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  1. It’s probably two spots between four clubs. Leicester will be getting jittery after what happened to them last season and discipline issues might have caused issues in the camp.
  2. While it would be nice to finish above Utd, it was a bit of a long shot with so few games remaining (and after West Brom loss). them beating sp*rs is a good thing for our top 4 hopes and takes that lot a step closer to falling apart - Jose being sacked, Kane wanting out, no money due to the stadium, their temporary challenge among the big boys over - back to where they belong.
  3. Today was always going to benefit us in some way. Would prefer this one ends in a draw to give us some breathing space to one of the teams behind us.
  4. Have no sympathy for utd but never liked Son...always been that sneaky fcuker. The kind of bloke that makes out they’re nice but is slagging you off behind your back.
  5. West Ham keep getting away with it. Either their luck will continue or it will run out. Hard to call which way it will go.
  6. Have West Ham and Leicester to play in our last seven games so still in our hands
  7. Think I want two draws from today’s ‘top 4 rival’ games. Still have some optimistic hope of catching teams above us. just annoying how we are clearly one of the best 4 teams in the country now - that is when we bother to turn up (West Brom was a disgrace) - but Tuchel is having to make up so much lost ground from earlier in the season that it’s going to be touch and go until the end.
  8. They play incredibly dull football and are level with newly promoted leeds. Yet a lot of their fanbase think he’s amazing. Talk about deluded.
  9. It was going to take something to threaten the ineptitude of Chelsea’s performance...I think arsenal have genuinely threatened it just now.
  10. Well how typical of chelsea to fluff their lines. That loss was all about attitude. They turned up expecting West Brom to roll over. Shocking stuff. A reminder of why certain players just aren’t good enough to play for chelsea no matter who is in charge.
  11. Really not sure what result from arse v Liverpool will help me sleep tonight after the shambles earlier. Probably a draw. Ideally both would lose
  12. I agree with that. Still think 13-15 (not including how it imploded in last four months) is quite an underrated period of his at chelsea. Team played great football most of the time, won a lot of big games and last occasion (hopefully until now) we came close to winning the cl.
  13. Unfortunately we can’t crow too much after giving them £35m for drinkwater...offsets getting Kante off them
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