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  1. Yeah sorry, but looking at the lineups this is destined to be a night of frustration.
  2. Reckon we should try and get Fabianski.
  3. Nick Pope is nearly as bad if we're talking stats!
  4. Grrr... This dude is really frustrating me now. Doesn't help he looks like an angry little girl either.
  5. Kepa Azpilicueta Zouma Rudiger Emerson Kante Jorgi Kova Willian Tammy CHO
  6. Inclined to agree. We were looking good with Kova and Jorgi.
  7. Send Barkley back to the Northern slums. Awful player.
  8. I think we'll win. Just gotta watch the space in behind. Aubameyang is lightning.
  9. This is how I felt when Sarri was in charge last season. Almost put the nail in the coffin in terms of watching Football as a hobby. Yeah, it's frustrating right now. But we're doing the right thing. Need to persist with Lampard and the young team. Even if we don't get top four.
  10. Worrying times. Spurs away next too. Our good run of form at the start of the season means nothing now.

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