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  1. Think that was more the boards doing. I went to Swansea away at the back end of last season and the cup final and the vast majority were still singing his name, despite the not so great season and also that we all thought he would be sacked.
  2. Lamps for me. Might be different if JT was manager of Villa.
  3. This has to be a 2 way street IMO. We saw with Lamps the other night celebrating in front of the away fans, hugging all the players and generally being a leader of the celebrations. That kind of passion and encouragement gets the fans on side, and would make the players more likely want to run through walls for the team/ manager. I am not for one minute saying that this attribute makes Lamps a better manager than Sarri, but how many times have we seen Sarri hug a player after a game, or even go over and clap the away fans? Obviously there is a lot more to management than just showing a bit of passion, but it obviously helps. When Conte first came we scored a last minute winner in his first game, and he dived into the crowd to celebrate. It's little things like that that help get the fans onside.
  4. Probably worth contacting Chelsea Supporters trust (@ChelseaSTrust) and @Weare_theshed on twitter. I know both groups have been campaigning about this as well. All the best mate.
  5. Not great is it. Obviously i know we have a different squad now and different characters, but we had key injuries and suspensions in Munich too, and we all know how that ended...
  6. Shock horror. One of our key players leaves the stadium on crutches and is now a doubt for the Europa League final. Makes the timing of this game look even more questionable now.
  7. Never in the league. Think he was sent off in a cup or european game though.
  8. Based on what? As of right now i would not say United have any chance of winning the league next year.
  9. Wrong. We won the title because we won 30 of our 38 games.
  10. Watched it last night, thought it was ok. Arya Stark seemingly cannot die. I think she is going to kill Dany to fulfill the brown eyes, blue eyes, green eyes prophecy. I thought it was quite well done (like all the residents of King's Landing) how it got me feeling sorry for Cersei right at the end, despite hating her for the past 7 series.
  11. Yes I fully understand that but my point remains it should have been set for the first week in June, after the EL final. Or in July as a pre-season friendly. If they can fly to the US for a one off game when we have a cup final to prepare for then I’m sure they could fly there for a one off game in July. i fully understand why it’s going ahead and what it’s for but the timing just seems off to me.
  12. Hence why I said “I don’t know when this friendly was arranged”.
  13. Fair enough mate. Hope you enjoy" Have you seen us live before?
  14. It might be an agreement that certain players have to play at least a half or something like that. I know when we have played in the states there have been clauses like "Player A must complete at least x amount of minutes".
  15. What baffles me most is someone at the club must have agreed this day. I don't know when this friendly was arranged, if it was the start of this season or mid way through but in both cases you should consider the possibility that Chelsea might qualify for a major final to be played at the end of May (Which in itself is going to take a fair amount of travelling to get to). I get the need for this friendly to be played but for crying out loud why not do it a few days after the EL final. Imagine if we had go to the FA cup final and had this game booked in three days before hand..
  16. Maniche's most useful moment was getting sent off when we were 1-0 down to West Ham, which led to us coming back and winning 4-1.
  17. I see him as a potential future captain. Anyone else?
  18. I see him as a potential future captain. Anyone else?
  19. I've seen alot of people saying that Arsenal have the edge because Emery has the know how and the experience. Let's not forget that some of our squad have experience of winning in a European final: Pedro (With Barcelona) Luiz Azpi Willian (With Shakhtar) Hazard Cahill (won't play but i'm sure will offer advice) Outside of Cech and Ozil i can't think of anyone else in Arsenal's squad who would have a similar experience.
  20. Not been a massive fan of his this season but have to say i think he has been brilliant the last few weeks.
  21. I have been Sarri out for most of the second half of the season, but given that we have reached the top 4 i think he will be given another season as like you say that would have been our objective back in August. That being said there have been quite a lot of embarrassing moments and performances this season that need to be learnt from in order for us to improve, and if the same things are happening next season then it may be time to move on. I agree with @EdinburghBlue that i don't think his man management is great. One of the key things I think needs to be addressed is whatever happens at half time. It happened again last night and fortunately we still ended up winning but how many times have we seen us throw away games in the first 15 minutes of the second half. It can't be a coincidence. For a while this season we looked as though we would not finish in the top 4 despite starting the season so well, and we have managed to achieve it due to our own recent performances, and the performances of other sides around us. What I will say is since maybe March i have seen one or two signs of improvement and hopefully that can be built on going into next season.
  22. That wouldn't bother me nearly as much as Spurs winning it.

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