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  1. Utd continue to reward failure. Good news for all the clubs competing at top of the pl and for the other cups rather than utd. Baffling decision.
  2. Kane was dropping so deep we had no-one to pass up top when we did get possession. As for saka, I thought he actually had a bit of a mare. Nothing he tried came off, which made his appointment as fifth penalty taker all the more bizarre. Was not surprised he missed it as his confidence must have been low. not blaming him or being a dick about it like some arseholes are. He’s 19 FFs
  3. I agree Mount didn’t have his best game but how much were the tactics and what his instructions were okay a part? Seemed to be like he was being used how Lampard used him a lot, as a defensive, pressing blocker rather than to get him on the ball.
  4. Sooner we ditch ‘three lions’ the better. As mentioned before I know it wasn’t originally intended to be an arrogant song but not sure the new yob generation see it that way and it seems to only galvanise the opposition, as we saw with italy players mocking us last night with ‘it’s coming to rome’.
  5. Well we reaped what we sowed in the end. We had a golden opportunity to win a tournament and unfortunately seemed more worried about losing the final than going out and grabbing it. what did we do after going 1-0 up? Very little - we had one more effort on target in 118 minutes. I would have preferred us missing out on the trophy after having a go than doing what we’ve done in so many big games over the years…men behind the ball, letting a team boss possession, go out on pens. it’s hard to knock Southgate. He has taken us to a semi and a final, a better record than any England coach I’ve seen. but he has also had the benefit of kind draws, playing so-so teams and then losing to the first good, experienced side we came up against (Croatia, Germany and Denmark don’t fit into that category this year). I expected us to play really entertaining football at the Euros with the attacking talent in the squad but we’ve been a bit meh to watch, Ukraine aside. That’s fine when results go your way, but can’t help but feel disappointed. It’s great I’ve seen us in a final yet I feel we didn’t really see England at their best throughout. thought the mindset of Southgate was telling when asked about his subs after the game and why he didn’t bring sancho and rashford on earlier…and he replied he was worried about keeping the (defensive) shape of the team. rather than trying to win it in extra time and avoiding pens, seemed to me he preferred to take chance of winning it on pens over losing it in extra time.
  6. Happy England won and a much better performance. Still don’t think we’ve played anyone that great and I include Germany and Croatia in that. Certainly shouldn’t take a win over Denmark for granted - they’re a good side. As for Southgate, hard to criticise a coach that’s winning…but must say his treatment of Chelsea’s two cl winning wing backs very odd. Left Reece out completely, ignored Chilwell on the bench even when cruising. shaw has raised his game the last one and a half games and you have to say fair play. Still think Chilwell could have done the same job, if not better, from the start of the tournament. as for Kyle Walker, it’s a good job he’s quick. Not sure what else he’s got. He was our worst player tonight, terrible on the ball and when his speed couldn’t bail him out, looked clueless defensively.
  7. If you listen to the song it came from, it’s actually very tongue in cheek and self deprecating. Basically a we’re sh*t and we know we are, but we can dream. must admit, I’m in the minority. I found the song and the chant it generated irritating when it first came out in 96 and still do. Similarly bored of the ‘please don’t take me home’ dirge.
  8. Happy with the win and we ended the game well once Grealish came on and shaw actually got forward. Not getting carried away though. We were pretty average for 70 minutes against a so-so German side and had to rely on some poor finishing from Werner (naturally) and muller.
  9. I’ve been really disappointed by England so far so not feeling much excitement about tonight. We’ve been one of the dullest teams at the tournament as Southgate tells a squad full of talent to play with the handbrake on. I just hope we are saving the best for the knockout stages.
  10. What an amazing day of football, everything that made you fall in love with the game. mind you, someone tell vicki sparks. I’m not one to bash female commentators…but fcuk me. Just watched bbc highlights and she sounded as flat as a pancake during Spain 5 Croatia 3…unbelievable. If you can’t sound excited for that, you never will.
  11. I’m mystified too. And not that I agree he’s ahead, I’d rather shaw play than a right back. We were so unbalanced. Trippier did nothing going forward and think it negatively affected Mount who is used to looking for Chilwell there. like I said earlier, I’m happy we won, but Southgate thought that was a top performance and that worries me. It wasn’t.
  12. Enjoyed itvs commentary but they’ve seemed oblivious to Ukraine’s threat…now 3-2 Netherlands 😀
  13. It was good we won the first game but surprised at the amount of plaudits the performance got against a team that isn’t as good as 2018 and had no centre forward. We had a 10-15 minute spell in the first half and created two chances in the second. I didn’t think the team was balanced, with the full backs offering nothing going forward. Kane didn’t look fit, Foden was anonymous after a promising start and Sterling wasn’t that great either, getting a bit lucky with the goal. Even mason had periods out of the game. still better to have such issues with three points in the bank. Just don’t think anyone should be getting carried away.
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