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  1. I know what you mean Andy and I thought Pedro actually did pretty well considering he's barely played since the restart. But I was looking at it from Hudson-Odoi's point of view. Not only is he left out of the starting line-up when willian is injured, but is brought on after a guy who is leaving. This is not me saying he's been playing well enough to warrant lots of minutes, but I don't think all is well between the two of them. it can't be
  2. Worryingly cup final was another example of teams targeting his side and it working. Doesn’t help that Tariq lamptey has looked more impressive And made more of an impact for Brighton than James has at chelsea
  3. Top talent, he’s better than I thought. But and it’s a big but, it is worrying how he keeps getting injured
  4. Bit surprised Christensen is getting pelters after cup final. Not saying he’s not deserved criticism this season and in recent games, but he wasn’t to blame For either goal and actually made some key blocks, tackles.
  5. Well what a load of bollox. We have somehow contrived to lose to a bang average arsenal side in the cup final again. I was pleased Lampard didn’t go too much down the ref was sh*t line and injuries too. Instead he had a go at the way they stopped playing about 15 minutes in and he was right. We let them off the hook. I’m going to contradict myself though by saying aubameyang did the pro thing of staying on his feet long enough till he got in the area before flopping to the floor, something arsenal players did all Day. Haven’t seen a team flop and moan to the ref as much as that for a while. Every challenge. But then if the ref is so sh*t to give you everything, why not? thought we actually did quite well in the second half - Arse restricted to a few counter attacks but that was enough. Once Pulisic went off, we had no scary threat. Lastly, what kind of message has Hudson-Odoi been sent that Lampard would rather bring on an ageing Pedro who is about to leave rather than him? All is not well there me thinks
  6. When some were losing their heads over a defeat, I kept saying keep calm, this is chelsea, it is never smooth, it will go to final day. I was right - up until kick-off on Sunday and then it was remarkably comfortable and easy - totally not in keeping with the drama of last 11 months. chelsea deserved it though. In top four since October despite all the obstacles of injured players and not signing anybody...plus having the sh*ttest keeper in the league and players that couldn’t defend set pieces 😀 the exciting thing is now champions league is in the bag again, we have the cash to spend even more in the market and get more of the signings we want. If we can just add a top centre back, keeper and left back - that’s a lot to ask I know given they’re clearly going for Havertz too - chelsea will be well and truly a force again
  7. weird game. As always, feels like we gifted the opposition goals and didn't score as many as we should have from all the good football played. Liverpool weren't that great but therein lies the concern...they didn't have to be great to score five times!!! Well, I'm not going to be too down about it. If someone had offered this scenario, needing a point at home in the last game to get top 4, I would have taken it. Let's just hope Chelsea can get their act together at both ends of the pitch. It's felt written in the stars that it would come down to the wolves match. Chelsea would never be so kind to do it with a game to spare!
  8. That’s a different thing altogether and I know where you’re coming from. Enjoy the win yes, but no good beating Utd if we lose to arsenal like we did in 2017. Also this team can go from one extreme to another and it’s vital they maintain standards set today against Liverpool and Wolves to secure top 4 spot.
  9. Frank has got a lot right this season, but he nearly fcuked up well and truly with Giroud. He was close to going in January after bizarrely being ignored for months. Tammy was playing well but he overplayed him and Batshuayi at giroud’s expense. luckily a move didn’t come off in January cos our pl and fa cups have hinged a lot on giroud’s Great form.
  10. If you’re miserable after that win, there’s no hope for you
  11. Shout out to players that have come under criticism from me and others. People like Kovacic, Jorginho, Alonso, the centre backs, reese James...everyone in starting XI played well today. Giroud my man of the match. Just as he did v Liverpool, roughed up their centre backs.
  12. Small beer as we are about to win a big game and had a great Sunday given Leicester result..but fcuk me...Hudson-Odoi has been awful. This kid better wake up before the start of next season.
  13. Even when chelsea dominate, they give away chances from set pieces. That’s two this half
  14. Brainless from Rudiger that. Don’t gift them a way back ffs
  15. For the last five months, before and after lockdown, Giroud has shown Abraham what it takes to be a centre forward. Hope he’s been taking notes
  16. Looks like definite game plan of utd’s. Go down near the box at every opportunity - win this on set pieces
  17. Ref still giving Utd a free kick every chance he gets
  18. Ref favouring Maguire in every duel with giroud
  19. Worry is where the creativity is going to come from in this team
  20. Made that mistake in 2017 and lost to the arse

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