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  1. Mate its a forum, your views as valid as anyone, like i said in my previous post Frank there to be Praised/Slated whatever
  2. Ha, ha you spotted my error, i was hoping with a complete new defensive line, Simples bring, Cech, Ricky, JT, Cole, and Brana out of the Cryogenic Chamber Roman had them put in, we need you boys, lol
  3. Thats a brilliant post mate, it feels dishonourable to Slate a man, who as a player, is the best to wear our Dark Blue, but his Ego has put him on a platform to be shot at by his haters, but also from his most devoted fans as well, come on Frank sort it, even it it means breaking up your backroom staff, him and Jody are still relatively Virginal in the PL managerial stakes, but the clock will be ticking. KTBFFH
  4. So who sets the tactics, or do the players just start playing and re-acting to what they see? Why we took our foot off the gas when were cruising at 1-0, something in our mentality, which shows lack of leadership on the pitch, JT would of been constantly encouraging and and talking, like Ballack as well, where's the leadership?
  5. i just read, the lamps doesn't see Ake as someone that will help Aeriallyat the back, as he's only 5'9"
  6. I said before get the best back (JT), he might be a coach at Villa, but all tactics were down to D.Smith, if JT couldn't pass on how to defend, set up, Tactics, then shoot me. he simply was the best defender....
  7. Now i played a bit and understand football tactics pretty bloody well, how many times did it take for Lamps to spot, playing so high, that ball from luiz predominantly over the top to Auba or Maitland-Niles, must have been 5 or 6 times, everyone watching knew if Aubameyang got it right, no one was catching him or stopping him. reminded me of that Arsenal game under Villas-Boas where RVP destroyed our back line and our high press, lamps sets the tactics??
  8. Well if it wasn't crystal clear where our problems lay, todays defence showed it to its fullest.
  9. FA CUP Final, glorious saturday in Aug (LoL), on the BBC, and Cold beers to go, KTBFFH (3-1)
  10. Seriously if you were only to watch the shootout after 3 pens, you'd of got great odds of that Bayern would do an 'England', and capitulate. love Ash's comment to that cocky interviewer "England don'r lose to Germany on pens", Ash' Razor sharp reply, "They do now", the best mic drop ever.......
  11. Absolutely colossal, watching them pens, Drogba to seal it, but David luiz' rocket the pressure on the dude already looking at 2-0 down, balls of steel
  12. its on ITV 4 now, penalties about to commence i'm as nervous now as i was back in 2012....
  13. Interesting , with two starters i haven't seen us linked with?, nonetheless not bad, Zouma definitely wouldn't be in my Starting XI, puts the Don in Donkey imho..
  14. JT, get polishing ya boots laddie, there's some business to sort down cobham way..
  15. The Sun do say, and i quote "Bournemouth will now have to inform his former club Chelsea that they have accepted an offer for Ake"
  16. The Sky Sports channel, they are conveniently neglecting to say if we have first dibs in a buy back clause?
  17. Interesting, i think he'd be excellent at LB, if Pep thinks he's good enough, hopefully we would.
  18. Is Gallagher back with Chelsea, or is he going on loan, same age as Mount so hopefully he gets his chance, Maka likes him as well..
  19. I think the Sun, or mail have given 5 team formations, and only one looks decent, i think to get more expensive players in after havertz, kante could be sacrificed, no one else could command still such a hefty fee? https://www.thesun.co.uk/sport/football/12255966/chelsea-havertz-transfer-werner-ziyech/
  20. A great Bit on SS about Werner wanting to lead the New Chelsea, like Drogs did back in the day, seems plenty of mutual admiration between Timo and Franky
  21. Seen a few pros saying we should look at John stones, as ball playing defender, i think Pep has tretedhim sh*te, what with his other crap defenders, the lad has lost that confidence, you don't suddenly become sh*t...
  22. I put them behind Havertz only to show i'd play Havertz as the No10 playmaker role, but they are def fwd players
  23. I was thinking Young Kepa, had a chance, but he's only a kid, i think you should petition frank to have him (Carlo) more visible😇

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