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  1. We need a proper striker I'd have taken higgy over that puff morata Oliver is a good backup but not someone you want leading the line
  2. Willian's sh*t but yet takes most of our set pieces and plays way too many games! Need to go for bailey or someone of a similar ilk and keep Pedro around as a second option and move this guy on asap can't stand him!
  3. Bit of a random move, he's probs moving over there for the Russian birds :p Wish him all the best though!
  4. Rlc and Ross are nowhere near the level of kova so why play them if it's to the detriment of the team? Both of those guys are nowhere near the level we require so we either go and sign kova or sign someone of a similar ilk in the summer!
  5. 1 don't need to know him personally to know he behaved like a c**t going awol disrespecting our new gaffer and making the club a laughing stock 2 his performances for Belgium and even athleti were far better than we ever got out of him the amount of soft goals he let in was laughable and ive never seen a top keeper get beat at his near post so much but when he plays for the national team that never seems to be an issue plus you can tell with players when they are fully committed to the cause and I never saw that with him, it was more to do with the amazing team in front of him than him being a 100% committed world class talent 3 sarri said he wanted to talk to eden, willy and tibo face to face to find out what they wanted to do, two turned up to face him man to man one didn't guess who!? 4 have you not read anything he has said since moving to Madrid regarding hazard *research needed on your part pal* Anything else you need help understanding? I'm here all week [emoji4]
  6. Are you mad! Stick her upfront Hazard-jorgis mum-willian Lethal, 50 goals between um guaranteed
  7. Bollocks everyone is entitled to their opinion, tibo is a c**t he never gave 100% for Chelsea, forced a move away without talking to sarri and now is trying to unsettle Eden, who are you to tell people that they have the right to call themselves a Chelsea fan? Kiwi?? are you from New Zealand by any chance? If so support Christchurch fc or something you don't have the right to call yourself a Chelsea fan ;)
  8. Totally agree, just a shame he's not that great, hopefully a season in the walking league will do him good, whether that's regaining his confidence to give it another crack in the EPL or sealing a permanent move to AC.
  9. Saw on Reddit that he wished his "Chelsea family" luck for the season he's a lovely chap never moaned even after taking some pretty shocking abuse online so genuinely hope him all the best!
  10. Never really been a fan of Spanish football but looks like I'm an honorary athleti fan :D Hope Barca f**king destroy real in the league! Was reading a real forum and about 50/60% of fans actually prefer navas to tibo.
  11. This guys not that good if he was from Japan or Venezuela we would want him gone asap, in my opinion nate chabo was much better than this geezer!
  12. Don't get me started! Getting rid of Nate burns me to this day, not sure if he'd ever turn into a world class player but every time I saw him for us he impressed me and always looked to give it 100 percent :(
  13. Youtube-I just typed in Perth/Chelsea and got HD highlights :)
  14. Not to be that guy but you know if we messed up like this we'd be out of all European competitions for 50 years and banished to the 5 tier of English football [emoji37]
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