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  1. Leicester win. 9 points clear of 5th and f**k Arsenal.
  2. Who is this dude exactly? Why do I always see his name on twitter accusing us of racism? Accusing a large portion of the travelling support of being racist? I didn't hear anything, and nothing was reported according to the police in the area? Opinions on him?
  3. Barkley will be shifted out and be off in Jan I reckon (hopefully).
  4. He was put in a difficult situation. He can hardly condemn his team mate / club can he?
  5. Try this http://stream-cr7.net/embed/6.php
  6. New Features Announced https://community.sigames.com/topic/492481-football-manager-2020-feature-announcement-blogs/ More to come in the coming weeks / months. Haven't been this excited for a new FM for a long time. Chelsea is going to be good fun this season (transfer ban, lots of wonderkids etc). https://www.buildlineup.com/shared/5d83c21b138c092e24ae3e19
  7. Knows he's not good enough to move to a bigger club. Doesn't want to move and take a wage cut. Frank knows this too. Not the type of player he wants starting for us.
  8. Erm... This happened most games under Sarri. Squad issue.
  9. Kepa Emerson Zouma Christensen Azpi Jorgi Kova Barkley Pusilic Pedro Giroud Let's f**king gooooo
  10. Retrain him as a centre mid (Advanced Playmaker - attack). His driving runs through the middle are devastating.
  11. Oh dear. Poor defending. Come on lads...

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