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  1. Well, I suppose you can never really be sure with Mourinho and his slippery ways, but the more I think about it, the more I think Fabregas at 26m would be the ideal buy and an absolute steal.
  2. what would be the point in hanging about? Unless Mourinho believes someone big, black and stripy is a viable target.
  3. A bit of experience is needed with some of the senior players gone. Just turned 27 so his age is perfect. In his prime with bags of experience and a style that isn't heavily reliant on athleticism and pace. 5 good seasons at least, i'd say.
  4. Actually Fernando, there's no need for Fabregas to get to the next level. That would be easily achievable if you just moved along. Fabregas could take us a step further after that hough.
  5. hmmm... so who would have been your targets, just out of curiosity? Mandzukic? Pogba? Shaw?
  6. Request for some info, here. Will be battling family and friends in a World Cup Dream Team. Wondering what you think will be Belgium's first team. Specifically, who to pick out of Vertonghen, Vermaelan and Van Buyten?
  7. If there was a bit of loose change lying around (50-60million or so), I'd rather get me a Pogba, tbh.
  8. I don't think Mourinho will be in the mood to blood youngsters this season, otherwise, Ake or Chalobah would be perfect. A sandro and Matic combo certainly won't be shoved around. Physicality is underrated imo. Combining that bullying power with pace and technique and you have a team that anyone will fear. I think last season, quite a few times the team was outmuscled and physically overpowered by the opposition. David Luiz at least gave a bit of that last season, won't be here this time around of course. What I loved about the previous Chelsea was that combination, although during Ancelo
  9. Willian and Hazard = too much ball hogging. If Schurrle can improve his dribbling and stop trying to literally walk through oppising defenders, he's going to be a lethal player with that two-footed finishing he's shown.
  10. On the cole parallel, only difference would be Fabregas was captain of the club and has been quite vocal in his dislike of Mourinho. Still want this to be done though. If it's €33m (£26m) it's a steal. If he does go soft against Arsenal, it'll probably only be for one game at the Emirates before all the sentimentality is cleared out the system and normal service resumes.
  11. http://www.footballfancast.com/premiership/chelsea/chelsea-eye-shock-move-for-tottenham-star Dodgy source, but Sandro is a player I like. He's overpowered our midfield often enough. Though I don't dislike Mikel, I'd take Sandro over him.
  12. Timetowaste, as much as your profile pic makes me cringe, that is a mighty fine line-up you have there.
  13. AnIrishTrueBlue, I'm curious to know, have you earmarked any other young players (just so we can all slag you off for your rubbish scouting skills when they turn out flops)?
  14. I think he'll shine in a Chelsea shirt, playing for a team where he'll be the focus in midfield. Matic and Fabregas behind Hazard, (a recharged) Oscar and Schurrle, with the brute force of Diego Costa and Lukaku. Add to that fullbacks in their correct places... Sounds good to me!
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