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  1. Unbelievably we can overtake sp*rs with a win on Monday night
  2. Keep being told by broadcasters that Michael oliver is best ref in the country...he's missed at least two blatant penalties and ignored several bookable offences...
  3. Can't believe how poor citeh have been at the back..,Spurs just punt it towards son and moura and it causes havoc every time. i rate Foden, but haven't seen him since his goal...game passing him by.
  4. Not sure I've needed citeh to win a game more than this one...for title reasons and top four
  5. Good pro who has been that rare thing by chelsea of late - a good signing. Obviously not in drogba's or Costa's class, but far better than the two duds he's been left out for over past 15 months. I hope he does stay...likes of tammy could learn a lot from him
  6. We can't complain too much after fortune at Cardiff, but fcuk me, how many gifts did arse get tonight...and teynstill struggled. Think we're fcuked re. Top four.
  7. The defeat many of us expected - shows how low my standards are that I was fairly content with fact we competed...unlike at Spurs, arse and city...and for all their huff and puff, they didn't create that many clear cut chances...unfortunately Hazard fcuked up two sitters... after getting back from Anfield, watched some of it back on sky...my word, they're losing all credibility with this one-sided coverage of Liverpool games...doubt their own club channel is as biased as that...at least Ashley Cole, when allowed to, could provide some balance.
  8. Solskjaer got the job off the back of a lot of sponny results papering over the cracks.
  9. Feels like all I has been living off his rep from 3-4 years ago when he really broke through...done bugger all for a few seasons now...would rather have ruben
  10. Sp*rs v citeh has been fcuking tedious...new ground hasn't made a difference to atmosphere...sp*rs fans barely making a sound. On plus side for us in top four race, looks like Kane might be out for a few games, if not the season.
  11. Making a strong case in 'worst signing in Chelsea's history' debate.
  12. Might disagree with pro Sarri mob but wouldn't have audacity to say they're not real chelsea fans etc...certainly wouldn't take it from a young pup who has obviously only been around in the successful years..for him to have the cheek to say what is a chelsea man or not is very cringe...
  13. Happy for watford...think Wolves fans needed taking down a peg or two...started to get a little bit cocky the longer this season has gone on.
  14. Love a proper cup tie like this one going on right now...what makes football so great, so addictive
  15. Oh and I'm thinking of getting my eyes checked in the morning as I'm sure I saw the 'greatest defender in the worrrrld' was caught hopelessly out of position for Southampton's goal and when Shane long had a great chance to put southampton 2-0 up

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