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  1. Yep, like many ex players loved his booze. Was a Taxi driver in Southend for a few years. He was a winger.
  2. It was the EUFA 2 legged Final in 74, when they got battered in Holland. Remember reading Bill Nicholson went onto the pitch at some stage, pleading with them to behave. Following evening or one after, recall watching local BBC News around 6.30pm & reporters were at Liverpool St when a load got off the train from Harwich. Everyone of them looked like they'd been in the ring with Mike Tyson.
  3. You got your wish this afternoon, after yet again they 'bottled' it at Burnley!.
  4. It was also rumoured his 'hampton' was like a Widerbeest's, & he could put 3 of the old tankard pint beer glasses ( empty! ) on it. Sigh, wish I do one!!.
  5. Too right chi blue, We will be leaving Leigh on Sea at mid-day, get to Baker St via Jubilee line from West Ham for 1.30pm. Now i'm ( ahem ) in my 'mature' years, ( soon be 62 ) prefer the luxury of the bar at The Sherlock Holmes hotel, about a mins walk from The Globe. Not crushed like sardines & drinking out of plastic glasses, with nice leather chairs to sit on ( snob! ). Onto Wembley to probably lose my voice (!) singing throughout, and enjoy the day yet again. ( Probably be warm enough to dig out one of my Harringtons, a bonus for the time of year ). Doubt i'll get home till gone 10pm, but what the hell eh?. Age is but a number??
  6. Bloke bottom left has got a hooter like the child catcher , in Chitty Chitty Bang Bang!
  7. Only thing to be optimistic about & what is going to happen, is that it will be a mild day for the time of year instead of freezing cold. That's a bonus as means hopefully i'll be having less pee's!.
  8. Although not expecting us to win, like you it wouldn't surprise me if somehow we did. Probably the 1st Cup Final we've played at 'new' Wembley, when literally the whole country expects us to get tonked big time?. 'Stranger things have happened'.... Wigan beating City in 2013 cup final, 4 years ago Bradford coming back from 2 down to put 4 past us. Think i'll stop there.
  9. Me too. I wear a CFC pin badge on 1 lapel, & the prostrate cancer one on the other one.
  10. Funny how we get stuck in our ways. My youngest ( 33 ) & me going as well, a lot depends on the Weather. For me probably be Nike or NB trainers ( thick soles, keep my old feet warm! ), pair of Levi's, La Coste jumper ( over a thermal long sleeved t-shirt ) & prob a 3/4 length leather coat, as reckon once the evening sets in, will be too cold for wearing one of my Harringtons!. As for my son, what do 33 year olds know about fashion!!!!. ( I'm nearly 62, still got 2 pairs of Royal Brogues! ).
  11. I reckon we will draw with Utd, & go to penalty's & then fingers x. Football being so unpredictable, reckon we're beat City. Main concern is 'final hangover' going into Spurs game, so would take a draw.
  12. I do as well, dont know why?. Maybe because most people expect us to lose ( like last seasons FA Cup Final ).
  13. As we are all aware, football is a funny game & teams beat others when not expected to. If otherwise, then bookies would be broke by now?. Forget the malmo games, our next 3 against in the Cups & league are the crucial ones. Call me bonkers, but wont be surprised if we beat City in League Cup final!. Last season pre FA Cup Final, not many on here rated our chances, but I did & said so. Hope i'm right in 2 weeks time, albeit will have to be different tactics than today. Keep the faith, appreciate currently equivalent to pushing water uphill, but need to think positive. Stranger things have happened?.

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