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  1. Thanks strider. It does look a bit mad now. Trying to be a bit punk and take it out on the internet isn't the most sensible thing to do! I just dont get how people can slate a player, the team or the management one week and then get back on when we're winning like nothing happened. Support the club.
  2. It was meant to be a bit of a laugh at some people who give out everytime we play. Reading it back now it doesnt look like that. Anyway, happy xmas all.
  3. Happy Xmas you Chelsea c***s See you in the new year Snow is falling etc Stay safe and look after yourselves and loved ones
  4. Sorry mate, you're right, I just think there's an agenda to sort it out instead of doing something. Look back at my posts, first thing I said when it started during the game
  5. Watching Motd...not sure who is doing the vice commentary but I think he said the only way you cant give the penalty is because his hand comes in contact with his face. Thats like saying the nuclear meltdown wasn't our fault because you were born here. Mad stuff.
  6. You're right but equally Sky are overdoing it a bit, almost like they are the beacons of truth and justice without an agenda. Neville and Souness know the game, even though I dont like Souness he was a player and knows the score. It would be great to just park it, get on the pitch and we'll sort it out.
  7. Cheers man. Watching it back again, what a day. Up the Chels, who's next think it's Southampton, they'll probably beat us and there'll be more tears haha.
  8. Good point but somethings not right when you start saying some of the stuff he did. Lose, its ok. I like Jose for his time with us, seems like a good guy to have a chat with. Him and Ashley Cole. We are going well. Some others might have a problem.
  9. Disappointed with Mourinho. He knows he should be better, he's frustrated. Its ok to lose gracefully.
  10. So proud of us today. Excellent. Frank, Jodie and the team. Top 4 and next stage of Champions League. Merry Xmas, **** the spuds.
  11. Real men fight if there's a problem, not sit behind somebody chanting rubbish, whether its racist or about something else. We have our problems but I like to think that most of us would stand together and get rid of some of that garbage.
  12. He's crying again, he's crying again That cheating ****** he's crying again
  13. How does the ref think that was a free out. I just dont understand how you can officiate a game at any level and think that was a free out. Reminded me of Germany v France, was it schumaker. Unbelievable. That ref should be taking some time off.
  14. Yeeesssssssss. Ref giving a free out, taking 2 minutes to decide, yellow card. No wonder people are not sure whats going on.
  15. At least the gloves aren't on today, mostly
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