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  1. Etched in the minds of many fans are probably some of his most memorable defensive mistakes, such as for Brazil against Germany in that game... but I think we also have to give him credit for his good ones, such as against Man Utd, as a CB.. when after one more foul given against us he gave Howard Webb some much needed talking to... and after that he started officiating in a lesser red manner. The guy has passion, something we could have used last season.
  2. Holy *bleeeeeep*! What a night! After our final in Moscow I was sure I wouldn't live to see us win.. In the words of Gary Neville "Uhn-buh-liiieeevable.. Unbelievable!!". What a fantastic team effort, and big props to Bertrand for stepping up and help keeping Robben in check. With that said, can't believe I didn't buy a 25 year old bottle of Jack Daniels to celebrate
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