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  1. It staggering how many people seem to think Musonda should be a instant first choice because he had a half decent (and no more) game against Nottingham Forest. Im not denying that Willian isnt playing well (he isnt) but it reminds me of when Katuka came on an played well for 20 mins when we were 4:0 against someone years ago. People on here demanded he be an instant first team player ahead of more established, experienced players. Its just unrealistic. At this stage of the season Musonda would do well to keep working hard and keep his head down. If its still the same come May, then sure,
  2. The same powers that be who hired a coach that delivered a leage title that no-one was expecting in his first season ? A coach who sees the players day in day out in traning and know a lot more about his development and attitude than a few lads on the internet, thats for sure.
  3. I can understand his frustrations. But there is a way to conduct yourself. If he (or anyone else) thought he was suddenly going to become a instant first XI player after a half decent display and a goal against a poor Championship outfit then more fool him.
  4. Utter nonsense. It’s been 3 games since Forest, did he really expect to start against City and Madrid?
  5. He won't be anywhere near the first team, and nor should he be.
  6. It's good news, cant understand why anyone would turn it into a negative. Hes got an improved contract which no doubt means he got some improved conditions he wanted too. I'm sure he wouldn't sign it without certain assurances too. Remember - the club paid off Mourinho 4 months after signing a 4 year deal. This will suit them as well, if Conte has another good season it wouldn't surprise me if they try and extend the deal this time next year.
  7. I can't really find any negatives with this signing, though I'm sure many will.
  8. I'd be very surprised if we dont break our own transfer fee record in the next 2 months.
  9. Sounds like we are Ready To Go on this deal
  10. Exactly, and the Twitterarti lap it up. I keep seeing this Di Marzio name mentioned . People claim he is 'reliable' but clearly he is a joker.
  11. I'm not sure buying players is just as easy as some of you make it out to be. It's probably easy on Football Manager though
  12. This time last year we hadn't signed anyone either. The panic is ridiculous.
  13. The latest 'rumours' are from Duncan Castles. Make of that what you will. its a nonsense piece of writing with nothing to back it up at all.
  14. The key words in the Chelsea statement are 'return to training'. So it's prob going to be a extra month on top of the 3 months for him to get match fit. Hopefully 3 months is a worst case estimate from the club, but if they are correct then I'll be surprised if we see him before October. Awful for him of course but I guess we can be selfish fans and say it's happened at the best possible time. And let's face it, we were due a big injury - it certainly could've been worse. Fingers crossed we don't get stung with some tough early fixtures.
  15. Really pleased for him, and it's so well deserved. I rated him first time round and think he's done a great job this season. Ive got to be honest though, I don't think he'll be a first XI player next season.
  16. Yep. Hes been shocking. Hes been riding the coat tails of that 6 week purple patch last year where he banged in a few free kicks and seemed to stand apart from the rest of the team as their games completely collapsed. Since then he has been no better than mediocre. I think his poor form has been largely ignored and he seem to be getting a bit of a free pass for some reason. Whilst its not the critical area of the team that currently needs looking at , i think hes been shocking.
  17. In not saying bin him, far from it. Hes in different stratosphere to Begovic. A settled, comfortable defence would make all the difference to him. Luckily, he'll get that in Madrid!
  18. We've been doing it for the past 3 years! Either that or not buying anyone at all. Line those up alongside not promoting any youth prospects and you end with a 4th season of a right back playing left back, a £25 million Bolton reject and the worst centre back pairing we've had since Cahill and Luiz, which happens to be....oh. To be fair it would be nice if Courtois saved something every once in a while, can't help but feel a mannequin would offer a similar prescence at the moment.
  19. Got my letter too yesterday. Reading the above comments about the challenge and Mishcon de Reya. Obviously doesnt make any difference but its interesting to note one of the Directors of the CPO Gray Smith is a partner at Mishcon de Reya.
  20. Fair enough. It's a bizarre signing no doubt about it, the weaknesses are glaring but he's got his qualities too. I'd argue that he brings benefits to the squad and makes us stronger, and I'm not just talking about the charisma character geezer side of things either. Lets agree to disagree. Glad It's over. Hate the transfer window and all its glamed up to be. We can all start proper now that we know who is playing for who.
  21. We get the message g4! out of interest do you think we are stronger or weaker with David Luiz in the squad?
  22. Id wager he will be a PSG player next year!
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