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  1. Multiple Liverpool fans on twitter have gone "It was a bit of a cough get over it." What scum.
  2. Hi all. I wasn't at the game today but I heard a couple of things about the way the fans were treated. And wanted to know if people could confirm whether or not these things were true if they were there. It's confirmed that a flare was thrown into the away end, but other rumours I saw were: The flare hit a child (from further descriptions possibly a 9 year old girl? Who from another comment threw up because of the smoke that she inhaled). The Chelsea fan who threw the flare away from the child was "nicked." The male toilet was clogged up with smoke A contrasting story, it hit a woman and burnt her coat. Her son was coughing a lot
  3. What I don't understand is what he could have possibly meant by a Chelsea man: Is it our style of play? If so how was last season much better? Me personally I remember fans in the 1-0 loss against City away where we were pathetic saying "I'd rather we lost 6-0 and actually tried to win the game," low and behold when that happens do they mean it? It seems not. Is it the way he conducts himself? Conte and Mourinho were much worse, Mourinho with the Eva situation and Conte moaning every week and claiming Harry Kane was his dream striker about a week after signing Morata. Rory also loves to push the rhetoric of 30 years a manager and no trophies rhetoric. Everyone on the show on his first visit clearly didn't know the situation and regarded that as a negative for Sarri. What Rory doesn't want to tell them and fails to mention is Sarri was never a professional footballer, so he had to start at the very bottom when he left his role as a banker to try and make it in football. He had to start at the level any of us would if we ever wanted to see if we could make it. Of course it's going to take you 30 years, and in reality, he's only ever had a realistic chance (unless Rory expects Sarri to win the Italian Cup with the Italian version of Morecambe) of winning a trophy for 4 years or so, less time than Pochettino. But it's clear he's just one of those people who are in the "i'm right I don't need to explain myself and you're wrong and not a "true fan" (whatever that actually means) if you disagree with me" category.
  4. Indeed, he played a pedophile lol
  5. I'm completely new to this forum and have no idea if this has been discussed yet or not, but I want an opinion on Rory Jennings' quotes about Sarri. He's come under a lot of criticism this season, claiming Chelsea fans who don't attend the Bridge regularly aren't true fans and anyone who didn't want Sarri out wasn't a true Chelsea fan. He went on another YouTuber's footballing show and said the following: Opinions are not wrong, but I just wanted to know fans on here's opinions (if they haven't heard of the guy) and see if there is a mutual feeling about the stuff he says: Presenter: What are your thoughts on Sarri now? You are still in with a chance of top 4. Rory: Well, nothing's changed. And this is what I find quite interesting about the people who are pro-Sarri. We beat Brighton the other day and my @s go mad and it's people going "haha are you still Sarri out?" It's like what? Because we beat Brighton you think that anything changes? If Chelsea win every game between now and the end of the season we'll finish in the top 4 and win the Europa League, and I still think he needs to be sacked. Fellow guest: So even if Chelsea finish top 4 and win the Europa League? Rory: He still needs to be sacked Presenter: Why? Rory: Because he isn't a Chelsea man Presenter: I'm going to be honest Rory, you're not making a good argument "he isn't a Chelsea man," you need to clarify. Rory: But that means something, people who don't get that aren't Chelsea men. Anyone who is a Chelsea man understands exactly what I'm saying. Listen, i'm not the most articulate man in the world, i'm a football fan, so when people go "you didn't make your case well," mate i'm not a lawyer. I'm just telling you, if you don't see the problem with Sarri, you aren't a Chelsea man either so anyone who's pro-Sarri, you've probably never been to Stamford Bridge mate, so your opinion is not relevant

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