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  1. No fab in a 2 man midfield ever, Cahill please no, what I'd like to see: Tibo Dave Rudiger Christensen zappa Baka luiz Alonso Pedro Morata Hazard No need for fab with luiz in mid, he can pick out players almost as well as fab, front 3, fast direct, runs in behind. This team smashed Roma at home if they turn up. In reality will be Cahill and Rudiger over Andreas, he may go fab for Pedro as well, which I think is a mistake, let's hope morata is straight back at it, honestly I don't see a problem with this team until kante is back, luiz is a brilliant CM.
  2. Thank you, you watch football, I can relate to that.
  3. That was the debate, blaming that on team selection...hardly, even Cahill put it down to player performance...anyway thanks mate, at least you didn't have far to travel home after that.
  4. Luiz is there to sweep up behind Cahill, and he does it very well, hence we won the leauge
  5. Honestly after city someone said leauge over and we all had a go at him, ffs, after the way we performed, add in more CL plus injuries, you got to say, that title defense is getting smaller and smaller in the distance as city run away with the league
  6. I hear what you're saying but history with this guy, he is such a condescending little arsehole, just a very cheeky jumped up guy and that same attitude he has, I've seen from richer Indians in Dubai when I worked there, because of his very good English he is likely at least a middle class Indian and that, I'm afraid, is a cultural thing, they like talking down to people, in their culture it means they are important, if they talk down to people. I would hold doors open for them and they walk past with their noses up no thank you, I soon learned, in their culture I was doing it because I thought they were important, not out of my own politeness, this is real stuff, ask anyone who has had experience with middle/higher class people actually from india, not indians who grow up here. I wasn't saying it to be racist, not at all, just literally from my experience with him and people like him, in their culture they feel they can be extremely obnoxious and that's ok, whereas in western culture that actually winds people up more than people swearing at them...I was genuinely trying to educating him, maybe they don't get it, I could have put it better but was already irritated by the result then this cheeky git pipes up.
  7. I pick Rudiger over cahill all day but he is captain you can't be surprised at that, not sure why pedro is out of favour or maybe he has a knock
  8. Well mate, like you being a Chelsea fan and of Scottish descent, I went from city defeat to Scotland WC exit to this, I'm thinking of watching f**king curling
  9. Abuses someone by calling them a jerk while complaining about being abused, in England and the rest of the western world mate being a cheeky c**t and provoking already wound up people with arrogance and being condescending is abuse worthy because it's rude and ignorant, if you want to interact with people from different cultures learn what's rude in those cultures. Maybe daddy coco doesn't run and rescue you because he hasn't positioned himself to chastise people who are mean to you when you're unnecessarily cheeky, I get on fine with everyone here except you, you're pathetic if I ever have a friendly debate without fail you like every post that says anything that counters my point, I mean you like every f**king one without fail, you take sly little digs, like the one about cahill earlier, I ignore it, I even like your posts when you occasionally say something not stupid, just to show I'm not petty, but truth is you're just a horrible little sh*t and pathetic. Now put your big boy pants on learn how not to be condescending and cheeky when you debate and you won't need to cry to mods, I'm sure if you were a dashing blonde he may be inclined to go above and beyond the call of duty but a cheeky little Indian boy, well.....I wouldn't expect much when you're in the wrong, if you had a real grievance then sure.
  10. @Richard P You were at the game Richard mate, in your view was this loss down to the managers team selection or players performances? Also never said Andreas wasn't good enough said he won't start yet because he isn't going to displace Gary or Luiz, stop trying to cling on to something said 6 months ago which wasn't even said because your point was shut down today, and your snitching back fired. Being an obnoxious little prat in India might be cute in London it gets you shun and or your head kicked in, cultural differences I guess.
  11. Thank you very f**king much. Picking the core of the squad that won the title, picking our only 2 CM's, our only striker, but because he picked our best CB over a youth player, managers decision cost us, what a load of worthless piss. It's not teh team I would have played either but it's hardly so outrageous it cost us, what cost us is the players not playing well enough, that's it, if those players have a good game, they smash palace, notice teh twerp didn't mention azpi playing like a total shell of himself, was that contes fault too......
  12. Could you hold me and tell me it will be ok?
  13. I thought I was on block you little snitch reinstate that would you. I actually reconsidered and editeded my comment but I'm glad you saw it now. difference between me and you is I have actually watched chelsea play, isn't it your bed time mate? I don't watch games in the middle of the night from India and turn up like a smart are. I made my point, blaming the manager for picking our best CB is f**king stupid, and I told you Andreas wouldn't be in the first team this season is he? So shut it with that bollox
  14. I was watching the game thanks, I was watching chelsea when you were wearing nappies in Mumbai, but yea the manager cost us the game by selecting a CB that we won the league with