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  1. Pickford getting too comfortable 😅
  2. Thank you Switzerland now I don't feel so bad about Portugal's defeat.
  3. They played one or two games without Ronaldo in the qualifying rounds and the team played even better. But who has the courage to bench him?
  4. If not Portugal then I hope England wins it. Despite some bad examples from some supporters(not only England ofc) it's a national team that you can easily fall in love, the history, great generations of players, the It's coming home thing, the Impossible job thing. I think it's one of the most romantic stories in football. Good luck everyone.
  5. And the fact that he's been doing this for years... always at the top of his game.
  6. Do you guys think he has a chance of winning the ballon d'or if France wins the euros?
  7. And the PSG board that fired Tuchel because he couldn't get them the CL 🤣
  8. R James performance is so underrated. What a pleasure it was to watch him, and the progress he made this season...
  9. *"we won the f****** Champions League" 🤣
  10. Yeah, that FA Cup final was a must win.
  11. What is being said here in portuguese media is that the Man City and Chelsea supporters are expected. Isn't that one of the reasons why Uefa chose Portugal?
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