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  1. Check out Hades if you like Roguelikes. Having great fun with it.
  2. Frank did a great job in his first season. I was worried at how he would handle us defensively in the first few games this season. He's starting to turn it around. I think he's grown remarkably in the last few games. Credit to him. Last season, we would have dropped points yesterday. All our signings have integrated well. Reece James, Mason Mount and Tammy have been fantastic so far. Lampard can take credit for all three. Reece James especially. What a player he's turning in to. It's a good time to be a Chelsea fan.
  3. Richard Keys is such a w**ker. Struggling to think of a bigger arsehole in Football
  4. Sorry, but that's on Frank. No f**king plan. No control. More interested in playing all his new boys rather than choose a stable eleven. Absolutely fuming
  5. As I said before...no game plan. Shocking from the coaching staff. Sacrifice one of our attacking players, put a DM on and get some f**king control.
  6. Observations at half time: No game plan. No visible system. This looks like putting a load of attacking talent together and watching the drama unfold. No control. No discipline.
  7. BT Sport Box Office? So, I pay £25 to watch BT Sport, and they put this game on Box Office for £15? Yeah, f**k that. Will be finding a river later
  8. Get rid of the man who's responsible for re-igniting my love for Football after the Sarri sh*t show? It's been said already, but you'll probably find more of a home following Football Twitter accounts. They share your views and you have the same things in common; you're only following Chelsea because of our recent transfer window.
  9. Kepa - Azpilicueta, Zouma, Rudiger, Chillwell - Kante, Kovacic, Havertz - Ziyech, Werner, Odoi Easy game. We win 4-0.
  10. The KKK Midfield... Oh dear... Certainly no MSN or SOS.
  11. More Daddy Roman. MORE
  12. 6 episode series on Chelsea website. Really good so far!
  13. Bricking it. Haven't been this nervous for a game for a looooong time.
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