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  1. Torres looks to be (at the moment) the kind of player that will score against weaker oppositions but may not contribute so much against stronger teams. Whilst I'm happy he's scoring again, I feel like he needs to chip in a bit more against better defences. His runs and ball retention are generally quite poor (more the latter than the former, but still) Also, just because......#f**krafa
  2. The closest I can think of is Marek Hamsik. Quick, eye for goal and can head the ball. Oh, and he passes too.
  3. But why would he go there? Only two clubs worth considering in Italy right now are the Milans', AC and Inter.
  4. Rammstein. These guys are excellent musicians, too bad that, since they're also German (and a pretty aggresive bunch of Krauts at that), every song they make is interpreted as some neo-Nazi BS. Just like how at one time, Metallica and Iron Maiden were vilified for being devil-worshippers. I personally believe some of their songs are as epic as Maiden's and are as much fun to listen to as Manowar in full swing. Watch this video and tell me you weren't moved.
  5. Paranormal Activity. Admittedly, I'm chicken sh*t when it comes to horror films, but had to give this one a whirl, with regrets. Kinda disturbed my sleep last night, kept thinking abt the ending, which was kinda disturbing
  6. Watched a pair of movies recently, part of the "Watch"series Nightwatch Daywatch Its quite good, but not something you can breeze through as its slightly confusing, for me in any case. Make sure your subtitles are well done or get the dubbed version (the original is in Russian).
  7. I LOVE THIS SONG! Admittedly, the UK has some of the best electronic acts around.
  8. Harry J Allstars - Liquidator Y'all know why.....:)
  9. Listeing to 'Pac at the moment. They don't make sh*t like this anymore.
  10. MEAN MACHINE! MEAN MACHINE! MEAN MACHINE! Gotta love how 'ard Vinnie looks in practically every scene. Even when he's smiling.
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