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  1. Probably the best ball of that kind. Didn't sway all over the place and didn't hurt, like some, when you kicked it hard. Using a hot knife the fix if it got a puncher. Sometimes there seemed to be more puncher repair marks than original ball! 🤣
  2. Shame the football was boring at that time.
  3. Thanks DidierDrogbalala. A good win and hardly any mention about us missing nearly half the team. I would say every Saints fan was worried looking at the bench last night. It is nice watching us putting in the effort they do but, putting the effort in is the bare minimum for any team really. The thing with Ralph is that he seems to be enjoying it here. Looking at the training pics the club show, everyone looks like they're laughing all the time. I hope he's with us for at least a couple more seasons before the obvious offers come in for him!
  4. NO! WHY? Surely a Saints win to go top of the league is the best result for everyone. 😉 😇
  5. To be honest all it meant was that Danny Ings scored a penalty instead of Ward-Prowse scoring a freekick! 😇
  6. It is but, it would have been a bit ironic if they had won as Saints would have been above Leicester on the anniversary of that 9-0!
  7. I remember that day very well. Just a couple of days after the cup final win. Corners couldn't be taken because fans were on the pitch as there was too many fans. Never before or after have I seen the area around The Dell so busy. Must have been closer to 40,000 than the 32,000 capacity with thousands locked out. If I look closer I may be able to see myself in that picture, I would have been top right in that picture! Game ended early and the score was 2-2.
  8. They can both f"ck off. They think they are bigger than the game itself. Neither would be missed!
  9. Always liked watching Jorden. I remember him doing a diving header tackle at the foot of a defender at The Dell once for Saints!
  10. Isn't that Stoke on any given night!
  11. Meant to write could have been avoided. I don't think it was a foul. Free kicks are awarded in every game that I watch and am puzzled as to why they are giving. Your second goal on another day may have been disallowed for handball, not saying it was but could have been giving.
  12. Though I'm quite happy for everything to go wrong for them, that was a horrible "tackle" by Pickford. Should have been a red card in my mind. The ball does not have to be in play, in fact the match can be over and a red card can still be giving!
  13. Showed my wife the clip of our second goal. When she stopped giggling, she said it was nice of them to let Adams and not just put it in the goal themselves. After watching MOTD last night I think all 6 goals could have avoided.
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