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  1. What a way to leave. He came across like a nice bloke when i saw him being interviewed, which in this era is unusual. Pick up the torch Kante, Loftus Cheek and Adoi please.
  2. Thank you Eden. Azpilacuetta excellent. Bring on next season with a fully fit Loftus Cheek, Adoi, Rudiger, that new boy from Dortmund, Ampadu... Come on Chelsea
  3. Feel good factor 10. We often looked good this season, but have also looked terrible at times. Kovacic and Jorginho kind of sum that up. All that aside this has been a great win and a good season. Imagine being Arsenal.
  4. Just flicked over to the Wolves game, strange Sky Sports have no commentary for that one.
  5. How much for the Palace left back and Wolves right back, both would be great for us. 4-1 City.
  6. It's been wrecking my head that I can't remember why he said that. Was it for the Monorail driver? Come on Chelsea. Might have 1 eye on the Liverpool game, prefer to see them lose it than City win it.
  7. RLC did fade after a good first half and looked like he was saying to Sarri what was causing it as he was coming off. Must be his back again...from carrying kovacic.
  8. Too many players to mention didn't turn up. How much do we rely Kante...but thought Jorginho was the best out of a tired/bad bunch. Frankfurt were good and Kepa redeems himself after what happened in the League Cup...bring on Arsenal. Expect there could be a bit of trouble later.
  9. He really has stepped up this season, excellent again.
  10. Great we don't have to go to Leicester on Sunday looking for something, not sure the ticker could deal with it...great goal by V Kompany.
  11. Club is not being run as well as it could be but lighten up some of you. Bring on Frankfurt.
  12. Hahaha...f**king get in there, not a great season but top 4 and roll on the Europa League

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