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  1. Champions League Porto = Portuguese League Porto. A diving show. I wasn't expecting much from Porto but I wasn't sure we would get it going in attack. 2 great goals. Clinical. More of this in the second leg please.
  2. As a portuguese Chelsea fan and Porto hater I was praying for us not to draw Porto, simply because I won´t get any peace over here 😅 But it's the best that could happen to Chelsea, Porto was lucky to face such a poorly Juventus side. In the league they are 10 points behind the first place. Oh and Porto fans thinking they won the lottery with this draw 🤣🤣 I can't wait
  3. Loan him to any spanish club and then sell him for whatever offer we get.
  4. Angry birds have been their sleeve sponsor for years now, today it's Sad Birds
  5. Another one just as I was writing the last post. 5 is a good round number lets go
  6. This is the real Chelsea at the bridge. Brilliant
  7. Really happy for Billy and I can see this one come easy or at least easier, 2-0.
  8. Alonso 🤣🤣 there's time on the clock come onnn
  9. Well, if there's one thing Alonso is useful for... Hope the team keep looking for that second goal, otherwise we already know what to expect.
  10. Great Rangers win, advancing to the next round and beating Braga(Benfica's B team) who are in great shape. As much as I like Rangers I haven't watch a lot of games from them this season. Any particular reason why they can't perform this good in the league?
  11. Theres not a lot of positive things we can take from this one
  12. So who's ready to be the Ajax of this year's champions league? 😁😁
  13. He has great potential but he needs some real mentoring. I feel like his mind is out of place sometimes. I couldn't watch the game only saw the highlights and yes I also think Kepa would reach that last ball but there were 1 or 2 saves from Willy in the first half that got me thinking if Kepa would approach the ball that good.
  14. Anyone seen Uncut Gems? I got spoiled but still enjoyed it.
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