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  1. This is the same player who last season was arguably back to being the world's best in his position. Nothing has changed physically, nothing has changed mentally. He's still our best and has plenty left in him from what we can see. This is not a footballing decision in any way. The working process in this club, owner to board is rotten and needs complete overhaul for this club to move forward and get back to the top. The decisions we have seen this season are unbelievable, mind-bogglingly stupid. JT can still contribute to any team in the world at the highest level and once again other tea
  2. Classic, assured and organized JT performance tonight, best player on the pitch. Give him his contract already.
  3. Even though Woodward is pretty much a clown, at least they're actually supporting their managers there. Mourinho building his team with full control professionally means success. He wouldn't have some useless, unqualified rat sitting two rows above the bench waiting to pass misleading info with rotten agendas. Mourinho's Utd are probably winning the title next year with a few smart additions. We're probably winning our board's favorite game, "Roman's lunatic musical chairs".
  4. He mentions one name, that's what seems weird to me. And I can't talk for anyone else but for me the way he plays for Chelsea is the easiest target, I don't even care that he has been terrible in almost every game this year, the majority of the team were rarely playing to their potential, it's the disgraceful, careless attitude that bothered me.
  5. Nevin replied: ‘Yeah, that was Cesc Fabregas, wasn’t it? He added: ‘I thought it came out it was Cesc Fabregas. If it was, he’d been one of the strongest and it just shows in his game. I find it hard to believe that a person as intelligent as Nevin would publicly accuse one individual for no reason, knowing the damage he can cause with his comments. Not even talking about the "rather lose than win" quote, because that can be fabricated, more about the overall attitude of players that led to this happening.
  6. For now it's all speculation but it's weird and rare to hear Nevin points the finger at one individual, there's probably something there and it's not hard to believe. Fabregas is not and never will be Chelsea, he has been an absolute disgrace on the pitch alone, without adding anything else. Easily the worst player on the pitch in 90% of the games he played. I still remember him coming on for 15 minutes against Newcastle away, carelessly giving the ball away 4-5 times and walking back to stop the counter. If I need to bet he's poisoning the dressing room the same way he does on the pitch. He's
  7. No. JT: “Thank You doesn’t seem enough. Sad sad day. Gonna miss you Boss. The Very Best I have EVER worked with, unbelievable memories together #boss #friend #specialone #bestever @chelseafc”
  8. What's the difference between the vilified Florentino Perez and this club's Roman Abramovich? The negative? The same, both are harming their clubs with short term madness and regretting their decisions a few months later when they realize the damage they caused with their impulsiveness. When they know it's irreversible, they throw money at it or doing more damage to the system with desperate attempts to solve the issue. Apparently both are also stupid enough to repeat their worst mistakes and now, after years of being in the game, it's never going to change. In moments like this? I wi
  9. Still can't digest the absurdity of what happened yesterday. I feel like the game is ruined. With one suicidal move they took the passion out of it, threw it away for nothing. Disgusting, I will probably never see the club in the same way ever again. As for Abramovich, he's nothing more than a piece of paper, tell me now that he is replaced with someone with the same amount and he can f**k off and take his board of groupies along with him.
  10. Which again is complete bullsh*t because they're not doing it even close to his instructions, or at best half-assing sh*t with no real desire or passion besides a few players. That interview was embarrassing to watch and they couldn't find a bigger clown delivering that pathetic message.
  11. Also saying that the same group of players won the league last season, while ignoring the fact that they only did it under Mourinho. Then basically saying that we're in a position we're in because the players aren't following instructions from him like they did last season when we dominated. So who is the problem here? The one with the proven winning formula or the spineless, unprofessional cowards who are disgracing the shirt? Emenalo is a useless leech that's embarrassing the club with every day he is in the position he's in. Get this f**king disease out of the system as fast as possible
  12. Don't believe a word this useless leech is saying, a yes man puppet who would tell his boss that the sun is blue if he wanted to hear that. A person with absolutely no qualification to do his job is a major part of this club, don't need to know more to realize why this board is a complete joke and the sad state of it.
  13. This is a fantastic article. Sad thing about this, it's true. Chelsea FC just ripped apart its soul, the sheer stupidity, the pure insanity of this decision is unforgivable. Roman and his board deflated its entire fanbase. I will never support any decision they make again knowing that they're capable of such a disastrous scenario. Remember this day because we will talk about it for many years, they just ruined everything with no way back.
  14. Can't describe it better. A lifetime of support just feels empty right now, the love for the game just feel pointless. We lost something that we're probably never getting back. This type of connection, the special bond is never happening again. Owner, board, staff, players, simply unforgivable.
  15. I think that's in the past, they just let the biggest winner of them all go, why? Because we have a bunch of choking losers on the pitch. Anything can happen now.
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