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  1. Spurs had all the luck in the world to get to the final but it ran out and we got to see them for what they are...bottlers...how many trophies have they had a chance of winning over last 3-4 years now and not finished the job? I saw some in the media argue that poch's decision to treat domestic cups as not important had been justified cos they reached the cl final...bollox...knowing how to win something is huge on nights like this. Although i get that Liverpool haven't won anything until tonight either...
  2. Not surprised the Liverpool players are applauding the match officials...that penalty won it for them
  3. Liverpool have relied on a lot of decisions going their way this season...fitting way for them to win this
  4. Imagine getting to the cl final for the first time in your history and playing like this? Both teams sh*t but spu*rs losing this with a whimper
  5. This game is a bit of a non event. Doesn't feel like a Champions League final at all
  6. First cup final I have switched off before half-time...you knew it was over once city went in front...they've tonked watford several times before and you just knew watford would fold if they fell behind. A dismal advert for the English game.
  7. Of the two evils, think it's an easy choice. Liverpool going from five to six European cups doesn't make a huge difference. Yes they will be horribly smug, nausesting etc but we have survived that in the past, in fact we had to put up with number five under much more painful circumstances as they'd knocked us out of the semi. but sp*rs would be a far bigger blow. We'd lose the tag of only london team to win it, the poch media love-in would never return to planet earth again and along with new stadium, propel them to a whole new level of club. Their best players will stay, big names will want to join them. Basically it could take years to catch up with them. Its a no brainer for me.
  8. Call me crazy for revisiting the crime, but bt are showing highlights and I wanted to see how on earth ajax were caught out so badly with the late winner. Unbelievably after llorente headed what looked like the last chance Over the bar, the Ajax keeper takes a gk with 94.38 on the clock and there are five players, yes five Ajax players in the Tottenham half as the ball lands. Mental. The ball ricochets back and forth a couple of times between both teams before being launched high and Spurs have been gifted a 5v5 situation..when it bounces off llorente to alli, it's effectively 2v2 and he plays in Moura to finish. Naive and criminal from Ajax - a classic example of how not to close out a football game.
  9. Regardless of who beat them, have to feel sorry for Ajax...team built on small budget, youth products, playing the game the right way and they've just fallen short. Can't see them having another opportunity as this team will be broken up now.
  10. I'm with you on that. There is no cure for this illness
  11. Ajax showed all their inexperience tonight. 3-0 up on aggregate yet left their defence exposed again and again. even at the end they could have run the ball into the corner some more but were taking shots at goal

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