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  1. We don't have the players to "compete" for a season long campaign.We have the players to win things on their day.We need a few players to consolidate what we have.
  2. Some very good points here.In truth we were outplayed.A good manager will have seen the flaws(and hopefully put them right) and not have to dissect anything. Do we have the players? - I don't think so just yet.We have players that will not cut it in the long term imo and we need to cut our losses.We can talk about formation all day,but with the squad we have we will be up and down like a fiddlers elbow.Imo we need a quality player to stand in for Kante,and a quality link up player to stand in for mount - we are threadbare in these positions.The likes of RLC,Ziyech,Jorginho, Havertz and Alonso cannot be relied upon,they are weak links,and we should cash them in imo.
  3. No disgrace to be beaten by team like city,but it's the way we played that was the most disappointing for me.All our frailties were laid bare by a very good team.Alonso,Jorginho,Werner,Kova and even Lulu looked lost at times.Don't forget we a had a physically weakened Kante,we also missed an on form Mount.Football has fine margins,and today we missed those things that would have caused a spark in our play.Did TT get it wrong?,why did he change the system?,maybe he thought he had to, given the fullyfit players he had available.We need attention to midfield as usual.Sorry but I have little confidence in Havertz or Ziyech who lack consistency,and Jorginho who plays well when surrounded by players who are playing well.TT may have got it wrong today,but I think the problem lies deeper.
  4. Poor Harry.He probably can't wait to get out of there.
  5. Timo fluffs his lines again.. yet I still like him!.
  6. Best game Silva has had for us - what a player!!.Now bring on Chilly and swap positions with Alonso for Havertz .
  7. A very good defensive performance from us - Silva,Andre and Rudiger are world class,but Havertz falls into the 'just hasn't got it' category,and joins Ziyech,Mason isn't playing well but he will come good again, of that I'm sure.
  8. I'm losing patience with Havertz - what exactly does he do? surely Timo has to be a better option.
  9. Sorry folks but Ziyech is not a player for chelsea.I have watched enough if him now to make a judgement.Put Werner on to try and stretch things, at least he has pace.
  10. Strange lineup but in TT we trust😥.I guess we will get a taste of things to come after about 15/20 minutes. By the way - come on Mayo!!.
  11. Alonso getting too far forward leaves us vulnerable at the back
  12. Watching the game with my nephew at mine.He's a pool supporter.i've advised him if there are anymore redentitions of 'you'll never walk alone' I will wring his neck ...or if chelsea lose!.
  13. I agree,of course he will make good points,after all he was a top class footballer but I just don't like him.
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