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  1. Just seen this one! Don't know what club it belongs to though!
  2. Newport FC (Isle of Wight) 1993/94 Cardiff City 1993/94 Banbury 1993 And of course, poopsmuff 1987/88, mind you could just about pick any off one of theirs!
  3. Went to that tournament. Great time, crap football. Well England games were!
  4. No need for apologies. Shilton in fact got more caps while at Saints than he got at any other club!
  5. Both those keepers played for Saints at some time. Couldn't have happened to too many pairs of goalies!
  6. Social distancing 70's style!
  7. Slightly off topic but Goodison Park was the only ground in England with 2 tiers in all four stands!
  8. You're probably correct but, it could be worse I could be a skate!
  9. Can't see what's to dislike myself! I can only see a high!
  10. Went to that tournament. Great nights, pants games.
  11. Must have been at Not arf Krap!
  12. I think that game made him realise the system he was trying to get us to play wasn't working and, knew he had to change it. Takes a brave man to admit he's wrong. Well done Ralph!
  13. Thanks! Strange but I felt more nervous today then I did for the game against your lot. How the hell that was not handball I'll never know!

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