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  1. Kepa Azpi-Rudi-Luiz-Emerson Kante-Kovacic RLC-Hazard-CHO Giroud I would very much like to see that we start in this formation, but unfortunately don't see it happening. Unlike much of the members on this forum I like Kovacic quite a lot, but just not in an attacking role. Jorginho for me is useless. Everyone he offers Kovacic can do as well. Moreover Kovacic is a lot quicker and I think he has more technical ability. With Kante besides him in a more defensive role I think we are solid enough. Emerson above Alonso this match, Alonso need a rest and I think Emerson is better for our build up play. RLC to start is obviously for me and give CHO a chance as well since Pedro and Willian are struggeling at the moment. Giroud as striker who can assist the three man behind him. C'mon Chelsea

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