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  1. And I'm still struggling to access what seems to be a new format?

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    2. Droogba


      Single in the UK, at least I wouldn't have to travel

    3. Mod Stark

      Mod Stark

      No of course not offended!

      Just shout if you want me to resize a new avatar at any time....


    4. Droogba


      Oh Lordy! Look at him!

  2. Fine fine KRC, your already superb English seems even more improved!
  3. Just take a look at my av thing, a pussycat with a puppy, see the love.
  4. Mods? Bud nipping? Disgusting inciting injury.
  5. Mikel, I have a soft spot for my foot soldier. I know, I know, he's not popular, but he is with me. Kante, still over the moon!
  6. Lordy! Lordy! Lordy! My Hampton is high as a kite!
  7. Cologne, climb the cathedral if you can. I'd like Italy to win. Have a great time and be safe
  8. Left you a note in the Euro thread. I'm still hoping for Iceland.
  9. Deeply concerned, but I still consider myself European.
  10. The lad's a tad hot and cold.
  11. No need for sorry, the old grey matter isn't what it was at times.
  12. Not sure I follow, are you saying a standing round of applause for Jose and then leave it at that? If so I agree.
  13. Aside from football, Jose is a family man, Giggs is not; wonder if that is a factor even if only in very small part.
  14. He's not as ebullient as I expected.
  15. Just seen a photo of him holding a red shirt, feels very strange. Well, it's going to be an interesting season that's for sure.
  16. I actually feel more perturbed that I would have thought. I've seen him referred to as The Red Devil and have noted those welcoming him up north. It's a bit like spying upon an ex, no? I feel somewhat bereft.
  17. When does he make an appearance? Seeing ManUno has unnerved me.
  18. Hence forth I shall be referring to him as Jose ManUno. (No offense to The real Uno.)
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