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  1. Booing Jorginho? Piss on that.
  2. My word, we're going to get slaughtered on the weekend.
  3. Oh look. A 'tactical masterclass' against Sarri. Seems like every one is giving one lately. We simply don't have the players to play this way.
  4. So, I know what happens today. Herrera marks Jorginho We dominate possession, have a few half chances, but get done on the counter (exactly how Man Utd played against Arsenal in the previous round) Sorry for the negativity. I think we'll be beaten, but not only beaten, completely found out by another team and another journeyman.
  6. Kovacic is nothing special. Definition of average.
  7. Not gonna lie. This is a hard watch.
  8. Pass around the box for an hour. Get done on the counter. Score a sweaty goal. 1-1
  9. Solskjaer is Smeagol. Give it a few years, and the weight of the one ring will turn him into Moyes Gollum. United will have gone full circle.
  10. f**k off Sarri. So f**king classless.
  11. Post match presser is going to be interesting
  12. Unfortunately, we've become a club who sacks managers willy nilly. No one is scared to take the job, because they know if they get sacked, it won't harm their reputation too much, and they get a nice fat pay out. I have no doubt that Sarri will be gone by the end of the month. The culture of this club needs to change. The players are the bosses and they know it.
  13. Kepa has been great this season. Not going to have a go at him for that