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  1. Havent been on this forum for a while. Certainly expected more positivity towards Frank! The last few games have shown real signs of promise and our defensive woes have disappeared since Kepa went out of the side... Not hard to work out how bad he was for us
  2. Lukaku for me falls into the category of players I regret us letting go. Given that our alternative at the time was Torres, then Morata, I would have happily had Lukaku for those years instead.
  3. 1. Robinho. So much hype, thought we had him then he went to City and shortly after, his career took a nosedive. 2. Shevchenko. What an incredible player in his prime, then came here and just... nothing. Torres for similar reasons too probably, although I wasnt as excited about him. 3. Falcao. And then.... we f**king did it anyway??? Wayne Rooney comes to mind too. Not because he wasnt a great player, but you could see his career slowing when we were linked and he wouldnt give us what we needed at the time, which was a 20 goals a season striker. 4. Ashley Cole. Nothing to do with his qua
  4. Not to mention he is American. The merchandising possibilities from the US alone increase his value. Football is still growing there and to have a truly world class American would be worth a fortune in years to come, not to mention that it strengthens our club ties to the US even more, making him more valuable to us.
  5. More like 120 for Kante and -20 if you take Kepa off our hands 🤣
  6. Still a work in progress. New GK could be key. I dont see us competig at the level of liverpool and city (especially if Messi comes) so we will be in the second tier battle along with the newly revived United and Arsenal. Interesting to see 3 superpower clubs all seeming to be on the verge of returning to greatness at the same time. If we can get 3rd and top the other 2 next season, I think we are set to become the new dominant force once Citys team falls off the cliff and Liverpool lose klopp and/or salah. United and Arsenal will both feel the same, although neither have strengthened as well
  7. My favourite signing of the summer so far. Brings experience and leadership, which have been sorely lacking in our backline. He's a fierce competitor and that drive should be a shining example to our young squad. He will strengthen our backline immeasurably if he performs as he has done the last few years. Between him and Dave we now have two strong leaders who won't allow standards to drop. Too hard for Azpi to do it all from RB last season, but now with another marshal at the back, I think we will be much improved. A commanding Gk would complete the set.
  8. 8/10 so far. Ziyech, Werner and Silva are outstanding signings for me. Chilwell definitely a big improvement in the left back area and will improve as he matures. Need a quality GK to make it a 10/10. Could also do with selling a few fringe players to keep the squad mentality competitive and get back some of our outlay this year.
  9. Willian has had a very good career with us. not excellent, but very good. He has the talent to have had a bigger impact, but he wasnt a bad signing by any stretch of the imagination. When we had our atrocious season in Jose's last spell, Willian was one of the only players you could point to as stepping up and performing despite teammates around him downing tools. His form after lockdown was also hugely important in helping us get top 4 this season. not sure how many goals he contrbuted to, but it was quite a few. Overall I think Willian deserves to be respected and remembered as a good p
  10. This season if you nipped to the loo you might well leave with us 1 up and come back and see us losing!
  11. Really tough one. Pulisic has delivered the most 'magic' this season, Mount has had an outstanding breakthrough season. I voted Azpi for his consistency and leadership all season. he has been, as always, a consistent 7/10 performer. Provided plenty of assists again and has been our only defender that we can rely on.
  12. 37 games by my reckoning. Clearly one of, if not the, first names on the teamsheet. In a team that has seen rotation in almost every position, that is pretty incredible. Only Azpi and Mount have had guaranteed starting positions throughout the season. Add Pulisic and Giroud to that with their post lockdown form but Mount is clearly one of the stars of this team.
  13. The criticism of Mount is strange. I cant pretend to understand it really. He forces the team press better than anyone else and sets a good tempo. Not sure who people think would be a better option.
  14. Can't fault that line-up. Back 3/5 again, Pulisic back starting, Cab in for Kepa and Big Oli up top. Love it. More confident now than I was before. JUST AVOID DEFEAT!!!
  15. Oh come off it. I'd kill to have Henderson in our midfield. Any news on whether Kante will be fit for tomorrow?
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