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  1. Angry birds have been their sleeve sponsor for years now, today it's Sad Birds
  2. Another one just as I was writing the last post. 5 is a good round number lets go
  3. This is the real Chelsea at the bridge. Brilliant
  4. Really happy for Billy and I can see this one come easy or at least easier, 2-0.
  5. Alonso 🤣🤣 there's time on the clock come onnn
  6. Well, if there's one thing Alonso is useful for... Hope the team keep looking for that second goal, otherwise we already know what to expect.
  7. Great Rangers win, advancing to the next round and beating Braga(Benfica's B team) who are in great shape. As much as I like Rangers I haven't watch a lot of games from them this season. Any particular reason why they can't perform this good in the league?
  8. Theres not a lot of positive things we can take from this one
  9. So who's ready to be the Ajax of this year's champions league? 😁😁
  10. He has great potential but he needs some real mentoring. I feel like his mind is out of place sometimes. I couldn't watch the game only saw the highlights and yes I also think Kepa would reach that last ball but there were 1 or 2 saves from Willy in the first half that got me thinking if Kepa would approach the ball that good.
  11. Anyone seen Uncut Gems? I got spoiled but still enjoyed it.
  12. I won't be very happy with this move. Gabriel for me is that player that only feels comfortable playing in his home country, this Flamengo team is one of the greatest teams in south america but in europe would be just average. Gabriel did f**k all when he was on loan here in Portugal at benfica, and this is a farmer's league
  13. Here i come for my first match at the bridge. I wonder who's going to buy me a pint 😏🤗 I really see Lampard making some changes as we need to shake it up a bit. 3-0 tho. Tammy Kovacic and Kante
  14. Bruno Fernandes would be a world class move. But he is most likely going to be taken by Mourinho and the spuds. And he won't cost less than 50M/60M.
  15. An evening with aftv is now just a regular evening 🤣
  16. Maupay gets the second goal for Brighton. Announce Wenger 🤣
  17. Yes. Both winter and summer transfer windows.
  18. He spent more time on the floor than standing in the first half.
  19. It just gonna make it even more fun now
  20. Here in PT when a group A steals a major flag or banner from group b. Group b isnt erased from existance, its just an act of humiliation for the group b. And in this part of europe religion is still a very important and delicate subject but when you say that your team is your religion nobody sees that as disrespect. Fc Porto fans call their chairman (Pinto da Costa, the chairman with the most football titles in the world) as "The Pope" because he's old and everybody admires him. And about the word "serious" and "offended" are two of the most used words when you try to explain what british humor is ahah
  21. Willian's mind is not at stamford bridge. Once again

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