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  1. GOAL....evidence to Super Frank of how much he's worth. He is a class kid that will go a long way under Lampard. All the best 🙂
  2. He got the assist. Thats evidence to Frank that he's worth it....but its a tough rotation that he'll have to keep earning.
  3. Great great performance. Really needed and with out circumstances, Frank and the squad are doing great
  4. I reckon CHO will do ok. And hopefully Mount scores 🙂
  5. Aw...just when Callum and James were starting to prove themselves. I suppose it will mean that they are rested, recover more and make magic at the club when most others are tired 🙂
  6. On the other hand, he didnt have enough support from the fans or media
  7. Conte and, possibly more so, Sarri had negative tones. They often put blame on some players. They instilled a negative tone which spread to the fans. Sarri often had arguments or little fall outs. Im just waiting for him to fall out with a big player like De Ligt or Ronaldo So...Lampard set a positive tone, supporting his players and believing in all, especially youth.
  8. southampton 1-3 Chelsea Abraham with 2 (forst goal at 23') and Pedro to score
  9. I would love to see that start and.... subs - Pulisic Billy gilmour Barkley Anyone agree? 🙂
  10. C'mon...CHO deserves a little more 🙂 About right all round...not sure about one ore two but mostly pretty good ratings
  11. Fully agree....cant have a passionate, feeling celebration because they're standing around waiting for a decision
  12. Yes....he is invincible. Just back from injury and already he's made a huge impact. Franks a man for youth clearly...lets see CHO starting at saints
  13. Yes boys...the CL is still ok. And so are we! We can do this. Vital game next up....the group winners
  14. Callum!!!! Hardly got any minutes since his injury and he has a goal and 2 assists!
  15. True but not entirely. Rudiger would add a lot of stability and consistency

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