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  1. "I need help"?☺.No idea who won the double in '61.So get a life and concentrate on posting about football,end of discussion.
  2. Sorry just got this.I have been a chelsea fan since 1970, just for 'your' information.I have no idea how many times I have been banned,but from me you will get the truth and from the heart. That was a very bold statement from you - I try to bring a bit of humour to proceedings, but obviously it hasn't gone down well with you.What gives you the right to judge me when we support the same team?. We are talking about players who are muti - millionaires,so forgive me for not having a "dig".Now stop having a dig at me or anyone else that doesn't match your 'true blue' credentials - I will probably get banned now ..goodbye cruel world.
  3. This is a good Soton team 100% concentration needed.
  4. Good first half from the boys.Thomas has obviously worked on the training ground so fair play to him for shaking things up.RLC... wow! who would have thunk it.
  5. This game will show whether Thomas is progressing or he is stuck in the mud of the premiership that he has no idea.
  6. This is a crucial game for Tommy - lose and Roman will start to look for a replacement- such is the revolving door to success we take for granted.
  7. I wonder should Tuchel be in quarantine for his bizarre selections and tactics - after all he is starting to follow in the tradition of a chelsea manager losing a grip.
  8. I hope Tuchel sees that we need quite a radical change for this game.We have been absolute dogs poop in our last few games. I believe Ziyech,Havertz and Alonso should be 'rested'.There is a malaise that has crept into our game and if TT thinks it is a storm in a tea cup and plays the same old crap I will question his ability as a coach. You're only as good as your recent games. Mendy Azpi Andre Rudi Chil Kova Kante Werner Mount Cho Lulu
  9. I love the fact we are asking questions.It is the cohesive response from fans that should answer questions to the management.
  10. Top notch post especially what you say about Havertz - he is a (very) poor mans ozil. I see no future for him with us.Get rid and put it down to experience
  11. I would just like to say 'hope springs eternal'.I stated I had kidney cancer and diabetes in a previous post - turns out I was misdiagnosed with cancer ...happy days!!! - still diabetic but a mere bagatell.My wife and myself are celebrating so sorry about late posts.
  12. I agree with this and certainly your comments on Kante.It just baffles me who in gods name identifies these multi - million pound flops as premiership quality? - when you pay 50 million plus for a player you should be guaranteed a player that looks at least 'comfortable' in the premiership. In truth,we are successful because of Roman's ruthlessness - I'm just worried at the way we playing now, that means back to the drawing board again. We are close to a team that will dominate for at least a couple of years,but we are also close to a team in disarray.The next couple of games will prove TT's mettle.
  13. Yes. How do you go from playing the best football in europe, to playing like a team that look like they will be lucky to challenge for anything?.The answer I think is a squad top heavy in dead wood, and lacking in quality, when we lose a few key players. We need to bite the bullet and realise we have an overabundance of sh*te players that would sink a small ship. Sorry for being a pessimistic,but jesus if we think RLC(who has had more chances than Timo in front of goal)then we are clutching at straws - having said that miracles can happen😄
  14. After tonight I have this sinking feeling that I have had under every single manager (even the successful ones)that have sat in the dugout in Stamford bridge.This is probably an overreaction,but i really hope Thomas will change things up soon.He is playing with a bad hand at the moment and I have faith in him - but Thomas, don't let lazy talentless players bring you down,as fans we know who they are I hope you do.Better to play players who work their nuts off than players who cost a fortune and are playing on reputation alone.
  15. Oh, I forgot Timo should play more often - at least he tries.
  16. This.The problem we have is quality creative players in midfield.People who think this a blip should worry.Thomas should be burning the midnight oil before the game at the weekend,to find a solution to our dreadful slow attacking play.Let's face it we are easy to defend against without Mount,Kante and even Reece. If TT keeps playing Havertz,Ziyech,Alonso and Jorginho in the same system,be prepared for turgid football and more defeats until we have a fully fit team.We have shown we don't have the strength in depth we thought we had. Lulu is feeding on scraps - we know he is not the most gifted of players,but give him enough chances and you will get a good return imo.Thomas needs a bit of lateral thinking,and I would start with benching Havertz,Alonso and Ziyech - start with CHO, Chilly and RLC - it's easy they can do no worse.
  17. Players not available will greatly weaken the team.I would play Werner all day over Ziyech or Havertz but that's just a personal thing.Chilwell for Alonso as well for me - where is the supply for Lulu coming from? Anyway,if the football is half as good as what was produced by PSG and city last night I will be pleasantly surprised.
  18. We don't have the players to "compete" for a season long campaign.We have the players to win things on their day.We need a few players to consolidate what we have.
  19. Some very good points here.In truth we were outplayed.A good manager will have seen the flaws(and hopefully put them right) and not have to dissect anything. Do we have the players? - I don't think so just yet.We have players that will not cut it in the long term imo and we need to cut our losses.We can talk about formation all day,but with the squad we have we will be up and down like a fiddlers elbow.Imo we need a quality player to stand in for Kante,and a quality link up player to stand in for mount - we are threadbare in these positions.The likes of RLC,Ziyech,Jorginho, Havertz and Alonso cannot be relied upon,they are weak links,and we should cash them in imo.
  20. No disgrace to be beaten by team like city,but it's the way we played that was the most disappointing for me.All our frailties were laid bare by a very good team.Alonso,Jorginho,Werner,Kova and even Lulu looked lost at times.Don't forget we a had a physically weakened Kante,we also missed an on form Mount.Football has fine margins,and today we missed those things that would have caused a spark in our play.Did TT get it wrong?,why did he change the system?,maybe he thought he had to, given the fullyfit players he had available.We need attention to midfield as usual.Sorry but I have little confidence in Havertz or Ziyech who lack consistency,and Jorginho who plays well when surrounded by players who are playing well.TT may have got it wrong today,but I think the problem lies deeper.
  21. Poor Harry.He probably can't wait to get out of there.
  22. Timo fluffs his lines again.. yet I still like him!.
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