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  1. What a fcuking travesty. Although thought gers basically gave up after that penalty save. Lost all belief they could win after that. Can’t really blame them. Dominate, see Forster make save after save and fall behind to Celtic’s first shot on target which should have been ruled out for offside. Celtic Must have made deal with the devil.
  2. as things stand, i'm not too concerned with jose going there. i'm sure there will an initial bounce, I wouldn't be that surprised if we lose to them next month and their gloating support treat it like winning a cup final. but I just can't see it working. the man who moans most about signings has gone to a club that can't make signings due to the huge debt on their stadium. And his style will inevitably piss off some players...who will be their luke shaw/Pogba etc? As for poch going to utd, he's better than ole but same goes for him. he's still unproven at the highest level in the sense that he has never won anything. that squad needs a lot of work and while he will get the money to spend that he hasn't before, the pressure will be tenfold. this is not to say Chelsea are the bees knees either, but I'm happily enjoying what we're doing regardless and won't waste energy worrying about what utd and spurs are up to.
  3. Even at the end, the poch apologists in the media are out in force...no hint of criticism at all and still being lauded as this amazing coach...did he do a good job? Given Sp*rs standards, Yes. Was he faultless? Certainly not. To build that squad deserves credit...to not win a thing with it deserves scrutiny... not being able to spend was a hindrance yes, but also a blessing for him. He was never under the same pressure in the media as the other managers at the top of the table. Only this season has he come under the microscope and even then excuses were being made for him and finger pointed at levy. If he ends up at one of the big clubs he's linked with, he won't get this at his next job...one defeat and he will cop far more than he ever got at sp*rs and only then will we see if he's the real deal.
  4. Liverpool's title to lose already...with refs onside, it's hard to see them blowing it...but how hilarious it would be if they do...it's the hope that kills you..
  5. Pep's post match interview should be fun...can see him talking himself into a fine
  6. After everything has gone his way today, wtf was klopp moaning about for city's goal there? How much more do you want?
  7. Not for the first time in the last four years, I'm so glad we didn't waste £50m on John Stones...sh*te...
  8. Arsenal now won less points under Emery in 50 league games than Wenger won in his last 50...
  9. Was always going to be a tough game against a dour, defensive palace side so that makes the result all the more satisfying...Pulisic and Willian stood out attacking wise and James made zaha look like the overrated player he is...real test next up at city, but things couldn't be going any better
  10. They did in analysis, but not in great depth/outrage...and given he should have had another yellow for at least one of the two fouls he did before villa's goal, that was a red card bottled by the ref.
  11. Just seen Zaha's penalty decision that was initially given as a dive...why was I not surprised to see martin Atkinson as the referee getting the decision badly wrong in the first place - that despite having a birds eye view of the challenge...how this guy still gets put in charge of pl games is a mystery...
  12. So arse draw and spu*s lose...good day for Chelsea. Utd beating a sh*te Norwich is annoying, but still papers over the cracks
  13. Arsenal fans are the worst...turn on their team all the time...yeah they're sh*t but what good is booing your captain off going to do?

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