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  1. https://techoreels.com/clip/s1.html
  2. It's their final. The romance favours them. Up to us to crash the party...again
  3. Bit of trivia for you. I got into a weird habit of betting against us in a lot of our big games so I don't get too disappointed / can drown my sorrows with my winnings. Every time I've done this, we end up winning the game and I lose money. Guess what I did earlier today?
  4. Play narrow, force them wide. Counter through the wing backs. Might even be tempted to play Giroud, Werner and Mount as the front three.
  5. It's the bigger picture mate. We want to be fighting for the title again. If we're going to do that, we need a world class striker. Can't get one of those without CL football.
  6. Massive. Massive game. Would rather win this game than the FA Cup final. That's how important getting top four is for the development of this team
  7. Part of me wants to do a Spurs over Liverpool. Give them that hope, and then rip it away with a 90+3 minute winner against City in the CL final. Imagine the riots in Liverpool.
  8. Well going by that, there's only three or four clubs in Europe you could consider 'Elite' then.
  9. We're in a CL final and won a league 5 years ago. We're elite.
  10. This is pretty short sighted if you don't mind me saying. We could lose years worth of progress if we don't qualify and miss out on a world class striker. We can try for the FA Cup again next year.
  11. Sooo...you agree with me?
  12. If we win Tuesday. All forgiven. Tuesday is the bigger game. As much as I hate to say it. Today was a luxury game. Tuesday is the biggest league game we've had in years. If we drop points, it's out of our hands. Being in the Europa League after this CL run? That would be the real kicker. We need to keep the momentum going to progress. Can't afford a step backwards.
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