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  1. He is the only one to get a chance to play next to silva so far and look how he played tonight. We don’t know how Tomori, Christensen or Rudiger would look next to our best centre half yet. I don’t have it in for Zouma but I don’t think he’s an automatic pick or is worthy of comments like ‘he’s the best to play there’. Still hasn’t proved that after his last two games
  2. He was the weakest link again today. I blame Christensen.
  3. I’ll take that. Sevilla are a bloody good side, better than Valencia...but annoyed with our touch/passing at times. Werner disappeared in second half and we had no out ball. But far tighter at the back, bar Zouma. Important clean sheet ahead of Utd game
  4. Tough game against good opposition. Anyone who thought this would be a stroll clearly underestimated Sevilla
  5. I know what you’re getting at Because he didn’t face a physical forward but a bit simplistic to dismiss his performance because of the tactics city used. It was still Man City after all.
  6. Not suggesting Christensen isn't blameless or doesn't suffer from inconsistency, silly mistakes. He showed what he can do against Man City in July but think the west ham game came soon after to undo all the positive vibes. I was very frustrated against Liverpool last month when he played really well for 44 minutes and then just fell asleep to not only let Mane get away, but did a ridiculous rugby tackle to get sent off. I do find though he gets blamed even when he's not been at fault. Take the Southampton game for example...Zouma fcuked up for all three goals - slow to react to havertz lo
  7. I just can't see proper football fans paying to watch this crap. Just shows how football owners are so blinded by money, they don't realise what their supporters actually want. And besides, how can you improve on the entertainment the Premier League brings?! I'd rather watch Chelsea v Aston Villa every season than Chelsea v PSG.
  8. I hear aforementioned top refereeing official is doing a wonderful job to this day
  9. I'll never forget how the Cech (and Cudicini) injury was covered. It was portrayed as big bullies Chelsea picking on Reading. Even Jose moaning about the terrible medical practice in place at the stadium, which has since been improved everywhere as a result, was seen as Mourinho just moaning etc...Cech could have died FFS!
  10. In fairness to the media, the death threats etc is on quite a few back pages. A bit of a surprise given their No 1 commandment of thou shalt not criticise Liverpool
  11. police now investigating death threats/abuse made to pickford and richarlison...also seen pickford's partner has had threats too. Look forward to the front/back page headlines calling Liverpool fans a disgrace etc in the same way Chelsea's contingent of numpties are
  12. Yep I understand that and I’m pissed off it keeps happening too. Southampton’s late equaliser was a kick in the teeth. But it is going to take patience and more than one window to repair the damage of years of poor investment. Lampard needs to improve too but that’s not Surprising given he’s only been a manager for just over two years. If it goes tits up we all know what will happen to Frank but it is too early to push the panic button
  13. the level of outcry over pickford's tackle on van dijk is getting a bit mental now. yes it was a shocking tackle and a disgrace at that. but it's being treated like the first horrific challenge ever made on a footballer. As per usual, whenever the scousers are involved, things get blown out of all proportion. now you have journos/ex players calling for pickford to be banned as long as van dijk is out injured. Bonkers. And Danny Murphy had to cap it all off by saying on match of the day last night that Virgil - I was tonked 7-2 by Aston Villa a fortnight ago - Van Dijk is the best defender
  14. Can we give Lampard more than five PL games into his second season, when he's finally been able to buy some players after leading the club against expectations back into the Champions League, a bit of time FFS? Not blameless, not hapless either. Too many people focusing on all the negatives.
  15. Couldn’t believe sky pundits post match discussing whether it was a keeper error...FFS can’t a great goal be scored these days without someone trying to ruin/diminish it by looking for someone to blame? everything looks easy to stop in super slow mo and fancy gadgets.
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