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  1. Like watching your favourite film of all time again and again and missed some nuances.I watched the game again and again and missed certain nuances first time round. Azpi is most effective in a back three.His last minute interventions showed he still has the brain but not the legs. Reece James has no fear,look at him again as the camera pans across the chelsea team in the lineup before the game started.He looked into the camera as if to say 'I've got this covered'(which he did). The future is bright dear friends - like the class of '92 and manure,I think we are better,we are al
  2. Watched the game again.players in the 'right place at the right' time springs to mind. The manager should take the plaudits for that?.The discipline of the team was unreal,but sometimes the players themselves just get it right amongst themselves. The cynic in me asks all sort of questions.🙂
  3. Watched the full game again.This was a masterclass by every Chelsea player and tactical genius by the manager(or did he get lucky?). We have been sublime in this tournament,where in gods name did this form come from?. We have looked average in the epl, but a completely different team in the champions league.The one thing I do know is,this is a young team that is playing for the manager and can only get better. Another mention to the referee, he was superb ...balanced, unbiased and emotional about the occasion.Contrast that to bunch of half wits we have in the EPL.
  4. Winners of the champions league again.Take a bow again this special club.
  5. I still can't believe it! though there were signs.Take the fact we dominated this competition from start to finish.
  6. I didn't want to post this,but I'm chipper after the win. I have diabetes and kidney cancer please don't feel sorry for me.I am in good shape. Look after yourselves - and I mean folk who are thinking it will never happen to me.I was a super athlete so take care friends.
  7. Haha, the board should.They should highlight the absurdity of VAR,as every team should. It is a cancer that is destroying the game. Message to me - get a f**king grip, you have too much to drink! Sorry.
  8. Mine is still on my lap.my wife is calling me dr no as I stroke it. If only she believed that the cat is influenced by me and therefore a chelsea supporter!.
  9. "The great and the(not so)good" - sh*te talkers the lot of them. I said to the wife before the game,we are being underestimated - we have proven we are a match for anyone on our day especially in this competition. She was texting someone at the time and didn't look up from her phone,however the cat jumped up on my knee - good to know someone was listening😄
  10. I also enjoyed driving to Stamford bridge in my 2.8 capri,parking a couple of streets away,downing half a dozen pints(wouldn't think about drink driving now)pay a tenner in(west stand) and see them tanked 2-6 by clough's notts forest☺
  11. There will be much discussion,rumination,analysis and statistics and other waffle by the great and the good commentators on this match. The FACT of the matter is I have watched my team of 50 years outclass both Madrid teams and make Man City look ordinary. For me this is massive.There was no luck needed in this campaign,we were simply the best team in it. Now whether we can consistently produce this form in the epl is the next hurdle,but I am hugely optimistic.
  12. Get f**king in!!!!'poor city my arse' Champions of europe and deserved. Kante is Zeus King of the gods - there is not enough superlatives to describe this human dynamo.
  13. Wrong sub.There is a player who is doing nothing that i daren't mention his name.🙂
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