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  1. The much maligned Moses wins us the game. If I hadn't seen the match I would believe he played really badly. He didn't, he was ok. IMO. Anyway what I wanted to say was that the vitriol aimed at OUR players on this forum is disgusting. Look up the word " support" Not much to be found here!
  2. I meant that as my post. Modern technology to blame, or was it Marina?
  3. I wouldn't mind Carlo back with Jody assisting. Not sure if its been mentioned elsewhere but Steve Holland leaving may have something to do with our decline. Same thing happened when Butch got the push. We need someone with Chelsea at heart to be involved, obviously with the right credentials.
  4. Come on! I effing detest Spuds, but I certainly wouldn't call them a pub team. Fact is they are ahead of us on and OFF the pitch at the minute
  5. We'll agree to disagree. I think he's more than good enough. I repeat he's only 21 and playing in a team with no midfield to protect him.
  6. Just logged on, reading all the posts. This phone or me can't highlight previous posts. A guy said something about all our problems are because of CPO. I live In Londonderry, have my £100 CPO certificate in frame, proud to have it, save the bridge etc. So, whoever you are, f**k YOU ASSHOLE.
  7. I hate Celtic and their ira loving supporters

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