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  1. f**king prick move from Ramos, he knew exactly what he was doing. I hate Real Madrid.
  2. So really, if we're finishing 5th our only hope is for Liverpool and Arsenal to win their competitions.
  3. "Bin Dipping" is a slang term for people so poor they have to "Dip" into bins/trash cans for food. Liverpool fans have a reputation for being impoverished and the city of Liverpool itself has it's fair share of problems associated with socio-economic deprivation. Therefore, the name "Dippers" has stuck.
  4. God damn, they're getting away with it here. Off the line...
  5. Holy f**k... Sky Sports just said that Arsenal have had NO SHOTS ON TARGET. f**king hell, that's sad.
  6. If we somehow snatch Alexis Sanchez... My god the meltdown. Ozil will go to Dortmund. Chamberlain will come to us. Sanchez will either come to us or Manchester City, no way in f**king hell is he staying.

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