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  1. Think Duffy is suspended...more reason to play Giroud.
  2. Our big 5 players really stood up. Azpillacueta...someone having a meltdown during the week called him a disgrace. Started well but over run for most of the first half....Excellent 2nd half. Dont like naming players who dont fit in but Im sure Sarri will sort that out if he gets the chance. Going in the right direction.
  3. That was really poor tonight. Dont think we learned anything...A few players just arent up to standard and although it was good to see some changes the cover really isn't any better. 2nd half of the season will be harder going by the fixtures so this could be a long one. Still think top 4, challenge in the Europa and get key player contracts signed is the objective. Win on Saturday will change the mood.
  4. We're only 15 games into the season with a new manager and we've lost 1 game. Give it at least until after Christmas.
  5. Think thats harsh...Compared to when?
  6. Shot on target. That another goal for Loftus Cheek. Well done.
  7. You're right...Zouma will sort it out
  8. Everton are a good team. We had plenty of chances to beat them but you can see how dangerous they are. They might lose today but they'll finish top 6 or 7.
  9. We beat Arsenal, Spurs beat us, Arsenal beat Spurs...that's just the way it is at the minute in the fight for top 4. We have a bit to do and we're not going to challenge for the league this season. The Europa League shouldnt be underestimated but if we finish top 4 and Hazard signs a new contract, that would be a good year.
  10. Think you're right. Id prefer Loftus Cheek v Wolves. Long term we need a proper left back, Alonso has been excellent for the few seasons but we need to make a change. Kepa, Rudiger, Azpillacueta, kante & Hazard are what we need to build around I think.
  11. We're doing ok. Top 4, Europa qualification and League cup QF. Last week was bad and I think we need to change how we play against the better teams because we dont have all the right players yet.
  12. Come on Alonso...he looks like he was told we have a new left back in Jan. Poor from Morata.
  13. If last week was bad this could be Sarri, Hazard and Abramovich out.