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  1. Yeah he was, I remember him doing a brilliant bit of skill in the 70 Cup Final at Wembley, about on the half way line I think, which is now known as a "rabona".
  2. I was 21 in that season, and like chi blue, I was also in my Lyle and Scott and Pringles. The good times !
  3. It is Ron Suart as Peckham mentioned, but I think it is a bit later than the 71/72 LC Semi against Spurs. I seem to remember the old East Stand still being there during that game. Could be wrong though as my memory plays tricks on me.
  4. The smirk, that says, which f**ker wants it first. !
  5. His first game against Sunderland, when he was through on goal and tripped over his own feet, was a sign of what we bought for a big fee back then of £10 mill
  6. That's how it looks to me as well. I am assuming we followed the FA rules, but FIFA are saying the FA rules are incorrect. I don't know but it is a mess whatever the issue is.
  7. Now you are just trying to put a different spin on the ridiculous comment you made that we had an easy League Cup run, which included Liverpool, Tottenham twice and another PL team. And my final comments on this........What is pointless is trying to discuss with someone who makes the statement that Liverpool and Tottenham are easy games. So for arguments sake, you are 100% right mate. Cheers enjoy your day.
  8. What I realise is that you claim we had an easy League Cup run, which included Liverpool, Tottenham twice and another PL team. And after your League Cup statement everything else is white noise.
  9. Alright mate. I give up. Liverpool and Tottenham are easy games. You are 100% correct.
  10. It still does not hide from the facts, that Liverpool, Tottenham and to some extent another PL team is not an easy cup run.
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