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  1. Is that the first time in his life Robbie Savage said something that wasn't utter bullsh*t?
  2. Is there any difference today between the shedend forum and talk Chelsea forum? It is getting harder and harder to tell the two apart. I seriously can't believe there are people who can't see the actual stupidity in saying that Sarri is not good enough and at the same wanting a championship manager to replace him. Not because that championship manager is a good manager, but simply because he used to play for Chelsea. Sarri was managing the second best team in Italy before joining Chelsea setting a record for the most points ever for a Serie A who didn't win the title (since no one can match Juventus's deep pockets in Italy). Frank has 1 average season in the championship under his belt. The fact the the club are apparently considering an average championship manager that Derby apparently have no issue letting go. If Frank is not good enough for Derby to try to hold onto him how is he good enough for Chelsea. So answer me how is Sarri not good enough for Chelsea , when Frank who is objectively worse as a manager good enough???
  3. They are, look at all the crap Sarri had to deal with.
  4. I remember a time when Chelsea was a club with ambition aspiring to win The Premier League and the Champions League, it was so long ago. Now Chelsea is a club with such a small club mentality that many are fizzing with excitement that a Championship manager from the European Superpower of Derby may take a step down to the tiny little upstart known as Chelsea.
  5. You may achieve your true dream, winning the championship.
  6. Chelsea had to change to comply with FFP, if we do not comply with FFP we will be punished, also if you care about the long term financial stability of the club than you should be happy the club is less reliant on Romans personal funds.
  7. Exactly. don't forget all the crap Liverpool made Joe cole say.
  8. We get it, you hate Sarri and you refuse to credit him with any success. The lengths you will go to claim he 'got lucky' is ridiculous.
  9. Both had far superior teams to Chelsea, go look at the squad Pep had at his disposal https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/2008–09_FC_Barcelona_season#Squad_information Barca had Eto'o and Messi both banging in goals, unfair. Zidane also inherited a squad built around the goal machine Ronaldo, and had recently won the champions league under Carlo. Madrid had some issues because they sacked Carlo and appointed the FSW. Exactly, if the media linked Chelsea to someone who had the same qualifications as Frank but was not him, people on this forum would be outraged.
  10. You actually want an inexperienced championship manager running Chelsea?
  11. Any manager who plays Kante "deeper" should be sacked for incompetence.
  12. Even people who hate Chelsea can't not love Kante
  13. Fair enough I was being too harsh on Lampard, but the point still stands if Lampard was not a former Chelsea player no one here would want him with only 1 year in the championship as managerial experience.
  14. I find it ridiculous that on this forum, we have people who are desperate to offload Sarri, and people complaining about the constant changing of managers at the same time. I still can't believe people are even considering Lampard as a manager, hiring someone to manage an ambitious club because he was a very good footballer for the club is silly. Lampard has 1 average Championship season to his name as a manager, how does that qualify him to manage Chelsea?

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