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  1. Erm... This happened most games under Sarri. Squad issue.
  2. Kepa Emerson Zouma Christensen Azpi Jorgi Kova Barkley Pusilic Pedro Giroud Let's f**king gooooo
  3. Retrain him as a centre mid (Advanced Playmaker - attack). His driving runs through the middle are devastating.
  4. Oh dear. Poor defending. Come on lads...
  5. Spent too much time training with Cahill.
  6. Jorginho, Kante and Kovacic is going to be a solid midfield this season.
  7. Franks got a hell of a job on his hands.
  8. http://cyclingentertainment.stream/kawasaki-frontale-vs-chelsea/
  9. Been playing Skyrim on my Switch recently. I miss having 50+ mods active, but there's something special about playing it on a portable in bed.
  10. Azpilicueta and James as our right backs please.
  11. http://hdstreams.club/hd/ch7.php

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