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  1. Yeah @coco it was fine in the end, despite having to get up at 5.30! Probably the most sober I've been at a match though as most pubs didn't open til 11 so we didn't get our full two hours! And I couldn't stomach a beer at our service station stop at quarter to nine either (some on the coach did, though I think I overheard them saying it didn't open til 9). It was a great atmosphere, party time! And I must admit it was nice to get home in time for a Chinese takeaway and Strictly!
  2. Thank you for showing a positive. Because I f**king hate, hate, hate hate, early kick offs. Especially when I'm going because our supporters' coach leaves at 6 o f**king clock in the f**king morning. And we get to the ground at half 10. Which is a stupid time to be drinking (I know and I will but it's still daft). And when to eat? Service station stop is at 9 - breakfast? But when to have lunch? All the timings are sh*t. 3 o'clock is the best time. Coach leaves at 8.30/9. Service stop at 11.30 for early lunch. Get to pub at 1. Eating and drinking at sensible times. Coach back and home at 9.
  3. It was bloody warm here today. At the Shrewsbury match today, half the men were in shorts and t-shirts!
  4. I was amazed when I discovered that people thought beans on toast was unusual.
  5. Oh and deep fried mars bars are actually much nicer than they sound - not nearly as sickly as I thought they'd be but the one in another local pub was nicer than the one I had at Glastonbury.
  6. I did indeed. I haven't been back there recently so don't know if they still do it (so many pubs/restaurants, so little time). But it was delicious.
  7. He can f**k right off. I wish I could forget he was ever here - easily the worst time I have experienced as a Chelsea fan. Awful man, awful manager.
  8. Aww @Mod Stark, isn't it about time Yorkley's ban was lifted and he was let back in?
  9. f**king hell. Anyone else keep looking at the clock and finding it hasn't moved?
  10. Well done to Brentford! So glad to see them in the Premier League - wanted them to beat Fulham last year to do it but this year is better as (fingers crossed) the fans will be there to see them.
  11. I said recently, "do Norwich and Fulham ever get to play each other as they seem to just swap places all the time"? And before anyone tells me the answer, I don't really want to know that they played each other 12 times in the last 7 years or whatever, it was a joke!
  12. Dammit, I said this to my husband and he pointed out we can now go over to the pub to watch it.
  13. Nor me. I'm almost hoping I can't find a decent stream so I have an excuse not to watch.
  14. Well, here is my insightful offering on the match tonight. I'd forgotten how much I hate the font used for Arsenal players' names on the back of their shirts. Who designed that - someone in year 3 who thought it was cool and reminded them of knights?
  15. Playing my Daily Playlist on Spotify and One Step Beyond came on. 😀
  16. I was shivering throughout that match and thinking "surely it's not that cold?", then I remembered - that's CL big game nerves kicking in! At 80 minutes I thought I couldn't bear it. Can't remember the last time I was so nervous. Fantastic night.
  17. Tottenham announced a new partnership with Dulux - they immediately got in trouble and
  18. Oh God! I remember that - I was pacing up and down in front of the tv, couldn't keep still, couldn't watch. especially their penalty! One of the most tense matches I remember!
  19. Really? I'm often vaguely aware that he is wittering on, but never actually take in what he's saying. I did notice him saying about 6 times that Mendy had a wide shot covered.
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