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  1. Think we'll hold back on James and maybe give him 30 mins v Sheff Utd if we can. Pukki is in form so could do with Azpilacuetta's experience. I'd start Kovacic over Barkley and maybe Giroud over Abraham, again next game for them might be better.
  2. Don’t want to dwell on this but you’re taking bits from what I said because you thought when you read it I was slaughtering Azpilacuetta and praising Pedro. I’m telling you I wasn’t and that’s exactly why I worded it the way I did, because I didn’t want to be overly critical of one or ‘praise’ the other. “The defense played well” (which includes Azpilacuetta obviously) “but we defended poorly as a team” (as in the rest of the team...which includes Pedro). I still rate Azpilacuetta and think he’s our best defender despite probably being past his best and generally not being able to cross the ball. I also agree with you about Pedro, he can be an accident waiting to happen as he’s showed a number of times over the years. But at the same time I think his energy and willingness to chase lost causes is a good example for the team...he’s lively as I said.
  3. Saying that I'm slauthering Azpilicuetta when I said he defended well but cant cross the ball is just as amazing as saying I'm praising Pedro by saying he was 'lively' but was at least partly responsible for how badly we defended as a team.
  4. Thought defense were good but the team didn’t defend well. Would help if Azpillacueta could cross the ball, it’s not good when you’re shouting at him to pass to Kante to cross it. Mount was good and Pedro was lively, the rest looked surprisingly tired and not at it today at all.
  5. Very lucky not to lose that. The worst part for me amazingly was Willian, considering he was only on for a few minutes.
  6. need a bit of luck today, been poor since the 20th minute
  7. can’t say that wasn’t coming, come on chelsea
  8. Too late to join in? If not... Chelsea 3-1 Leicester, Kovacic, 27
  9. He might as well go into our greatest XI now because he'll definately be there in 2023. We could extend his contract to 2053 and he'll still be going. So lucky to have him, we absolutely ripped Leicester off.
  10. 👍Yes Sunday I should have said. More time to rest after tonight. Think we have a few games now that we could possibly go on a little run and build some momentum before we play them again.
  11. Think that game came at a really good time to put a few things right quickly, probably could have done without ET. Abraham is this weeks Zouma...it will probably be Mount next. At least give them a season. Thought the whole team played well and don't think I've ever been less disappointed to lose against those 2 (or lose and draw), even if it was 4-0 and a chance of silverware. Looking forward to Saturday and Leicester.
  12. Would like to see close to the same team as Utd. Great opportunity to work on things from the weekend in as close to a normal EPL game against a good side without the consequence of dropping points. Wouldn't risk Kante, maybe pulisic over pedro.
  13. Oh the memories, great days but no similarity at all, except it was 4-0 Utd and we were the better team in the first half and hit the woodwork. And Utds first was a penalty. And we had a calamity in defence. And the ref was sh1t, we were managed by an ex player and our midfield weren't very tall. And Utd fans had a short walk home...but other than that.

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