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  1. That forum is full of plastic trolls. Konakai, Kiwi, RIP etc would be stars over there. Sent from my iPhone using Tapatalk
  2. Be careful with words like that, because jokers like kiwi and konokai blue will tell you that when judging Jose, you must look at his last 3 months at the club ONLY. But at the same time, you also need to forget that we topped the CL group under him during those 3 months.
  3. skip to 20:30 and listen to what Jose said about transfers and new players. He said the team needed new fresh blood, to give the current players competition, to put them under pressure. He didn't want the current stars to be complacent because what they did last year (champions), nobody should be an automatic starter. And later in another interview he said: “We have to improve. If we have the same team the other teams will be better than us,” Mourinho said on BT Sport. “If I keep Eden Hazard, Nemanja Matic, Branislav Ivanovic, Diego Costa and Cesc Fabregas - for us that’s the first target. “I think we need three (new) players. A striker because we lost our legend (Didier Drogba), a defender and a midfield player. “(It will) give a little bit more competitiveness to the squad, bring some new blood in, put some players a little bit under pressure. “They know they have someone waiting, I need that to support my way of working. “Now they’re the champions I need that but basically the same squad, the same team, the same manager and stability in the club.” http://www.london24.com/sport/football/clubs/chelsea/jose_mourinho_reveals_chelsea_summer_transfer_plans_and_fires_warning_to_arsenal_manchester_city_and_manchester_united_1_4105454 So was Jose backed at all? The answer is clearly no, we don't even have to argue about it. 33 reports of loaned players, the departure of Cech, Hector and Djilbodji summed up the ambitions and the backing the club gave to Jose. But is it an excuse for sitting at 16th? Also no, but you must also look at these players. They played without pride, without the intention to fight for the club. No matter who the manager is, what tactics we use, how bad the atmosphere is, there is absolutely no excuse for the players to perform this bad. Have you ever seen Lampard, DD, Essien, Ballack, Maka, Cole, Ricky etc. sitting at 16th? No.
  4. Jose is just 52 years old, he has a long career in front of him, he can/will even improve after this bad spell.The thing with him is, he should realize he is no super man. He's had no rest since taking over Madrid and then Chelsea for 5,5 years. And these jobs are the worlds most stressful jobs as the expectations are sky high and you can be sacked any day, even as a Chelsea legend. He should rest now like what he did after he left us in 2007. Take some time for his ill father and family. Recover and re-analyze the things he could've done differently and improve. After that rest period in 2007-2008 he came back better than before and won the treble with Inter The danger with highly successful people is the pressure they put on themselves after failure, he could be desperate to prove he's still the best and that could work against him. So if he takes a job right now, I am afraid he will continue the downward line because of a bad mindset. But if he rest properly and takes a job in the summer - we should prepare to see the best Jose ever. But Jose is Jose, maybe he doesn't need 6 months. Maybe a few weeks are already enough for him to clear his mind, to recover and to improve.
  5. painful to read that Roman ignored Jose's plead. He could've helped him in the summer, didn't do that. Could've helped him with the coming January window, didn't do that. Could've helped him with that pep-talk Jose wanted, but even didn't do that. All he did was giving him ''more time'' than other previous sacked managers, thanks for giving him 1 month extra in exchange for the 6 beautiful years he gave us.
  6. his agent said he doesn't need a sabbatical, but I think he should take it, looks like a sad man
  7. "José Mourinho is pleased that he returned to Chelsea football club because he was able to give the fans another Premier League title, which they had not won for many years. He is immensely proud of his eight trophies at Chelsea, and thanks the fans for all their support throughout his two spells at the club." "During his career, José has sometimes chosen to leave a club, but only at Chelsea has the club decided that he should leave." "Each time represents for him the end of a cycle, and the opportunity to start a new one. José hopes that his future after Chelsea this time will be as successful as when he left the club in 2007. "He will not be taking a sabbatical, he isn't tired, he doesn't need it, he is very positive, and is already looking forward." "Because of his love of football, you will see José at football grounds working and supporting friends. He will not be attending any high-profile games because he wants to discourage any speculation about his future. "José will remain living in London and hopes he and his family will be given the opportunity to do this privately." "José will not speak about his current situation for the foreseeable future. He asks the media to respect this decision." http://weaintgotnohistory.sbnation.com/2015/12/19/10625822/mourinho-statement-chelsea-sacking-manchester-united-rumors Only thanked the fans.
  8. This is a complete different situation. Lamps was already at the end of his career, he could've easily avoided that City spell and ending up as a "clean" Chelsea legend. Cech was already a different situation, he was forced out but still in the prime of his career. But Jose is 52, he has like 20 years left in his managerial career. He was sacked in 2007, but came back because he loves this club, and now after winning the title + league cup and committing his future to Chelsea, he got sacked AGAIN. I lost the count how many times he said things like:" I want to stay forever" or "I stay as long as the owner and board wants me to". His family and him love England, so If he wants to stay in England, Chelsea is not an option anymore. What do you expect him to do? Reject offers from big clubs and coach in the championship? We just wasted the chance to create a dynasty with a fully committed world class manager who loves us. You can't blame him to go for his professional career when he already gave us a second chance.
  9. https://m.youtube.com/watch?v=2zZS3U2zHBk&feature=youtu.be Great video
  10. Would be a bad moment to take any job, he needs a break to recover from this.
  11. Not at Chelsea no, but I think his next EPL club will be Man United if City gets Pep.

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