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  1. My first one was a soft approach play through, second one through i did a few things differently and it made the endings a lot different. Was shocked at the difference between my first and second endings. #TeamConnor all the way.
  2. If you liked Heavy Rain you will like Detroit. Not sure about the PS insider stuff, i have a yearly subsciption so not sure about the 2 week trial.
  3. Awesome. Where did you travel from if you dont mind me asking
  4. Would love to see him back in England, the big horrible bastard.
  5. Detroit: Become Human is a free game on the PS4 store this month. Would recommend that to anyone who enjoys cinematic type games. The witcher 3 is £8 on the store at the mo so i have picked that up and started playing through that. Played it for about an hour so far and can see that i will definitely enjoy it.
  6. Not sure about that, mate. Watch this goal and you might think differently. That’s just one example but JT used to ping it over the top like that quite often.
  7. From CHO's point though it must be nicer to have a manager say they want to make you a key part of their squad, and nurture him to be world class. Contrast that with Sarri who said he wasn't old enough to be playing for a top side.
  8. I think a challenge system would be good for VAR - like what we see in cricket and tennis. Give each team 2 for the game, if you appeal a decision and get it wrong, you lose an appeal. If you get it right, you keep it.
  9. Would think we would start to see his preferred shape and team by the Barcelona game. The first 3 friendlies are a good time to give everyone minutes and assess everyone fairly.
  10. Brilliant vid. I was at this game but haven't ever seen any footage from afterwards. I must have only been a few rows behind the person who filmed this. Thanks for sharing.
  11. Makes no difference whatsoever but personally i have always preferred suit and tie!
  12. Most excited i have been about the club for a long time. Welcome home Super Frank. Hopefully this signifies a change in approach from the board.
  13. I would argue Crespo too. He was brilliant the 2 seasons he played for us, but unfortunately couldn't settle.
  14. It would only be a statement if we built on it the following season though. Similarly with Spurs this season, it will only be a statement if they go one better next year, or win the league. Both of which i don't think will happen.
  15. @bisright1 Your point about Spurs not trading a trophy for losing the CL final, do you not think it's all relative? We have had a fair amount of success over the last 10 years, both domestically and in Europe. Spurs in that same period have won absolutely nothing and would be desperate to win something and end that drought, regardless of what competition it is. I kind of see your point - alot of Chelsea fans cherish the memory of Wayne Bridge scoring the winner against Arsenal, despite us getting knocked out in the semis. With that though i have always seen that as a symbol of the change of power in London and i think that is why the goal holds alot of significance for us. If you would say to me that Chelsea would get to the CL final and lose, but win the FA cup in the same season, personally i would prefer the success of winning the FA cup.
  16. If it is Lamps i just hope it signifies a change in the board that they are willing to build something long-term and sustainable. We have the ban for next season and it is the perfect opportunity to experiment with the likes of James, Mount, Abraham and then really kick on in a year or two. Optimistically i would say top 4, realistically for this season i would say we will finish between 6th and 8th. Not expecting any silverware but a trophy would be a nice bonus.
  17. What's was the story behind this? Never heard of this
  18. How do you mean? I find with FM there is alot of trial and error but when you get it right it is so satisfying.
  19. blimey that's been in the pipeline for ages hasnt it?
  20. To be fair it's not like City were completely dominating before he came to England.
  21. Cech Bosingwa Cahill Luiz Cole Mikel Lampard Kalou Mata Bertrand Drogba

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