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  1. 9collc89

    League cup draw

    Just seems an incredible coincidence but will be good to see home back? What do we reckon ticket sales will be like? Lampard return might help them sell quite quick but at the same time it’s only Carabao....
  2. 9collc89

    League cup draw

    No they want the most marketable games possible
  3. 9collc89

    League cup draw

    Wish I put money on that...... surely the most rigged draw ever. Not even at their place!!
  4. Just couldn’t hold out, was coming for a while to be fair. Would have taken a point at the start of the game but definitely 2 points lost
  5. Come on Chelsea!!! Knick it
  6. f**king hell!!! Great goal to be fair, that shot hit the cross bar on Wednesday
  7. Under the cosh!! A bit here, got to hang on! COYB
  8. First time I’ve seen Morata actually run in weeks
  9. He was great Wednesday night too!!
  10. How the f**k did that not go in!!! Come on boys hold on!!!
  11. Cracking start! Cracking goal! COYB!!!
  12. They’ve got some big fixtures round the corner too including City.... I guess we do too in United but I know who I’d rather taken on right now
  13. 9collc89

    Greatest Centre-Back pairing

    Frank Leboeuf and Marcel Desailly for me were my favourite/fondest, back in the days when i could go more regularly. To put together a title challenge though would have to be JT and Carvalho
  14. 9collc89

    Welcome Ross Barkley

    I was pretty disappointed the other night, was hoping to see a different side to him being against Liverpool, but he drifted off a lot and nearly cost a goal before half time! He definitely a good option for the bench..........
  15. Who do we want in the next round? Personally it has to be Burton at Home chance for CHO to get some minutes