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    Me as well ( put it down to Monkey Glands & Ginseng! ). My first away game was at West Ham in April 1969 ( my Dad took me ), & 1st home game ( first time going with 'the lads' ), midweek v Man Utd in Aug 71. Personally only difference between then & now, is back then I looked forward to the game all week. Now with ridiculous KO times, & regular train maintenance meaning bus travel between some stations, it takes me a week to get over a game!.
  2. The Leigh Limpet

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    To the tune of Jim Reeves 'Distant Drums' I hear the sound ( clap clap clap clap clap clap ) of distant bums Over there, over there, ( pointing to away fans ) And do they smell (clap x 6 again ) Like f*****g hell Over there, over there. Remember that clearly up to early 70's.
  3. The Leigh Limpet

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

  4. The Leigh Limpet

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Age is but a number!.
  5. The Leigh Limpet

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Fast forward to present day & in my case, substitute 'bog roll' with Glasses, Glasses case & Mobile. I need more pockets!.
  6. The Leigh Limpet

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Pre season 96, we were in a 2 day tournament at Forest, along with Man Utd & Ajax ( I think?). I went up there on the 1st day ( Sat ), 1st game kicked off lunch time, 2nd one nigh on straight after. Tried to get in the TBI for a pre match beer, but they wouldn't let us in. Man U had few thousand there, all in the opp end to the Trent, where Forest obviously were. We were put in the lower section opp the side the teams come out, reckon we had around 1,000 there. Ajax had a Band amongst their fans in the upper stand where we were, who were quite entertaining with their music. As for the games, think Forest beat Ajax, & we drew 0-0 with Man U (?). Seem to recall that we won our sunday game, & the other game was drawn, & we won the Tournament?. Not 100% certain, as many brain cells have diminished since then. Do remember chatting to 'Chelsea Bob' ( still has his scarf/ shirt/ souvenir stall outside Fulham Broadway side exit ) who was in one of the side streets leading to the ground, selling his 'wares'. ( we go back to 78 at Benfleet ). Anyone else on here go that weekend??
  7. The Leigh Limpet

    That Chelsea fc worker at SB

    Poor old Bobby ( RIP ) only had one, as he had Testicular cancer in his 20's, & had to have one removed. Think Neil Harris ( Millwall Manager ) also had it, & beat it ( good for him).
  8. The Leigh Limpet

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    As it was pay as you entered that day, reckon many turnstile operators made enough cash for a new car & a holiday??.
  9. The Leigh Limpet

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Still remember that evening, as it was my first home game. The Ref was Norman Burkenshaw, quite experienced & IIRC didn't take any nonsense from any players.
  10. The Leigh Limpet

    Fa cup banners

    Glad I wasn't standing behind them!. Bloke just to the left of flag, wearing a Trilby & glasses, for you 'old un's' on here like me, looks like Harry Worth!!.
  11. The Leigh Limpet

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I was there, that evening. Had forgotten it was so close to Christmas Day!. Also went to the 2nd Leg, (2-2), walking up Tottenham High Rd pre game, many of our fans had the old white Butchers coats on, daubed with slogans/graffiti. Filled the Paxton Rd end, went off big time when the teams came out, directly opposite in lower terrace. After our last min equaliser ( which put us through ), was like the old 'Wild West' outside the ground. Jeez, that was night never to forget!. ( Let's not mention the Final ).
  12. The Leigh Limpet

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    Remember watching that on MOTD, with Jimmy Hill ranting on about it!. Sure I read on here a year or so ago, that the guy in question 'Irish ****'?, is no longer with us?.
  13. The Leigh Limpet

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    6 weeks ago, I did the Museum & Ground tour. Very interesting couple of hours, & no away club Manager would say that now. According to our host, our away dressing room is the biggest in the Premiership & it was a good size with ample facilities. After that, we went into the home dressing room. Jeez, talk about all luxuries. Even the small locker draw where they put their Watch's, car keys, jewellery etc are felt lined, so nothing can get scratched!.
  14. The Leigh Limpet

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    I'm sure in 67 when Man Utd won the league, their Stretford End were in the North Bank & basically took it through sheer numbers. Think it was in Bobby Charlton's autobiography, that he commented on that game & said every time he looked towards the North Bank, fans were getting taken out injured after continuous trouble throughout the game. Man U did the same in Arsenal's North Bank in 68 or 69, & no doubt in the Park Lane end. Sure I read somewhere that they all stood in the Shed once when we played them around this time?. First time I saw us at Upton Park was in 69 ( 0-0 ! ), remember walking past the South Bank after game, & heard the chanting of 'Chel-sea' etc as our lot were coming down the stairs, probably with D.H at the front. No idea if anything happened, as more interested in joining the massive queue, to get into Upton Park station
  15. The Leigh Limpet

    Vintage Blues pictures and film

    If my ageing memory is correct, around 1970 West Ham were the first London team to have a mob behind each goal. Their South Bank one being the Mile End firm, most of whom were blokes older than the average age of the majority of us back then, which made a lot of difference. In 72 & 73 their tactic was to enter the Shed, keep quiet until around 2.30pm, then out came the scarves & havoc ensued. Re Upton Park, there were stories back in 70 & 71, unconfirmed, that Arsenal went into the North Bank once, and Spurs ( when Ronny Parish from Bethnal Green was their 'main man') as well?. Previously I've given a report on here, when in 71 a large mob from Stockwell steamed the North Bank ( watched it happen from the South Bank! ), then got run out. Tottenham did the same in 76 with the same fate. As you correctly comment, it wasn't until the early 80's that us & the 2 North London teams, started going there in numbers ( new generation! ). Without a doubt, Upton Park was a ground in the 70's that if you went there following your team, you never felt comfortable, & were always looking over your shoulder. Outside of London, i'd say the pecking order for London's main teams late 70's early 80's 'putting on a show' were us, Spurs, & West Ham / Arsenal joint last. An example of how the whole situation has changed over the decades, was back in 96 took my Southend Utd supporting sons to West Ham to see them in the F.A Cup (one also is a CFC fan ). They had Southend Utd tops on, we went in the Queens pub next door to Upton park station, no problem. Back in the 70's if that game had happened, no way would I have let them wear their tops, let alone think of going into The Queens pub!.