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  1. Poor first half. Kante took over, Adoi had 3 or 4 great pieces of play and great finish. Nothing to get excited about at all...but this is definitely the start of the run that sees us pick up the 2 trophies, ECL place, new EH contract and massive investment from RA in the squad in the summer.
  2. Bringing one of the kids for their first game, hope its not going to turn into one of worst nights in recent memory. ...it could be the start of change in approach and 3 match winning run that leads to us lifting 2 trophies, qualifying for ECL, Hazard signing a 5 year extension and RA spending 300m on 3 (good) players
  3. Guilty, mostly out of annoyance with sarri when he was at least adding some tempo. Please lets see some changes on Thursday that will help shape the rest of the season...no chance.
  4. I know what you mean but I think we've gone beyond that. An average left back or any single player doesn't explain 4-0, 6-0 and games we've won but look like we're going to concede every time we lose the ball. Said before xmas we look like the Arsenal of 5-10 years ago. We're not far off but need to change a few things, hopefully Sarri gets it right. His faith in 1 or 2 players is commendable but worrying when we have to dig in. Bring on Malmo & Utd.
  5. Luiz has always done it, but interesting that Rudiger is playing more longer balls.
  6. Think youre right about Jorginho. The defence aren't happy with him pointing out where they should pass the ball every time they get it while he struggles every time we turn it over. Huddersfield had loads of chances last week. We're close but still need a few things to change.
  7. Great result after Wednesday but need to keep things in perspective. We weren't terrible on Wednesday, we were bad in the 2nd half, and we weren't brilliant today. We can't keep losing the ball when most of the time it leads to a good chance for the other team to score. Anyway, great result and good to see a change in the 2nd half...hopefully doesnt mean Rudiger is dropped for next game.
  8. Well done Alonso today. A lot of pressure on him. Limited player in an area we can improve, but he gives 100%.
  9. Great that its 2-0 but whatever score this ends up it looks like we're going to concede everytime we lose the ball. I hoped after the Arsenal home game that in 5 or 6 months time we'd be better when we turn the ball over, but we're not, we're worse. No time for players who want to look good first.
  10. DP2

    Callum Hudson-Odoi

    Going on the first half his head is in Munich. Can understand his point of view but as a supporter can't accept it. Want him to stay, but if he doesnt want to fight for a place, we get 40m for him and Ampadu gets moved up the list I'd be ok with that.
  11. That was poor today. Maybe some of them hoped newcastle would just give up when we got the 1st. Rudiger is some boy. Azpilacueta is going through a bad patch and I think he's covering for it.
  12. Away from football that lad has to have a look at himself
  13. Some just not trying hard enough again. Wouldnt try to kick morata if I was a Southampton defender, no point. Hopefully somebody steps up.
  14. Think Duffy is suspended...more reason to play Giroud.