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  1. This really was the europa Lge v conference Lge derby. Dross v dross.
  2. Nice of Villa to roll over, unlike when they came to the bridge and put in one of their best halfs of football this season.
  3. Bizarre to hear carragher wax lyrical about Arsenal getting a point out of it. Thought it was embarrassing for them to be going wild about a last minute equaliser at home against palace.
  4. What a volley from Gallagher. May have some academy bias but wouldn’t mind him in the squad next season.
  5. Palace having most of the ball at the arse since I tuned in. Arsenal playing like the away team.
  6. Don’t understand the snobbery around food (each to their own and all that). Also how foreigners look down on food in this country…must be going to the wrong places because with immigration, you have pretty much all you can ask for…(especially in major cities). admittedly standards of pizza, Chinese and Thai food can vary a lot more here but just find a restaurant that has a lot of good reviews…if you go to big standard chains, of course it’s going to be a bit meh. l’ve eaten all kinds of cuisine from your expensive fine dining to your basic stuff. Sometimes a good baked beans on toast with cheese on top or a fry up is just the ticket. Yum, yum.
  7. Did anyone see Sky’s pre match chat? As nauseating as it was, with Kieron dyer claiming Newcastle will be in top 4 within 2-3 years (didn’t explain at whose expense), they put up Everton as a bit of a reality check…they’ve spent half a billion under new owners and not even finished in the top 6.
  8. Even Roman had to wait a year to get the manager he wanted.
  9. Funnily enough the presence of some new dodgy owners in the stands can’t make amends for the sh*te players in your squad
  10. This is quite funny - even if sp*rs are the ones acting as party poopers.
  11. There is something really cringey about Amanda Staveley…
  12. The amazing thing about Man Utd’s away record was not how many games it lasted, it was how they managed to get away with it so long. That defeat has been coming for a lonnnnng time.
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