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  1. Explain to me how did Mourinho fail with Robben, Johnson, Joe Cole and Mikel again? they all enjoyed a successful period with Mourinho, Joe Cole turned in to a world beater thanks to Mou, he worked his ass off for the team, Robben was injured a lot and even played some great football with Mourinho when healthy, he was allowed to express himself, Johnson wanted more playing time so he left the club, i never really rated him that high, see his record in Liverpool, Mikel is a top professional and a class player, never complains and is always there when the team needs him, one of the players i respect most, he was turned into a defensive midfielder by Mou, when many people complained he had the qualities to be a offensive midfielder, so what? is Mikel ruined because of that? i don´t think so, he contibuted a lot to the team during the years and is an important member of the squad. Hazard is a lazy punk and needs to man up, a lot to learn and grow some huge balls first to even be mentioned in the same breath and class as Robben, Duff, Joe Cole, Zola, Flo, etc who all have played their hearts out for the club, no matter what. Mou clearly got the best out of his players, it´s not his fault that this current lot lack balls, respect, mentality, passion, desire, fight and hunger.

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