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  1. We’ve spent 180 million and made our starting XI weaker. I don’t really know how we’ve managed to do it, but we’ve done it.
  2. I guess if it’s true about Bakayoko and Luiz then it will be the turn of Rudiger or Christensen in midfield, alongside Cesc. Scary stuff. we really need a result in his game but they are no mugs with a canny manager. And with a week off too. Genuinely have no idea what’ll happen.
  3. bjd

    Charly Musonda jr.

    It staggering how many people seem to think Musonda should be a instant first choice because he had a half decent (and no more) game against Nottingham Forest. Im not denying that Willian isnt playing well (he isnt) but it reminds me of when Katuka came on an played well for 20 mins when we were 4:0 against someone years ago. People on here demanded he be an instant first team player ahead of more established, experienced players. Its just unrealistic. At this stage of the season Musonda would do well to keep working hard and keep his head down. If its still the same come May, then sure, he can have a good think about things. But acting Billy Big Bollocks after one game against a poor outfit is just crazy. Seems to be the way with many youngsters now sadly. Its very clear he has some way to go, look at the size of him for starters. Makes Josh Mceachran looks like Hulk Hogan. His outburst is undefendable imo. Its so childish its untrue. Wont do him any favors at all. The first thing he should be doing today is getting himself some proper advisors. Silly sod.
  4. bjd

    Charly Musonda jr.

    The same powers that be who hired a coach that delivered a leage title that no-one was expecting in his first season ? A coach who sees the players day in day out in traning and know a lot more about his development and attitude than a few lads on the internet, thats for sure.
  5. bjd

    Charly Musonda jr.

    I can understand his frustrations. But there is a way to conduct yourself. If he (or anyone else) thought he was suddenly going to become a instant first XI player after a half decent display and a goal against a poor Championship outfit then more fool him.
  6. bjd

    Charly Musonda jr.

    Utter nonsense. It’s been 3 games since Forest, did he really expect to start against City and Madrid?
  7. bjd

    Alvaro Morata

    The 'Spurs fans use it' argument is nonsense and purposely missing the point. The clubs stance is correct.
  8. bjd

    Alvaro Morata

    Quite. Trying to defend that despicable song in any way shape or form is absurd.
  9. bjd


    He'll sign for Spurs in January. 100%.
  10. Unquestionably the year we won the Champions League, which just goes to prove how bizarre the whole thing is.
  11. bjd

    Your unpopular opinion about Chelsea

    anybody who goes on about a media conspiracy against Chelsea is not only completely deluded but also very boring indeed
  12. bjd

    Diego "the guv'nor" Costa

    He won't be anywhere near the first team, and nor should he be.
  13. bjd

    We officially have an incompetent board

    Exactly, the board and Roman don't owe us anything. Roman has spent millions on us and given us so much joy. Things are slightly different now and we are no longer the rich kids on the block and we have different things to think about. But we are still so blessed. Weve spent like £180m this Summer. A club record. If thats not enough and if transfer windows make people that angry then I would suggest that they switch their support to another club that fulfils their spending criteria.
  14. bjd

    We officially have an incompetent board

    I personally think it's great we have such a educated football expert on here who clearly knows so much about the inner workings of the game and our club.
  15. bjd


    He's clearly going to sign for Spurs in January and that's what he wanted all along.