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  1. Hell I got to do it again. well done spuds! To be fair though it's a great effort from both clubs and here's hoping for 2 English clubs in the other one!
  2. Shane Long scores the fasted ever premier league goal 7.69 seconds!
  3. Great result for us today. Hope you can take advantage of it!
  4. More than happy with a point. 1 more than I was expecting!
  5. It was £2.50 for the cheapest ticket in 1979 for the League Cup Final. That's a 400% rise in 7 years! That's 57% a year. So on that reckoning the cheapest ticket for this years Final would be about £58.07.
  6. How could they spend so much money on a Stadium and still have "Obstructed View" !
  7. Can only see a home win, unfortunately. We just can't seem to score more goals then the other team!
  8. Think you lot should get Van Dick just to annoy the lot from Merseyside!
  9. 1/4 million a week wages may have something to do with that!
  10. NO, Drinkwater would be far better! Seriously though I don't think I would be excited if he'd signed for Saints let alone a club looking to win the Champions League!
  11. Don't know if it's anywhere here but, NOOOO! http://www.dailystar.co.uk/sport/football/632294/Chelsea-Cedric-Soares-Ryan-Bertrand-Danilo-Benjamin-Mendy-Transfer-Gossip-Latest-CFC-News
  12. Glad to see Bertrand signed a 5 year contract today!

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