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  1. Bruno Fernandes would be a world class move. But he is most likely going to be taken by Mourinho and the spuds. And he won't cost less than 50M/60M.
  2. Maupay gets the second goal for Brighton. Announce Wenger 🤣
  3. Yes. Both winter and summer transfer windows.
  4. He spent more time on the floor than standing in the first half.
  5. It just gonna make it even more fun now
  6. Here in PT when a group A steals a major flag or banner from group b. Group b isnt erased from existance, its just an act of humiliation for the group b. And in this part of europe religion is still a very important and delicate subject but when you say that your team is your religion nobody sees that as disrespect. Fc Porto fans call their chairman (Pinto da Costa, the chairman with the most football titles in the world) as "The Pope" because he's old and everybody admires him. And about the word "serious" and "offended" are two of the most used words when you try to explain what british humor is ahah
  7. Willian's mind is not at stamford bridge. Once again
  8. Morata definitely top 5 ..worst signings
  9. We all know what the market has come to. 100+ is now a normal price for the high rated young players nowadays. In my opinion Sancho is much more worth the 120 than Felix is and i bet someone will spend that amount of cash to get him. If it's Chelsea it would be a good move, and like someone said above it would be a statement, so we can show that we are rebuilding but still one of the most relevant english and european teams. And we come from 1 maybe 2 windows without spending money. Good players are for Everton and Wolves etc. We need great players, and great players cost money.
  10. Although many people are underestimate us nowadays, Chelsea winning the europa league is not seen as a major accomplishment. When we are at the europa league everyone sees us as the favorite to win, and when we do nobody is surprised. And we won it twice now. Chelsea is a CL team. Of course its good and not that easy to win the EL but we are CL level and nothing less than that.
  11. Chelsea vs Lille will be my first game in stamford bridge and also my first Chelsea game. Already been to stamford bridge and did the stadium tour and all but i did not have the opportunity to go to a match until now. I live outside the uk and obviously it isn't an easy task to get there. I wanted to go to a premier game but for now a CL is all i got. I am now a member so i'm going to try to attend more games at the bridge, and get to a PL game because i know the atmosphere is very different.
  12. Willian hits ajax player, gets ball back, hits the referee. Okay
  13. Easier said than done. It's so easy to call penaltys against Chelsea. 3 important points in the long run.
  14. I can see us winning like 1-2. Definitely not feeling that is going to be an easy game for us. Hope Alonso sits
  15. It wouldn't be very good for Tammy and his development to fade to the bench mid season. It would be a champagne problem to Frank Lampard if he's left with Callum, Tammy and Bats. But Tammy needs to play
  16. Game can go either way. Not a big deal if we dont manage to get the W. But definitely more boost to the hype train and to frank if we win. At the bridge with 2 or 3 rotations i think chelsea will win. Lets get em Chels!

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