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  1. I remember debating that he wasn't physical enough for the PL and people said it's not necessary, interestingly today conte said he needs to improve physically, as mentioned before he is far too slight to play in the PL, it's the most physical league in Europe, you get small but powerful players like hazard, or small and wiry players like kante, that's one of teh reasons jose didn't like mata he was too light weight and he is far stronger built and more skillful that musonda, he needs to take a couple of years get some game time, bulk up and he might be a chelsea level player, not now, miles away.
  2. I don't know what he expects, we are the leauge champions just won one of European toughest away fixtures never done by an English club before us, did he expect to start against atletico and city? Despite how sh*t Willian is playing musonda is miles away from being a starter at an elite club he needs to go on loan or get sold, bit temperamental when they don't get played these Belgians.
  3. Yea can't mock marina she could get a good price selling ice to the Eskimos, shame she isn't as good at buying. Will miss Diego he is a big player, morata has more technical ability and more potential but if we are honest as a PL striker Diego is more of a force.
  4. Not sure about organisationally but he can tackle, did you see how he disposessed Suarez right in the penalty spot in the pre season before last, he has the attributes he should be good I can't figure out why he isn't but he needs a chance he definitely has tallent
  5. There is no reason on earth we shouldn't be in for greizmann ourselves
  6. I totally agree I don't see where is passing his limited One of the reasons we bought him was ball playing ability
  7. f**k me he can't half move, he is quicker than their attackers.
  8. Played well last night, saw him on a FIFA promotion with rio Ferdinand he has lost the danish accent sounds like an English kid, is always amazes me how people from that part of the world pick up English or American accents so quickly
  9. Didn't have a good feeling about him but certainly showed some qualities last night, still need to see him vs a big team to get a true idea but so far so good
  10. Yea that's correct, but I'd rather see them dropped that Rudiger. Ideally I don't think Garry should take Rudiger place, we have looked brilliant defensively especially at corners and balls in, looks like everything is coming together. I hope Zappa is decent because for me VM is a weak link. He would be better as a back up.
  11. Atletico preparing 60 million euro bid apparently
  12. Dave can surely he is a fullback, lot of people against him being WB I'd like to see it for a few games tbh
  13. For me VM is a weak link in this team, I'd have Dave play RWB if we wanted to incorporate both Garry and Rudiger, that's a strong defence, you gave Garry with experience and leadership (I think he lacks elsewhere tbh) Rudiger and luiz have a bit of pace, power and are ball players, Dave it top notch and we know he can cross, I've no idea why we aren't playing that set up.
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