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  1. After all the sh*t the media have said about Chelsea the club, the players and the fans, I am shocked that Chelsea fans pay attention to the sh*t stirring of the media. Most of what they say never happens.
  2. What I was trying to say initially was if Roman sells lets hope the person who buys Chelsea is not a Glazer's type. The Glazer's look at Utd as a business, where as Roman is a genuine fan of Chelsea. Chelsea is more than a business to Roman. That does not mean that if Roman is forced to sell, he will not get as much as he can.
  3. Terrible post, coming 3rd without a competent striker and only one midfielder who can score is actually impressive. Jorginho and Kovacic are both class players. I accept Jorginho didn't adapt immediately, though his struggles were exacerbated buy a lack of technical players, thanks to Jose and Conte. Kovacic is a supremely talented player, people criticize him for not scoring goals, but that is not his job. People focus on his lack of goal scoring because our strikers and AM's don't score goals, it is unfair to attack Kovacic for the faults of others. The two mangers who ended up above Sarri have had multiple years to build their teams. Were Pep and Klopp much more impressive in their first seasons?
  4. Yes, but he owns Fordstam. So Roman owes Roman 1.1bn.
  5. I have seen many media outlets over the years claim Roman converted the 'loan' into equity.
  6. A better answer than I gave previously to your suggestion to rebuild existing stands. from https://www.skyscrapercity.com
  7. Sarri is a great manager, sadly people like wallosh will never humble enough to admit they are wrong.
  8. Isn't it possible he was told to play a decent team?
  9. Roman WAS a demanding owner. If you look at more recent seasons you will see that he has mellowed a lot. The same Roman who sacked Ancelotti for coming 2nd a year after the double, waited until Chelsea were 16th to sack jose.
  10. The problem with a new owner is we wouldn't know for a while if they are a new Roman or a Glazer's type.
  11. Why would it be unpopular? He is a lovable guy, but looking at his managerial career as a whole I agree bang average.
  12. Hard to expect Roman to spend hundreds of millions of his own money when the British govt have been unwilling on the Visa front.
  13. It is surely likely to restrict the ultimate capacity further. Digging down as significantly as the current plans envisage would be much harder to achieve and that makes height restrictions even more of a problem.

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