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  1. Massive if this goes through. Him and Ziyech for under £100m is unreal business.
  2. Read the news. It's all about Liverpool and Utd, never heard anywhere that 'we are the favourites'. My point is I'm surprised we're not more heavily linked with him, as stated in my original post - not sure what you're finding difficult to grasp with that one, so can't really help you mate.
  3. We’ve been mentioned. All I’m hearing now is Liverpool and Utd
  4. I can’t get my head around why we aren’t linked heavily with Werner. I know Chelsea do everything quietly in terms of transfers, but it is so obvious he’s the kind of player we need and can be had for a release clause of £52m!
  5. Yeah, I clicked on several and they were all gash. Hence my question.
  6. It will never be entirely stamped out, because there will always be some morons about.
  7. Couldn't give a sh*t, it's not my money and will probably be wasted on a couple of Drinkwaters anyway. Would rather watch Hazard for another season.
  8. I didn't really feel anything whilst all these rumours have been going on all season, despite knowing deep down that he would go. But once he actually said he thinks 'it's goodbye' last night, it hit me. Like you say, can't remember being as gutted about another player leaving. Even JT's departure a couple of seasons ago, the time seemed right. Although Hazard has been incredible for us, I can't help but feel that Real Madrid will get his best years - I can see him becoming unstoppable the next couple of seasons. It's a shame that our decline is likely to be one of the main reasons for his departure. Imagine if we had him around 2006, with that squad we had.
  9. It's in Istanbul this year, so not much better lol. Will be there though. Edit - Just realised I am the 47th person to have answered this question.
  10. I despair at our club sometimes, I really do. Hope it's not true, but I wouldn't be at all surprised if we have accepted a bid to be honest.
  11. Do you still have the Newcastle tickets? Looking for 2 for my husband and son



  12. I think he's just a bit slow, people.
  13. I think what he is getting at, is that what you are saying has no substance. Troll surely?
  14. Would an Arab with funds on par with City be a bad thing? Even in the unlikely situation that this is the end of Abramovich, it certainly won't be the end of Chelsea. I'd be surprised if billionaires the world over wern't falling over their Hublot's to purchase a club in the most exclusive part of the best city in the world.
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