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  1. There should be absolutely no need for any motivational team talk (never should be), just do your job...1st and 2nd half. Come on Chelsea.
  2. Great from us...Come on Chelsea ...they/media looking for an excuse
  3. ok pedro mostly...but willian did join in
  4. Credit to both of them last night. Standing ovation for Adoi when he came off...started by Pedro and joined in by Willian. They get a bit of stick but that was class, what we need around the club.
  5. Loftus Cheek was excellent. Hazard unplayable.
  6. Looked even better on the ball this week. Worrying how bad we are when we turn it over. Still, 3rd place and possible Europa League.
  7. Great to see. Well done Pedro, Willian & Adoi.
  8. Great stuff. Hazard, Loftus Cheek, Kante, Emerson, Adoi all excellent, in fact everyone on the pitch. Hopefully 2 or 3 nil.
  9. Come on Chelsea. If there's any other way of making Monday's better I'm not sure what it is. Emerson, Loftus Cheek and Adoi hopefully. They'll be right up for this, need to get into them early. KTBFFH.
  10. Great we're not deciding between just Kante or Hazard. Emerson, Loftus Cheek, Hazard and Adoi had very good halves. Luiz and Christenson were comfortable. Giroud scored. Azpilecueta was ok. I think Jorginho was MOTM over the 90.
  11. A tongue in cheek 'We want Sarri in' wouldv'e been nice after we got the 3rd
  12. Think you're both right, but if this team gets more games together they have the potential to do it to much better teams. Unfortunately because of Sarri's stubborness odds are they will only have until the end of the season.
  13. Can we bring Kovacic on and replace him with Barkley...just for old times sake

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