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Christian Eriksen

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Daniel Levy insists Tottenham are 'not scared' of selling Christian Eriksen to a Premier League rival in January



Now, two years ago, I'd jump at that chance. I haven't watched Spuds regularly lately but whenever I did he looked like the shell of his former self, Which is odd, because at 27 he should be in his prime. Is it due to being unhappy being kept against his will by Levy or has he lost his form or both? At his best Eriksen's a top creative midfielder the likes of which we haven't had since Cesc. This certainly looks like ManU kind of a transfer.

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2 minutes ago, abramovich said:

His contract ends at the end of the season. Jose has no say in it and Levy will be forced to sell to the highest bidder. 

We bid £40m for Modric and it got rejected, Spurs sold him to Real in the same summer for £30m. I don't think he will have to sell to the highest bidder at all.

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8 minutes ago, drjonesy1994 said:

We bid £40m for Modric and it got rejected, Spurs sold him to Real in the same summer for £30m. I don't think he will have to sell to the highest bidder at all.

Modric had something like four more years on his contract when we tried to sign him. Eriksen can leave on a free in the summer. That changes things.

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54 minutes ago, drjonesy1994 said:

We'll see. Hope i'm wrong but no way he ends up here IMO.

Well, no one said we're even interested, he's most likely MU bound, or abroad. All I'm saying is, Levy's position is much weaker in this case.

Having said that, top form Eriksen would have been great for the style of football Frank's trying to implement at Chelsea.

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2 hours ago, Stim said:

Hell yeah play the youth until someone better is available then toss them immediately then later complain about no youth

Not necessarily, Mount have plenty of time to break in the team, even he has admitted himself he’s playing for us a lot earlier than expected.

Lets play Eriksen every game while we groom Mount into a top class player before replacing him. Don’t be so sensitive about the youth players pal

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12 hours ago, Argo said:

No, no, no, no and no again.

He is a shadow of the player he was a couple of years ago and even then he was massively overrated, when it comes to declining players moving from one rival to another i'd rather we remained on the correct side of that fence.

Curious one. At his peak he was incredible but I always get the feeling he is a bit like Cesc. You have to build the team around him and he's not fast or really particularly good without the ball.

I think we're build towards a model of fast and high energy attacking midfielders. Not sure he fits that mould so I'm inclined to agree that it's best to let others have him.

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