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  1. Liverpool won the cl in 2005 playing Klopp’s idea of anti-football. Don’t remember their fans complaining back then
  2. Wait, Morata didn’t fall over after being put through 1v1?
  3. Owen saying Liverpool are still the best team in Europe despite going out summed it up for me
  4. Can’t tell who’s more gutted - the Liverpool players and their fans or Bt sport.
  5. Are Atletico Chelsea in disguise? Reminded me of some of Chelsea’s great displays from yesteryear that
  6. What a glorious night, out of nowhere. Liverpool’s luck has run out over past two weeks. Hahahahahahhahahahahahaha
  7. It says a lot about morata that he’s still not on the pitch
  8. Costa off - didn’t look fit. Classy Liverpool fans singing their ‘elephant man’ chant
  9. I wonder what it’s like to have channels cover your games as one eyed as Liverpool get. from BBC 1, sky sports and Bt sport, the mantra is all the same
  10. Liverpool tv, i mean Bt sport, are hyping up the non-atmosphere again. Nothing compared to the noise made in the first leg
  11. Can you imagine how much the media would cream themselves if Utd played liked that - given how excited they get about Utd playing defensive football with lots of decisions going their way?

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