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  1. Give him another year to see how his football shapes up. He finished 3rd. With two finals. He's done a GOOD job. His relationship with the fans is not important in the grand scheme of things Looks like we're being linked to Emma Hayes according to Sunday Supplement. An interesting appointment sure, but one that stinks of publicity rather than what's in the best interests for the club. I'm all for female managers though. My best managers have been female.
  2. Gutted for him. His integration and progression been one of the highlights of the season. I hope he comes back strong.
  3. I had to go half way down the page to find one that would work for me.
  4. Can't find any decent streams. Anyone got one? Found one: https://tumarcador.xyz/ac7.html
  5. I don't have love for many of these players either, but I still support the f**king team. If anything, think of Ruben who is on the verge of his first proper trophy.
  6. You're not going to watch your team in a European Final because we might lose? Shocking mentality.
  7. I think Jamie's going to kill Cersei. If he's reverted back to Jamie of a few seasons ago, then that's a new low for the writers. Tired of Arya now. She's done her heroics.
  8. Ah fair play. Sorry. Then I would agree with you. It's the hope that kills ya
  9. I'll take this as you've read a leak of some sort? Pretty sh*tty move pal.
  10. I enjoy the episodes, but it leaves a bad aftertaste. I was genuinely on the edge of my sofa throughout Episode 3, and my FitBit had me at around 100 bpm throughout. That feeling of melancholy afterwards is what hits me the most. The teleportation doesn't bother me. In fact, I would wager one of Varys or Sansa sent a raven to Cersei to notify her of Dany's impending visit back to Dragonstone. That would explain Euron teleporting. He knew and was setting an ambush. We might find out in the coming episodes. The thing that really annoys me, is some of the writing decisions. Deciding not to show Sansa and Arya's reaction to the biggest revelation in the entire series. How Jon was built up to be the one to kill the Night King (The Hardhome stare, the Beyond the Wall showdown, the entire reason we're lead to believe he's been brought back to life), but no Arya comes in and snatches the kill. The complete lack of plot behind the White Walkers. The 'embodiment of death' bullsh*t doesn't wash with me, especially when you see white walkers show mercy, and the wights show empathy for their fellow comrades (trying to free the captive in last season etc). Shall I go on? I'm tired of people asking others to stop being critical. I f**king love this series and I've been in love with this story since I first read Game of Thrones. I'll enjoy the show, but I won't pretend I'm not disappointed with the direction they're going in and some of the plot decisions they've made.
  11. At this point, I could write a better season finale. Honestly, according to the writers, Dany "forgot" about Euron's fleet. I'm just accepting it for what it is now. Hollywood fan fiction. Please George. Finish those books. We need the real canon ending.
  12. Unpopular opinion: Christensen is a really poor centre back. Would be better in a defensive midfield position (not for our system though).

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