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  1. My bad but I'm not surprised haha!
  2. The biggest thing that annoys me is this has always been Tibo's plan. If he had any form of long term commitment to chelsea he would have moved his family to London, the kids are young, it's not like they will have a culture change at that age. He's played the club and used it to attempt to increase his reputation so that he could force a move to real. I have no issue with a player wanting to move to real, but the way he has played Chelsea is the highest insult and the kids story I think is just to make him look less bad. Absolute mug
  3. I think this would be a massive signing but not necessarily the right one for the development of the youth team. Zaha is a class player and carries Palace, He can play both wings, but he is at his best on the left wing so would be second fiddle to Hazard, which pushes him to the right adding more competition there, it sends the wrong message to Hudson Odoi pushing him further down the pecking order, all in all with 6 wingers competing for 2 places, unless we use the false 9 situation, but I don't think we will. Willian and Pedro both really suit Sarri's style of play and they both still have a couple of years in them, so I do think he would be a very strong signing for Chelsea, I don't think he's a necessary one. At the moment our strikers look weak, I want to back Morata and I am optimistic he will show his worth, but he doesn't have a great attitude, at least Torres showed he wanted to get better. I think it's our weakest area and has been demonstrated last season and so far in pre season with our good build up play but awful finishing.

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