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  1. You nailed it. Teamwork to cover his weaknesses is a necessary "sacrifice", because what Alonso brings to the game from an offensive perspective more than makes up for his weaknesses. His runs and shooting are a major asset. Good Alonso refresher:
  2. Thanks for posting that link..the article basically negates all the rumors being pushed by the media about the club. Even if he’s just looking to sell a minority stake in the club to another investor, I feel relieved knowing that Roman is dedicated/committed to the project (and he isn’t going anywhere) and the fact that the stadium redevelopment plans are back on are a testament to that.
  3. Alonso is getting the results...and he’s very versatile, he does indeed play at times as if he’s an attacking midfielder, and he’s full of attacking talent, and because of this, I agree with leaving him where he is, but making sure the back is covered when he makes a forward push. Happy he’s on the team, don’t want him going anywhere.
  4. Agreed on the possibility of him coming here to be a squad player being minimal, but he could fit in a 3-5-2 if Hazard were to be sold to Real or PSG, but again it's all wishful thinking based on prior love for him from his Chelsea days! We'll most likely see him in Valencia.
  5. I agree on Chiellini and I think Mata could be interesting if he's sold in January before his contract is up. He hasn't played lately at United, because of Mkhitaryan, and he is 29 and not the most physical player out there, but he's super creative, has great vision, and could provide cover on the wing or as a creative midfielder. Not sure if he'd be a fit based on our current squad, but if we make some changes, he could be an interesting addition if it were to even happen, I think Valencia is keen on bringing him home. I was a fan of his when he was here.
  6. It's obviously about the money, Hazard is an asset, if he goes to Real or PSG, he'll make money, but so will Chelsea.
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