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  1. I like stats. This makes me happy. I feel like I want to throw some other requests at you now 😆
  2. Do any of the kids look like the milk man?
  3. Scousers are a funny breed though. Anything they do or say is banter, but if you say anything even slightly negative they fly off the handle. No wonder they're all constantly tell each other to calhm down!
  4. Massively off topic, but we've just moved and I'm now within spitting distance of the stadium and could hear the roar of the crowd at 54 mins. That was very cool.
  5. I'm struggling a bit with the speed of the site loading. Is that to do with the ads? Google should have an option where you can load up credit and switch to 'pay the ads' mode or something on a site where you cover the money the site would have got for your page views. That would be neat (I know there's a membership but I'm a bit sporadic in my time on forums so doesn't really justify a membership, but happy to contribute towards the time I am on it, if that makes sense).
  6. I think you have a very good point, best to do it whilst you can as who knows what'll happen next... nice to hear you've been able to make it happen, hope you have the best time at the match!
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