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  1. I'd currently have..Christensen- Silva- Rudiger, with James as his protection and attacking outlet on the right, Dave is still handy, but seems to be more Defensively minded as he ages...
  2. Christensen oozes that Scandinavian class, needs to find a bit more Viking steel, but I’ve been an admirer for ages, and knew with some inner belief there is a top top player lurking...
  3. Immense today, storming fwd, aggressive with fwd intent.
  4. f**k you Neville, it originally came off greenwood ffs.....
  5. Get Kante to Marshall Fernandes, Werner to play through the middle, or in two with Giroud on the shoulder of Maguire or Lindelof, Cho v Shaw will be intriguing, Christensen over zoom, play 3-5-2....
  6. Its shame he is in his latter years, and Bayern would never sell, but with out doubt the best striker in the world for the last 36 month is Lewandowski, the guy is phenomenal, and his stats are right there with Leo, and CR7
  7. I think it will transpire that he sees Chelsea as a living breathing collection, that he has been able to indulge some his vast wealth in, he could walk away tomorrow, with nearly 20 rs of involvement, not down on his fortune, and say thanks it was a blast, but i think he'll eventually let his eldest son Arkadiy take the reins..
  8. Our team is crying out for some creativity, Get Grealish and Haaland, we will score more than we concede, seemples..
  9. Just gives you an excuse, if ever one was needed, to marvel at the absolute Worldie from Ramires, in the best 5 goals I have ever seen?
  10. With 38 goals for Leipzig, i genuinely didn't see an issue with him settling and reproducing the same form for us?
  11. Looking at his highlight reel on YT, does Oli ever score ordinary goals, they all seem a bit special, he really is a scorer of great goals...
  12. What are the chances he could be like Werner in the PL, there was absolutely no sign prior to his arrival, that he wouldn't fire like he did for Leipzig?
  13. On top of his 450 million on his new boat, glad he is still raking it in, since he has been Chelsea owner, i have never seen his value fluctuate much, ha aint down after nearly twenty yrs of serious world class investing...
  14. I remember Azpi and his crossing to Morata, has he forgot how to cross the ball with his advancing years???
  15. Has Simeone had some defending advice from Big Sam, or Pullis, i expected more from Atleti..
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