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  1. Ability wise our squad is in the top 4 in the league. Mentally we're probably in the bottom 3. Where are the leaders? Who turns things around on the pitch? Who holds the rest of the team accountable? I dont see it.
  2. Some real nonsense in here. Kante is the greatest defensive midfielder ever? Makelele literally had the position named after him he was that good. Sarri had the worst start out of all our managers? Pretty sure he set a record for his winning/undefeated streak at the beginning. Dont rewrite history. Personally Im disappointed that we don't appear to be making progress, and playing Kante out of position is a big frustration for me too, but some of what you've written is absurd. What identity has Chelsea had for the last few years? It's not that Sarri has taken it away, it's the constant changing of managers and 'philosophies', its the risk-free strategy of buying players and loaning them out if they dont make an impact, it's the constant turmoil that surrounds our club. Thats why we dont have an identity. It's not the guy whos only been here for 7/8 months. The problems are what theyve always been. Short term thinking, short term solutions and no long term plan. Losing highly capable youngsters as our managers dont dare play them when theyre in danger of being sacked, all of this has happened before. The squad are comfortable. They know when they dont like the manager they can just down tools for a while and get someone new in. Zero heart in tough times, which has been the theme for years now. So much needs changing at this club, the manager is the easy option and the one most likely, but in reality the board need to look at how they run things and consider the role the playing squad has on our huge downturns in form every so often. It cant keep happening like this, and yet, the trophy haul suggests it will continue to anyway
  3. Right... so when you said it was only Hazard that got blamed, you were ignoring the fact that everybody also blamed the rest of the team then. Good. Not sure if you're Hazard's PR manager, but you certainly seem obsessed with his image among the supporters. If some supporters dislike him, so what? It doesnt mean theyre not 'real' fans. Don't take it personally.
  4. So you didnt see the criticism for Ivanovic, fabregas, costa, matic, courtois then? Everybody was criticised last year, not just hazard
  5. Who said it was all Hazard's fault?
  6. Ive never hated him but i certainly like him a lot less now than i did before last season. he wasn't willing to fight when the chips were down and that says more about a mans character than a guy who plays well in a team that is performing. No amount of good performances will ever undo that season in my eyes, but everyone is different. we dont all have to love everyone who pulls on the blue shirt
  7. Expect, or hope for? I think with regards to hazard im done with 'expecting' anything. I always hope he plays his best, but i don't expect it anymore. He just doesnt deliver enough
  8. The key bit is IF the job is going well. yes we were winning and Costa scored, but if he is not doing what the manager wants him to be doing then he isnt doing his job. A new manager means a new way of playing, so all players will need to be open to adapting. It's all very well and good Costa thinking he is playing well, but if he isn't playing the way the rest of the team are set up to play then he's obviously going to anger Conte. I think it's a storm in a teacup personally, but it is a worry that Costa disrespects the management so blatantly. Just get your head down, work hard and shut up.
  9. Not according to Frank Lampard. In his autobiography he wrote about the team talk given the night before we played Liverpool on the last day of the season where we needed to win to get into the Champions League. It was made clear to the players that failure to win the game would probably mean the end of their careers at Chelsea as they would need to be sold for the club to survive. That team talk fired the players up and we went out to win. I doubt Lampard would have exaggerated that much in his telling of the story.
  10. If we stick with our 3/5 at the back formation (which all evidence suggests we should) where will Dave fit in? Zouma HAS to play when he is fit, and presumably he would take the right sided centre back role. JT should fill the centre spot then I would presume Luiz would be left sided CB. With Moses playing so well at wing back i dont see where Dave will feature in our first choice 11? Arguably he could go back to the left and play instead of Luiz there, but I don't think that is likely. I hope this isnt the beginning of the end of Dave in our first team. He's been tremendous over the last few years, even playing in a supposedly unpreferred position. Cracking player and i hope he stays in the team, but you've gotta do what's best by the team and zouma, jt and luiz boasts a back 3 withgreat strength and aerial ability, with pace to cover both flanks too.
  11. It's great to support the manager financially but for gods sake do it in a sensible way. Why spend so much money on a player who will probably start to decline in about 3 years time? We really need to sort out our transfer strategy. It's just a joke at the moment.
  12. I'd even take Tibo and Hazard out of that list. Costa has just about redeemed himself to a point where I'm happy to keep him, but i don't think i'll ever love him. But in general, i agree wih you. Last year broke my affection and relationship with most of these players. I just don't care for them the same way I cared for most of our other groups of players over time
  13. How did we do it before then? Our league has always been competitive and we've never had a winter break. But our record in europe was always very good until the last couple of seasons. I think it's just a lack of quality and experience. City is the only squad in our league that can match the top teams, and they don't have great european experience as a group, or individually.
  14. Coxy15


    In fairness, he did narrow it down somewhat. He saw it on the internet. How specific do you want him to be? ;) I think Willian is best playing through the middle. I think he played there against Liverpool one time and i finally thought i saw the player we paid 30 mil for. His key asset is his ability to accelerate at incredible speed, and when he plays in the middle he can help us transition from defence to attack at lightning speed. He's so good at breaking past 1 player and into open space. I think he's better at beating a man in the midle too where he has more space/options to glide past players than when he is stuck on the wing and has the by-line/touchline as a second defender hemming him in
  15. That's his point. That our top teams aren't top teams in Europe. Only at domestic level. 10 years ago we were getting 3 teams in the champs league semis. Now we're lucky to get 1 through to the Quarter Finals
  16. In fairness, if you're going to make up a Chelsea rumour then there are 2 options which are pretty believable. Option 1) Chelsea are sending player X on loan, joining the other 34257 loanees. Option 2) Chelsea manager on brink of the sack
  17. He did well. He ran with pace at the defence, far more direct than any of our other wingers are and it's great to see. He did misplace a LOT of passes though. Numerous times he tried to pass inside to Costa or Hazard and gave the ball away. Needs to take a bit more care with his passing
  18. And 1 was a foul, so... 1. Still joint-first i guess
  19. None of us would know but probably not true as it's in the Express.
  20. haha oh come on. You can't just ignore the 18 months he spent putting in the groundwork to get them to the top of the league in the first place. Maybe he did cause them to lose form after that point, but you can't take that in isolation and discredit the fact that he took a team that scraped top 4 and turned them into title winners within 2 years. You also conveniently ignored Mourinho's overall outstanding record against Wenger to focus on the 1 season when he didn't get the upper hand over Arsenal. You can't pick and choose which bits of history fits your own viewpoint. Either provie a balanced argument for your views or don't bother
  21. I think Tibo is a better keeper than Varane...
  22. We've been trying to sign defender for 18 months now since we f**ked up the Stones bid last summer. This is not news. We know what we need but so far our transfer department has failed spectacularly. I used to laugh at United's inability to buy a decent goalkeeper after the Schmeichel years. year on year it was obvious they needed a reliable keeper and they kept getting duds (bosnich, barthez, van der gouw, carroll). Now it seems we are going through the same process. Everybody in world football knows what we need, but despite being a huge club in a good location with great wages on offer... we haven't been able to lure 1 world class defender since we signed Ashley Cole. What does that say?
  23. Likewise, we could do without trying to push others over the edge like Lamps and JT. It's one extreme or the other. Why can't we use a bit of good judgement here and there???

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