.
  10. Just after a direct link to a reliable stream that opens and I don't get bombarded with a load of sh*te pop ups though really

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