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  1. Did ok today. Everton will finish top 8 and will take points off the top teams. Two strikes by Alonso on another day go in but we could have been down to 10. I was half expecting to concede a late one so draw was ok. Need to up it for next week.
  2. Great win against a very good team. When you have world class players like Kante and Azpilacuetta not playing their best and still win is a good sign. That has to be down to Sarri.
  3. Haha...While Palace were singing youre just a sh*t Wilfred Zaha...1 min 1 assist
  4. 4...and Joe Harte was excellent
  5. Very good first half. No better man than Franco to say just keep your heads, play the game and dont get drawn in...Sean Dyche will be saying the opposite.
  6. DP2

    Eden Hazard

    When asked tonight about expectations he said something like "we need to be in the top 4 for the Champions League last season"...freudian slip, his English is too good.
  7. DP2


    you know your wembley history sir. who did score the last goal at old and first at new?...and who got the quickest against us, I really don't remember? no googling everyone.
  8. DP2


    Think that Drogba goal was at goodison? Can't wait for the final. Love the FA cup...boro, Villa, Leeds..4-2 vialli Hughes. Wolves, Luton...utd/Ellery...peacock. Great days. Come on Chelsea
  9. DP2


    spot the ball/spurs leaving
  10. DP2


    ...at new wembley! old or new our record there is great, think we scored last goal at old & first at the new wembley. quickest at both after yesterday?..drogba most goals? now we have the best goals at both!
  11. DP2

    César 'Dave' Azpilicueta

    smashing lad and what a player...if you're picking the team now he's 3rd on it
  12. DP2

    Alexis Sanchez

    I hope 343 wins us the title. Can we improve? yes...Do I think he will go back to 4231, probably not. But I think his decision to move to 343 was as much to do with the players available as the system. I think we are still a couple of players short if we're looking to challenge domestically and in europe next year.
  13. DP2

    Alexis Sanchez

    If his attitude is right on paper adding him and a top left back would put us up there with anything in europe, assuming luiz is still as good in a back 4 courtois azpilecuetta luiz cahill (left back) kante fabregas hazard sanchez pedro costa and a squad with moses, alonso, mitchy, matic, zouma, willian
  14. DP2

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    it's not an old one but the first time I was down the bridge...it was easier to get tickets then