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  1. Thats the gamble we take though. Hudson Odoi hasn't been great for us. I know he had his bad injury but how long do we use that as an excuse. Lampard and Tuchel both benched him more than they play him.
  2. In the current formation i dont see anywhere for him to play. Alot of fans on Twitter want him to stay but he's 26, he needs to play. The emergence of Mount and the signing of Havertz and his own injuries ended his Chelsea career i feel.
  3. I would yes. Its easier to find players like Hudson odoi then it is a player like Haaland. Top strikers are so hard to find these days. I dont want CHO sold though, rather he went out on loan.
  4. Premier league loans for both i reckon.
  5. Thats exactly why i was thinking Danny Ings, he would be fairly cheap too. But i would rather just keep Abraham. There is also Andre Silva at Frankfurt. I still dont think the Lukaku deal is completely dead. I dont see us getting Haaland or Kane though, I hope we dont waste our money and end up buying someone just for the sake of it. If we cant get the striker we want, save the money until they do.
  6. PVA from Palace too, i believe he's left and now on a free. Counts as homegrown too.
  7. Who said Bertrand wasn't good enough for Southampton?. He left because they didn't agree on terms for a new contract.
  8. There is talk of Ziyech being available for transfer, i think CHO needs a loan, plus he has been mainly used as a RWB. He has played better there.
  9. I was thinking about Danny Ings the other day, but he is very injury prone. I would rather keep Abraham than sell him and replace him with Ings, makes little sense in the long term.
  10. I think the club will look to get both. Its being reported Lukaku will cost around £60M. The sales Of Tomori to Milan, Moses to Moscow and Ugbo to Fulham already pay over half of that for Lukaku.
  11. I get your point but we had the second best defence in the league last season, Our attack let us down. Im not saying never go for Rice, but our attack is more important at the moment. Id rather we spent the money on a striker and a attacking creative player. Our attackers bar Mount were all poor, Giving me there minutes played etc is making them sound better tha they were. Hudson Odoi very rarley plays well in an advaned postion, his best performances came as a wing back. Ziyech was a huge disappointment, Pulisic hardly stayed fit, Still not sure what Havertz best position is. I personally think Sancho is too good a player to miss out on.
  12. Some of them basics sure, but he is still really good at them. Kante is world class but he only does the basics too. Not many central midfielders have Kova dribbling ability mixed in with good tacking and his energy. He can beat a player with ease and break the lines and he gives it to the attacking players to do their jobs. Il say it again, If Pulisic, Mount, Werner etc all had 15-20 goals this season you wouldn't be moaning about Kovacic.
  13. Tackling, work rate, dribbling, helps us beat the press with his ability on the ball facing his own goal, balance on the ball, strong. My point still stands though, we won the league with 3 at the back and 2 defensive types infront of them, now and again Fabregas came in. No one was complaining about goals that season because our attackers were scoring. I didn't see anyone moaning about Kante and Matic that season. If our attackers were scoring this season you wouldn't be moaning about Kovacic.
  14. And yet lot of our fan base wants us to spend a big chunk of our budget on Declan Rice rather than a Jadon Sancho.
  15. Well said, As you say their are loads of really good central midfielders who score little or get an assist. It's not Kovacic game, you can play well in a football match wihout scoring a goal or getting an assist. Kovacic has a lot of good attributes that he brings to the team. No one would give a rats ass about Kovacic not scoring if the attacking players were scoring. Liverpool won a champions league and a premier league with a midfield three that didn't score much. We won a league title with 3 at the back and 2 defensive types infront, no one was complaining about little goal threat from Kante or Matic because we were scoring goals, the forward players were scoring.
  16. The price just puts me off, i expect it puts clubs off too. I think they will wait to he has only 2 years left and the price maybe a bit lower and WestHam will want to sell.
  17. Then he gets a start and plays like he did VS Arsenal and then you realise why he's on the bench. Players always get made to look better when they aren't playing every game.
  18. I agree and he has so many games like this, West Brom at home, Sheff Utd away, Leicester cup final all spring to mind.
  19. I dont see anyone buying him off us though, another loan most likely. He wont leave Chelsea because of the wages he is on.
  20. I didn't think it was a penalty, he hardly touched him. Grealish makes 3 bad tackles no booking, Werner first tackle gets booked. As i have said before, hes fine when we are winning and keeping the ball but once we go a goal down and start opening up his lack of pace gets found out time and time again. Hes too damn slow and weak for the premier league.
  21. He got us top four so he deserves credit for that but our actual league form under him is over rated. Lost to Arsenal, West Brom, Villa and drawn Wolves, Man Utd, Brighton all at home and Southampton and Leeds away.
  22. Another stinker today, He has had a poor season overall. Shame considering how he ended last seaosn.
  23. Dont see the need for him to start RCB again last night, surely Azpi, Silva and Rudiger can deal with Jamie Vardy. Vardy has only scored 2 goals in about 25 games.
  24. Tuchel loves Kova so i think he will start the CL final.
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