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  1. Yup...count me in as another who despises the international breaks...and start Giroud.
  2. His methodology and style of play are translating very nicely to Chelsea and to the EPL...I love the way he has the team playing.
  3. You nailed it. Teamwork to cover his weaknesses is a necessary "sacrifice", because what Alonso brings to the game from an offensive perspective more than makes up for his weaknesses. His runs and shooting are a major asset. Good Alonso refresher:
  4. Thank you for taking the time to explain this in an accessible manner. I think I get it now, lol. What I like about it is that as you stated, there are definitely some compelling matches to be played by the strongest European powers. Being Portuguese, I'll obviously be pulling for my national team firstly, and for England secondly, as well (except when they play Portugal ). With that being said, I do prefer club football, and I don't like the national team interruptions and all the injuries they irritatingly create.
  5. I’m feeling good about this game...and I think the team is too...3-0 is my prediction....
  6. Pogba was on another planet, not sure which one, and not in a good way. I genuinely feel badly for Jose.
  7. Great point, I think the fact that we’re playing a different style under Sarri has our opponents somewhat very cautious when playing us. After three games and nine points, other teams know that we’re going to pass and put high pressure on them, so they’re going to be super cautious so as to not suffer an early goal. They’ll play defensively at first and counter attack, and if we keep suffocating them with high pressure passing, I think they’ll struggle to even get the time of possession to mount extended periods of attacking football, even with their good offensive capabilities. Our defense really needs to be on point to snuff out their advances and as long as Jorginho does his insane passing thing and we keep control of the ball for most of the game, we should be fine. Should be an interesting game to say the least, am greatly looking forward to it.
  8. It's a good headache to have for a club when you're debating whether to start either Barkley or Kovacic, lol. Sure, give Barkley the start, he's definitely a threat going forward. I think that Bournemouth will/should present problems, but we'll counter what they do. If they park the bus, we'll just have to relentlessly break them down like how we did at Newcastle, if they come at us, we'll absorb and hit right back. Regardless, should be a good game.
  9. Thanks for posting that link..the article basically negates all the rumors being pushed by the media about the club. Even if he’s just looking to sell a minority stake in the club to another investor, I feel relieved knowing that Roman is dedicated/committed to the project (and he isn’t going anywhere) and the fact that the stadium redevelopment plans are back on are a testament to that.
  10. Alonso is getting the results...and he’s very versatile, he does indeed play at times as if he’s an attacking midfielder, and he’s full of attacking talent, and because of this, I agree with leaving him where he is, but making sure the back is covered when he makes a forward push. Happy he’s on the team, don’t want him going anywhere.
  11. The "We have passionate fans" self-delusion keeps the myths of grandeur alive for a lot of currently negligible clubs with long-suffering fanbases.
  12. Just checked Twitter and there's a ton of chatter about Laurent Blanc replacing Mourinho, lots of chatter. Also saw names like Zidane, Andre Villas Boas and Roberto Martinez being mentioned...they're in full melt down mode....
  13. Always good to see the Old Trafford faithful in a state of despair...it's just feels so satisfying, although, from a points perspective, I would've preferred a draw. Mourinho either finds a miraculous way to right the ship, or he won't last much longer at the helm up there.
  14. I concur with the previous posters, it’s early days and Sarri-Ball takes a “little” getting used to...it’s vastly different from the type of scheme that Conte employed when he was in charge. The fullbacks and every other player are literally changing the process and way of playing that they’ve been used to. I read a great article about this (will try to find the link)...Jorginho has been doing double duty at training, basically helping the rest of the team adapt to Sarri’s style of play. Give it some time, if there are fullback problems down the road, they’ll be addressed.

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