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  1. What a terrible, terrible game. No entertainment value. Just frustration
  2. Criminal that Ziyech and Werner aren't on by now. What the f**k are you doing Frank?
  3. Why? Tuchel is available now. That's who they would go for, I'm 90%
  4. Nor me mate. His position is now untenable. It would have been a dream to see him lift a major trophy with us. Alas, Tuchel will be in charge by the end of the week. Can't stand the bloke.
  5. It's only a matter of time unfortunately... Breaks my heart, but I just can't see him turning this around.
  6. Frank's position becoming untenable now. Needed a big performance and the players have failed to deliver. Have to question management. I want this to work so much, but I think I'm finally realising, Frank is just not ready.
  7. A 2 week break is exactly what we need to get our players fit and focused again Up the big Sam!
  8. Another Sarri type appointment would end my interest in football again. Very briefly fell out of love with Football during that season. Our win against Leeds a few weeks back was probably the best I've felt in years. Not going to forget that.
  9. If you're going to do this, why not play one of the best headers in the league. I don't understand. For a tall lad, Tammy is not good in the air / or heading a ball. It frustrates me trying to understand.
  10. I'm just worried that our entire game plan revolves around crosses. We look clueless otherwise.
  11. Pulisic - Giroud - Odoi Mount - Kovacic - Havertz Emerson - Rudiger - Zouma - Azpi We go again
  12. If we're just going to cross all game why did we not play Giroud? Tammy is awful in the air.
  13. I'm not LampardOut, but I'm growing increasingly unsure that he's not the man to get the best out of this team. Frustrated by his tactics and team selections.
  14. Look deeper. We have no tactical plan. We're literally lumping it to Tammy.
  15. This is on Frank. Lumping balls to Tammy. Still persisting with Werner on the wing. Furious. Utterly furious. Disgrace.
  16. Bit sus that both Luiz and Willian are out ill. Reckon they're masterminding the drama behind the scenes.
  17. I'll be slaughtered for this But I think we'll lose. It's just impossible to think we win this. We are Arsenal's bounce back game. It's just in the script. Please prove me wrong.
  18. We were playing free flowing football a few weeks ago. Just a blip. Be patient. Once all our attacking players are settled, I expect us to be great.
  19. He's also shown he can do something I've rarely seen a manager do at Chelsea. Get out of bad form and remedy our defence. He's solved our defending at set pieces. Our attacking set pieces. Our defence overall. He's turned it around. He's learning. It would be foolish to suggest he's not inexperienced, but winning something with Frank would be 10x better than winning it with another mercenary manager (Sarri etc).
  20. To be fair. We should be questioning him. His management of Havertz and Werner has been poor. Havertz should be no where near the starting eleven. He's shocking.
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