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  1. Thought he just owned the midfield last night, not really pressured, and controlled it at his tempo.
  2. Absolutely, hardly made any real mistakes, and so many clean sheets, he is an exceptional keeper, next season he'll rival any one in the PL.
  3. I wouldn’t mind having a near £250 million windfall (Sancho-Haaland) if I was Dortmunds CEO, could get some proper newbies to challenge for the Bundesliga with that wedge, Chuck in CHO, who is potentially as good as Sancho, and bobs your uncle 😜😜😜
  4. Hopefully Chelsea see sense and don’t use him as a make weight in a deal being muted, he is class and potentially our future🤔🤔🤔
  5. One half chance, one goal for Germany very deft finish as well
  6. Horrendous tackle on him forced a substitution though😲
  7. Billy really enjoying his afternoon runabout, spraying passes around like a vintage Hoddle, and nearly just scored...
  8. Except he’s got a CL winner’s medal with us, probably to old now though
  9. I like him, always thought, if he got a big club he'd score bags of goals, great around finisher, that would only get better i reckon
  10. He did score a few crackers, and one of the best headers i've ever seen, oh and that Barca moment.....
  11. I never said he was awesome for us, his time at Liverpool was though, check my punctuation.
  12. There is a thing on Skysports called ‘premier league legends’ or something featuring yes Legends, on it Torres 90% at liverpool You watch it and remember why Roman became obsessed, he was f**king awesome, lost his pace and power, and looked like he never trusted himself again, odd sparks, but it’s a great watch if you just love football
  13. I think its become a bit of a 'Blur' for him atm
  14. "Confidence is a preference for the habitual voyeur of what is known as Strikers life"
  15. I've said his name twice now Patson Daka,, he is lightning and lethal, albeit at RB Salzburg, but if clop is sniffing your welcome..
  16. We just have to be smart, and go to toe with City or whoever, but maybe Tuchel has another option we aren't aware of, We could get ings, who i think is the same sort of player as kane, he's excellent in front of goal, i think we need more goals from midfield tbh, Sancho back to london, And that dude from Monaco, who Cesc recommends, hopefully we do a proper chopping of what Tuchel deems surplus, i wouldn't be surprised to see Werner go, or Pex him for someone, unless we play 2 up top?
  17. f**king spot on mate, This could be sorted now, Haaland is just on his Jollies atm... Also i think we have Utd hopping, knowing whoever they go for, we go for their other prime targets??
  18. Well thats not this year is it, that history, gone, finito, what are we doing now Striker wise, its what we all want, sign Haaland now and show that intent to compete for the PL next season...
  19. As now holders of the prestigious 'Champions of Europe', we should be looking to steal from the top table, it would be brilliant for Chelsea to put out a statement of intent, like Cities chairman did, in fact i've heard nothing from the Chelsea hierarchy, except seeing Romans grinning like a big Russian 'Fat Cat'...face
  20. Defiitely a Striker, especially after Lukaku re-buffed us, no great mystery as to why, so hopefully Marina et al have a cunning plan B..
  21. You know i never even checked what thread this was, i thought it was the match thread from Saturday night,😅
  22. It could be like an initiation, if they prove unworthy, we bully and Heckle till they comply or Leave......Jeez thats sounds bit Fascist, lol
  23. Contacts my friend, but i think we are secretly all a member, just you've been outed, so lets form a page for members and Socks eh...
  24. Actually i meant 'Sock love' after someone let slip your fetish and film library, such as.. The joy of Sex 50 shades of Socks Debbie does Socks Deap socks ??? Socks in the City.....🤣
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