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  1. Must have been at Not arf Krap!
  2. I think that game made him realise the system he was trying to get us to play wasn't working and, knew he had to change it. Takes a brave man to admit he's wrong. Well done Ralph!
  3. Thanks! Strange but I felt more nervous today then I did for the game against your lot. How the hell that was not handball I'll never know!
  4. At least we're top of the league at something! https://www.bbc.co.uk/sport/football/50944416
  5. I knot it's a bit soon after the final whistle to get many (if any) congratulation but, I was quietly confident of getting a result today. It would be interesting to know what you thought of us today. Did we play well or if you think it was just Chelsea having a bad day!
  6. We'll beat you this time! Now on a sensible note. We're on a good run but have been playing the teams around us, you can beat the bigger clubs but not doing great at home to clubs from lower down recently! So who know?
  7. Can only see your lot winning by at least 2. Still there's always a result or two you don't expect. Fingers crossed!
  8. Waste of time us even turning up then! Though I won't be expecting a win.
  9. Not my pic, copied from another forum taking by someone called Bodian. Could have many grounds from years ago!
  10. Hell I got to do it again. well done spuds! To be fair though it's a great effort from both clubs and here's hoping for 2 English clubs in the other one!
  11. Shane Long scores the fasted ever premier league goal 7.69 seconds!
  12. Great result for us today. Hope you can take advantage of it!
  13. More than happy with a point. 1 more than I was expecting!

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