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  1. Not pies again FFS, i haven't has a decent one since Ayresome park back in the 90s
  2. Huffed and puffed, Havertz looked very composed, Pulisic and Chilwell oozed class.
  3. Excellent first half, dominating play and not allowing Villa to settle, Grealish having a stinker, which is proof of our play..
  4. Havertz needs to study Grealish, and to watch how he dominates his Teams play, this is what i ultimately want him to become for us.
  5. You're good, and flattery might illicit a response, Ballacka ahhhh, back when we had wonderful midfielders
  6. And i don't want no Nazi breakfast heads saying it this and only this.......🤣
  7. Boy i'm missing a plate of that from my local cafe, as long as their is loads of Black pudding, and big fat mushrooms? Damn you Covid restrictions.
  8. To quote Bricktop, " You are on thin ****ing ice, my pedigree chums, and I shall be under it when it breaks!"
  9. Tonight Matthew, 'I'll be steering clear of the 'Chelsea match Chat', for mine and your sanities....
  10. I Think 'Turbo Timo' needs to change to NOS, upgrade needed
  11. This is a Deja vu thread off the West ham game, and my points are even more pressing now, we were sh*te against them, this is whiteness off the scale, and Poch will be off to PSG, who now in the chelsea revolving door of Managers???
  12. I know, we are 3 nil down, lets bring on Havertz, and totally kill his confidence, WTFF Frankie?
  13. Yea that much is true, but this thread is hardly ever positive, even if we win handsomely, lol
  14. f**k you, this is the match day forum, some old Shed heads on here, venting is their right..🙃
  15. We look slow and sluggish, not often you see Reece being owned, Werner feeding off mere scraps, Kante being crowded by young fast legs.......hmmmmmmm
  16. And when he did that, he nearly broke the bar, just shows when your luck is out, its right out..
  17. We will just persist with Werner out on the right, because frank will play Tammy or Olly through the middle, this will just exacerbate the growing Werner enigma, let alone what to do about Kai ?
  18. It would, but he can't exactly change much in midfield, would Rice make a difference, not sure, so a rotation of what he's got, ado know we do look more solid with kante, but we seem to have problems even getting it to our midfield?
  19. Bring on the Haters, Frank is showing he is way out of his depth, that performance, barring an oh so lucky win, we were absolute sh*te, Zouma might be good at heading a ball ,or scoring the odd goal, but, he'd be awesome in one of Big Sams old Bolton teams, just pass the ball fwd not back to Silva or Mendy.....
  20. I'm just observing from a distance, i Kowtow to know one....
  21. That was unlucky by Werner, nearly smashing the Bar....
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