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  1. It will never be entirely stamped out, because there will always be some morons about.
  2. I get your general point, but I wouldn't necessarily put De Bruyne in the top 10, and certainly not Lukaku ?
  3. Thank god this weird Sarri cult episode is coming to an end soon. It's all been very bizarre. Cheers for the silverware, but to keep him on was only delaying the inevitable - great move for the club regardless of why he's gone.
  4. Nobody mate? Don't see the relevance to my comment though?
  5. Disgusting. No FA bias my arse.
  6. This is spot on. Can't see why people don't see this or refuse to see this. In my opinion it is very short sighted and a waste of time to keep a manager on just because he won the farmers league and got top 4, when we were expected to win the former and were very fortunate to achieve the latter. Will just ultimately hold the club back unless we get rid sooner rather than later - we'd just be delaying the inevitable keeping him on.
  7. Just look at that side. So depressing looking at these likely line ups for next season, so uninspiring and looks toothless without Hazards name in there. We need this ban frozen big time.
  8. Couldn't give a sh*t, it's not my money and will probably be wasted on a couple of Drinkwaters anyway. Would rather watch Hazard for another season.
  9. Would personally love to be in Real Madrid's group and have a trip to the Bernabeu. If not, I'd settle for an away day in Milan. It's what the champions league is all about.
  10. What is it with idiots and assumptions on here? What makes you think I am 'one of the deluded ones' that think Frank will come in and start a decade of dominance? I'm glad you've cleared up what will happen if he is appointed though. Got the lottery numbers too? You f**king moron.
  11. Our best manager for a decade?! You cannot be serious??
  12. I didn't really feel anything whilst all these rumours have been going on all season, despite knowing deep down that he would go. But once he actually said he thinks 'it's goodbye' last night, it hit me. Like you say, can't remember being as gutted about another player leaving. Even JT's departure a couple of seasons ago, the time seemed right. Although Hazard has been incredible for us, I can't help but feel that Real Madrid will get his best years - I can see him becoming unstoppable the next couple of seasons. It's a shame that our decline is likely to be one of the main reasons for his departure. Imagine if we had him around 2006, with that squad we had.
  13. It's in Istanbul this year, so not much better lol. Will be there though. Edit - Just realised I am the 47th person to have answered this question.
  14. Exactly right! If Sarri is given next season (and possibly beyond), I would love nothing more than him be a success and to eat plenty of humble pie.
  15. In fairness, not changing their minds once Sarri won a trophy is the opposite of fickle, is it not?? The people that have rightfully been calling Sarri out all season who have now backtracked due to the feel good factor are the ones to watch out for. I said yesterday that my mind wouldn't be changed based on winning the Europa league, it was to be expected at the beginning of the season. Rafa Benitez won it but people still wanted him sacked. Nevertheless, fair f**ks to Sarri for winning his first trophy and I'm grateful that Chelsea now have more silverware in the cabinet, but I still don't believe he is the person to take us forward for the reasons I've previously stated. Last night, as enjoyable as it was, doesn't change anything for me.

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