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  1. Think that must be Paul Marriner as well.
  2. We made a good start but dwindled away some after the 15/20 mins. Don't think Man U look that much it's just their forward line saving them!
  3. Really, not until then. That's quite something!
  4. Don't you just love the facilities!
  5. Would love us to do you a favour tonight. Can I see it happening? Not sure but I'd take a draw if offered!
  6. He even went down hold his shin claiming to be in agony. Our one last night was wrong but that one was one of if not the worst penalties I've ever seen. Undefendable!
  7. Everton were the first club to have dug outs, apparently. They're very proud of the it as well!
  8. No one can deny that they've been the best they've been and most consistent team in the league this season, and that hurts to say with so many ex-Saints in their squad. Just hope we had some good "add on's" in the transfers!
  9. Was hoping they get 10. Then maybe people would forget a certain Saints v Leicester game!
  10. Strange, I'd have thought you would have dreamed of playing and scoring the winner at Hamden Park!
  11. Can remember Saints playing a friendly against Vancouver in the late 70's. Alan Ball played one half for each side and then had an American style shoot out after full time!
  12. Just seen this one! Don't know what club it belongs to though!
  13. Newport FC (Isle of Wight) 1993/94 Cardiff City 1993/94 Banbury 1993 And of course, poopsmuff 1987/88, mind you could just about pick any off one of theirs!

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