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  1. Zouma tends to be adventurous. He needed a partner that can support him in the mental and tactics side of things
  2. That's the thing, we commit too many men forward in attack. We could have Pulisic or Tammy drop back to open up space again but what happens in our attack is both FBs will be ready to cross and all our forwards are already on the opposition box but weirdly enough, the ball almost always goes to Kante.
  3. Kante is good at ball winning and recycling possession. He's not a playmaker and should not be used in offensive plays, especially as he's not the imperious man that he was 2 years ago
  4. Wonder what happened to him. We could have used him in helping us break through the lines
  5. To have him even be 5 years younger. We need him and Mendy in the side at all cost
  6. He had brilliant moments and the save at the end there was the cherry on top.
  7. He looked so tired. Probably haven't fully adjusted to the scheduling yet. I mean the Bundesliga really took care of it's athletes. In the Prem, we have back to back games every other week.
  8. He probably wasn't fully aware of what was going on. It was too fast for him to realize I think
  9. It feels like years have gone by since I've seen a good save from a Chelsea GK
  10. It sucks that a lot of our attacks breaks down when Kante gets the ball
  11. Utd gets VAR on the slightest bit of contact where there was an attacker that still got his shot away. Maguire chokes Azpi and we get nothing. Talk about "fair officiating"
  12. He's our most well-rounded midfielder second only to Havertz. I believe Kova just needs to be converted to the Modric role. He can pass, glide with the ball and tackle, he just needs to lay it off to any one of Pulisic, Havertz, Werner and Ziyech
  13. I hope Kova plays. We need someone that can break the lines and pass better than Kante. Jorginho has his uses only in certain moments.
  14. Stupid Arsenal. Ozil has to be the luckiest person on the planet. Paid for doing nothing
  15. A better GK could have jockeyed Ings aggressively to delay and drop to the floor as soon as he saw Ings' right foot moving but Ings did superbly well to score. Credit is where credit is due though. What boost does he need? He is the 2nd highest paid GK in the league but is the worst in performance. The fact that he is even selected to be in the matchday squad is a boost!
  16. It was a great game for him but he hasn't won any PL titles yet.
  17. Not his fault but a better GK could have performed better. Kepa just panics the moment Ings was in front of him but is it his fault? No
  18. Needs to find his voice, bulk up and concentrate at all times. We need him to mature fast enough to win something or else we have to pay the physio team overtime to get Silva fit and ready for all the games.
  19. IN but the ridiculousness of playing Kepa in goal and Mount in offense needs to end.
  20. He is so good. Why put him on the right when he's so dangerous on the left. The 3rd goal was beautiful. Pulisic beats 2 men then through passes it to Timo who squares it to Kai.
  21. I love it. The guy has character and the skills. Scored 2 beautiful goals basically by himself. Ran his socks off After so many years, we finally have a brilliant offense
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