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  1. Now that the dust have settled, Liverpool is above us by 1 point only. Hope the squad can pick themselves up and continue our winning ways.
  2. Take it on the chin and hope Pool can draw City level in the next game. The table is still open provided we pull ourselves together.
  3. Sloppy and poor performance. Midfielders and forwards underperformed. Mentally we were not there and it showed by us losing to a weak deflected goal.
  4. just get a draw and we can all forget this game ever happened
  5. Our midfield is poor today. That was the difference
  6. City's tactic is having 3 people marking each of our players. They'll get tired sooner or later, we need to weather the storm and be decisive when the chances present itself
  7. This isn't a formation issue, it's more of a performance issue tbh
  8. One of the midfielders need to start carrying the ball or find the pass. One of the strikers need to pull their finger out and score. These are the types of games that separates worldclass players from very good ones
  9. They are being marked by 2-3 people at all times.
  10. I guess people calling for Mount forgot he's injured?
  11. Team just needs to play better and have more belief. We are being swarmed as expected by a fresh City side with 6 midfielders. The entire team is just not as sharp today, passing slow, first touches are all not on point. Need a huge galvanization by Tuchel to come out fighting
  12. We just need to hold out the storm. It was always going to be a hard game.
  13. Jorginho getting marked by 3 people says it all really
  14. City is pressing at 1000% our midfield can't get a hold of the ball
  15. Is it just me or does the lineup always comes with a picture of Kovacic these days
  16. I'd say Americans in general tend to root for individuals. It's probably a culture thing, they like following a hero's journey
  17. This will probably sound harsh but Pulisic has nothing to worry about playing time once he is fit.
  18. The guy has been trying potshots and worldie passes when a simpler and more efficient moves are available. Whenever a chance comes to him though, he's not prepared. Almost as if he just does whatever he wants
  19. Chilly going for the crossbar just to add drama. Good job to all the rest. Cool penalty even Ross managed one
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