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  1. Fekir from lyon? But would cost a fortune....
  2. Arent the buy out clauses in spain only for spanish clubs?
  3. Yeah I know there is probably no chance of us getting falcao in the winter, or even in the summer far that matter. I was just trying to say that even though a player plays in the europa league he can stil play for another club in the CL in the same season. But I have been wrong before... :)
  4. IF we buy him (and that is a big if) falcao could play for us in CL because athletico is playing in europa league...
  5. I thik he was out with a Essien-like knee injury but started playing a few months back and was as good as ever.
  6. He is the kid that murdered scousers when they played against fiorentina in the CL a few years back. Hi is very creative, has got a great right foot and would fit right in at chelsea on the left wing, pushing mata in the center. The only downfall is that he is injury prone...
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