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  1. The failed lob was probably him celebrating in his head before executing it because the way he scored that last goal was super ice cold
  2. Zouma and Silva just flies on the pitch, huh?
  3. That depends on Lamps though. I do see why Rice would impact the team but I have doubts on Rice's mobility. He does have a nice range of passing and adds a physical dominance to our team though Kante wins just as much aerial balls and secondballs too. Maybe spend 30-40m on Rice would be a better deal. 80m is too much unless he brings that last cherry on top for us to win CLs
  4. Exactly! He was out of form and the tactics had him all over the place but doing what he does best. I hope the form continues for at least 2 seasons. He has a lot to offer us still
  5. Apparently? Nah, Willian was always like that. 1 good run of games in form then abysmal for the next few games before going average again. The only time Willian ever tries his best is when it's contract negotiation time.
  6. Getting sick of watching Spurs being c*nts. The Lamela thing and now Kane just looks for pens because his legs can't take his style of football anymore
  7. He did have the technique to do outrageous things but he rarely has the willingness to do so. Yeah, let's agree to disagree. Willian is Arsenal's problem now anyways.
  8. I disagree. I see CHO as having incomplete technique at the highest level. I see him as a kick and run merchant and his shooting is average. His specialty is that he generates power despite having almost no backlift when shooting which makes him very unpredictable. He should just model his game around Robben to be more effective. If this wasn't CHO's thread, I thought you'd have been describing Kovacic
  9. I agree but 7-8 years of Willian on the right always stuck between dribbling, shooting and passing before eventually passing it backwards or always hitting the first man on corners will do that to a you.
  10. Who is forgetting them? People acknowledge Willian is a good player and maybe even on the cusp of world class in his day BUT People also remember the countless failed crosses and the mindnumbing decisionmaking he always makes. Contrast to that, Ziyech always tries to find the final pass, runs forwards and best part of Ziyech is he demands the other players to work their arse off. The delivery for Kova and Chilwell for example, when has Kova ever went so far up the field to pull back that Ziyech through ball and now our players are always on that back post. Prior to Ziyech coming
  11. I had doubts before we signed him but he has been immense on attack and defense! Awesome!
  12. He'll have his games. There're so much more games this season with everything coming in thick and fast. His professionalism and experience is needed
  13. It's impressive how 9 players from our starting 11 has scored! Kante's the only one who hasn't
  14. Upon rewatching the game. He actually adds energy and workrate along with actual quality! A huge upgrade on Willian. His addition adds a huge change to our team dynamic and adds another dimension to our attacks. With his deliveries, every one of our players can score.
  15. He used to be the fastest CB. Guess even though he dropped a bit in pace, he was still above average in speed
  16. Sucks that we couldn't keep a clean sheet but it was bound to happen. Our goals were beautiful! Especially the Silva goal. Mindblowing how good Ziyech's wand was! Timo is developing a ruthless streak. He can be anonymous all game but the second he sniffs a chance, bang! Goal. Chilwell developing into the next Ashley. Kova had a good game I thought.
  17. Penandes always cheats. Good player tho. Everton had a midweek rest and turns up not being at their best. Guess the purple patch is over?
  18. Really? Until this proves to be true, I will always vote on the club getting Alaba.
  19. You don't know that and you shouldn't care about it either tbf
  20. We're talking about Germans mate. That is the average record
  21. Great work done by the scouting team, purchasing team.
  22. Roman needs to invest on a de-ageing technology. Prime Silva and prime Kante working together would stop goals coming in altogether.
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