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  1. You have to wonder whether the boos had a part in his turnaround as well as the above :) Form-change coincides with it.
  2. I thought (hope) that the Ramires extention was done to retain his value in the market.
  3. A bit of patience. Couple of goals and everyone will be singing his praises again. Make the top 4 for CL (or win the damn thing!), add a couple of big names and keep Hazard. Enough doom-mongering and negative speculation!
  4. Traore, Bamford please. I'll take an actual striker instead of impersonating midgets, thank you.
  5. Well, wherever he came from, we know he didn't come from the bottle.
  6. Scoring goals, making goals, no added dramas. If he keeps this up, what's to complain about?
  7. Sorry. This isn't the right thread I know. But this needed to be posted. Some memories could do with a bit of refreshing. Goal Machine You only need to watch the first few minutes. Passing ability (I wouldn't call him 'playmaker' but we'll let the video decide it) Tribute:
  8. I disagree. One has that crucial ability to pull off a cheeky wink and say 'ooh-lala'.
  9. Mata was undisputedly the best player during those pre-Jose years mentioned. Forgive me for saying so, but you speak very dismissively of a player who performed feats that no ever midfielder had ever performed or will probably ever perform. Lampard was supremely consistent, very intelligent, had the mental attributes of a true champion, a leader. He was always involved in goals and chances whenever he played, either through scoring, assisting, making key passes, set peices, etc. If anything, most of the team's good play went through Lampard. Just because he wasn't a dribbler and wasn't foreign doesn't give anyone any right to speak of him in that way. He scored an insane amount of goals from MIDFIELD, made an insane amount goals, made the team click, forced the issue when needed and calmed the play when needed. How many times did he come up with match winners and important goals when there was no one else? He scored tap in's, wonder goals, freekicks, pens under pressure, all on the biggest stages and season after season, over and over and over. You can talk about Hazard and what he has achieved thus far, but will he be burnt out in a few years? What will he be doing when he is in his 30s? All that and we haven't even mentioned the professionalism and example he would have setv for others and the youth and his influence behind the scenes at the club. I think the very person he is being compared to would probably echo those feelings himself, if we are to go by his words and interviews. And as for today's grotesquely bloated transfer fees where unproven youngsters are being bought for 35m and 40m, a prime Lampard would imho easily cost 80m+ if fees were measured on footballing value alone. Maybe some of the feeling towards Hazard is a little unwarranted, but I hope we can keep Frank Lampard out of that.
  10. Who knows? Maybe being a family man has given him something a little extra he never used to have. Would caused an almighty explosion of confused emotions if he were to make a costly error next game. We've seen it before with everyone quick to point out his various shortcomings when things go wrong. We'll probably see it again, though I'd like to think not. If he's playing well, he deserves to be in. I love Matic and I will probably keep making excuses for him, but he has played himself out of the team. On form, he is majestic. Seeing him win possession, hold off a player, weave through the pitch with an odd level of gracefulness and slide through pinpoint passes, it is a true pleasure. Hope he gets back to ii soon.
  11. ^ didn't want to say that and spoil the good vibes, but we might be seeing teams dedicating a player to press him like they would do previously.
  12. He must have had a word and it seems to have got through to him. Happy to see the nonesense cut out. Looking hungry. Not 100% sharp like last season, but promising signs.
  13. True. A tiny bit more decisiveness and a few more goals. Love the driving runs from midfeld. He's pretty complete if he gets those two things down.

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