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  1. Won the league - successWon the league and cup - success We should have supported him, not sacked him. Very disappointed in Roman.
  2. A large number of journalists really dislike us, either because of Abramovich or Mourinho. They will take every opportunity to gloat over our misfortunes and put the boot in where they can. I'd like to give more than few a good slap. I'd piss myself if we somehow nicked the league. If not, then come on City.
  3. I still find him a bit of a conundrum. He does some brilliant things but at other times he looks a bit lost. In particular, he looks very uncomfortable when he is pressed on the ball. Usually, out on the right. He has a tendency to dither and then play it back to Cech. I'm not sure he is a natural leader.
  4. Perhaps we should just call the thread "Cahill can be excellent if played with the right partner and in the right system" Last night he excelled. Against West Ham he didn't. Why? Because he didn't have to do the same job. He will never be as good as JT because he isn't as good a footballer. JT is massively underrated for his passing and overall technical ability on the ball. If you need someone to defend deep and put himself on the line then Cahill is your man. Just don't give him the ball to feet, especially if he's under a bit of pressure.
  5. I think you'd be very wrong about that. He does features and comments for the Guardian and is a bit of a sarcie bar steward. He is on the Football Weekly Pod from time to time. I don't think I'd mention him in the same breath as Martin Samuel in terms of quality journalism!
  6. I agree that Rogers is doing a good job and he is a smart young manager from the Mourinho stable. But I'd be really surprised if they make the top 4 this year. There is too much strength and experience ahead of them. They may challenge for 4th but I have them down in 6th behind Arsenal and Utd.
  7. Not many, but the best will. It changes the whole dynamic of a game if the opposition are concerned that the centre half can bring the ball out of defence.
  8. I agree that he is quicker than JT - but then who isn't? Not sure about Iva, but that's not really the point. He doesn't have the pace or mobility of Carvalho or Gallas. A large part of our success defensively was down to having centre half who complimented each other rather than duplicated. Terry and Cahill and Ivanovic will never make a good centre half pairing which ever way you spin it. You haven't seen forwards getting in behind him? I saw it on Sunday and there are lots of other occasions too. I'm not saying he can't control a football. I'm saying that the opposition are qui
  9. There is no way he is better on the ball than Terry. If you believe that then you clearly haven't been watching Terry play for the last 13 years.
  10. JT plays left centre back and that is Luiz's preferred side as well.
  11. I have two problems with Cahill, actually, three problems. One is he lacks pace. This is a problem because so do JT and Ivan. It might seem unfair to pick on him for something which is a failing in others too, but we can't have two slow centre backs and play the way we are trying to. Given that JT should still be first choice when fit that means Cahill can't play alongside him. Secondly, he is poor on the ball. Teams are very happy to let him have the ball because he does nothing with it. We need at least one centre back who can be relied upon to bring the ball out if teams are
  12. I haven't given up on him yet. He played pretty well last year. The problem this season is that he is more exposed (along with the rest of our defence) and hasn't had the experience and leadership of JT and Frank around him.
  13. Not a big fan of Hayward to be honest, but it's hard to disagree with his general point. Oops, I see I'm not the only one who feels like that!
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