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  1. Scoreline was adequate. Considering Morecambe parked the bus for 90minutes
  2. Good goal and nice assist today from Kai 👌
  3. If anything the system of play we play is boring. I don't know where Lampard picked up this Barca style of play considering he played in teams that were more about scoring and defending
  4. I agree, he's cut from the same cloth as Thomas Müller
  5. Of course it is, on top of all the covid stuff, Frank has also had to incorporate 6 first team players into what is largely a young side. Which team in world football is currently doing the same? Not to forget that Lampard's best players were injured/out at different parts of this half a season. When we had these same players fit and sharp, we were on a winning streak until that Ziyech injury then the Havertz covid thing, CHO finding momentum, Pulisic going in and out the physio room. It will take a toll on a team that's just starting to build cohesion. In contrast, most of the oth
  6. Difference is one is a good footballer at his prime that had won everything bar the PL. Another is a fat spanish waiter, that being said, I give him full credit on taking us back into the CL and played a system where Oscar, Mata and Hazard look really good together
  7. Anyone that believes this table is not a football watching fan. Grant managed the best Chelsea generation at their prime whilst Lampard is rebuilding a new one in harsher circumstances.
  8. Our forwards suit 4-2-3-1 but our midfielders suit 4-3-3. It's one of the reasons why we lack cohesion
  9. Honestly speaking our best players are not suited to each other yet. Timo looks like a player that will thrive in Leicester, Ziyech would be great for City and Havertz would suit Liverpool imo.
  10. We have passers and shooters, we lack someone who can penetrate through dribbling
  11. The players rushed it. It was like pinball at times. Our midfielders are not creative and the only creative one kept darting forward
  12. That lost against Everton shook the player's belief more than I thought. We desperately need a break to halt this patchy form.
  13. They're gonna be fodder again once top teams take McGinn, Cash and Grealish from them
  14. The past 2 games have been disappointing. Frank needs better ideas and another style of play. Our go to method at the moment is play it down to the wings and cross. Without Ziyech we don't have someone that can create that moment of magic. Pulisic can't breakthrough 4 men. Werner has been anonymous bar that odd chance he got.
  15. From what I've seen of the kid, he's actually able to play on his own and has the knack of finding the right passes for the forwards around him. Don't know if I've come to terms with potentially having Alf-Inge Haaland's son with us though
  16. Unpopular opinion but I wouldn't mind if we went for Tierney this January window
  17. The next 3 will sway public opinion. If he does lose to Arsenal and Villa, questions will be asked.
  18. He has the yips currently
  19. He'll probably score 8 in the next 3-4 games
  20. Hard to argue with you lot when the goalposts keep moving all over the place. We win games, you lot say "Oh we are guaranteed wins against these clubs" We lose and you'll say "We scored ONE GOAL!!!" but ignore the whole context in each of those games. Only Wolves is what I'd categorized as a Lampard feckup. Everton was a poor mistake from Mendy and we had injuries to our key wingers. Tottenham and United was a game on a knife's edge. Fine margins decided that game. Liverpool we lost because of a braindead red card from Christensen that threw our plans out the windo
  21. Below average performance but a good scoreline. Our lads just needs more belief in themselves and better execution.
  22. Totally agree with you there! The little c*nt even tried to pick a fight with the ref afterwards. Hope he never becomes a footballer
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