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  1. According to our fanbase on twitter though, we didn't need Kounde we needed to buy another DM instead, great logic.
  2. Thats a fair point, although im still not sure those around Lukaku would even get 13 goals the way the season is going.
  3. Could you hand on heart though think this guy might get us 20 goals to win us the premier league?. I think without buying a striker we would off been in another battle to get top four.
  4. Put Mount as a number 8 and you would get a totally different player, his best position, position that suits him much more.
  5. This is Havertz and Hudson odoi chance to shine, hopefully they take it. If Havertz doesn't play well get ready for the 767 excuses.
  6. Whats wrong with Kovacic?. Gallagher looks better in a 8 than playing behind the striker. Not sure thats his best position. The reason i asked where he is ging to play is i think his best position is in central midfielder yet we only usually play 2. We are stacked there with Jorginho,Kova,Kante,RLC, Gilmour coming back plus the intrest in Tchouameni/Rice. I just dont see where he is going to play.
  7. The board probably tried, first option is better than nothing at all.
  8. No we dont, we have a first option like we did with Ake.
  9. But where does he play for us?
  10. Read what again? You said Upamecano is a great talent. I posted that i think Kounde is better than him.
  11. Chalobah and Kounde can play in the same team.
  12. Well its not completely irrelevant, Usually when top clubs want the same player it's usually a sign he is good. Utd wanted Matic over Bakayako and i never seen Man City linked that strongly. I never wanted Bakayako either, most of this forum didn't too. I think Kounde is better than Upamecano, Varane is still a good defender, they have Konate too, Zouma, Kimpempe. Him getting sent off makes him a bad defender? him getting a red card in one match overwrites all the good stuff Kounde has done in his short career so far?. Of course isn't all about statistics, i have watched Kounde a few times now and he always impressed me especially when Sevilla won the Europa league. I mean i get La Liga isn't what it use to be but he has done well for France, Bordeaux and now Sevilla. Lots of the top leagues in Europe aren't what they use to be, so you dont want us to buy a player outside of the premier league?
  13. Wasn't he injured alot at Dortmund too? If so makes the signing even more frustrating. I thought he was poor when he did play last season too, then you add that he is always injured, you are right to say get rid.
  14. How do we need a midfeilder more than a defender? Loftus Cheek is getting back to his best, we have Gilmour and Gallagher out on loan. Id have no problems paying £65M for Kounde, i think he's that good. We need a CB even if Rudiger stays.
  15. He is so average thats why so many clubs have been in for him. He is so average he got into the LA Liga team of the season and now starts for France even though they lots of good quality defenders. But he is so average.
  16. I didn't say other players haven't been poor I have also criticised Ziyech, Mount was our player of the season last year so he gets more leeway, but you are right he also had a slow start. Using other players poor performances to try and cover for Havertz still doesn't work, he has been the worst out of all of them.
  17. I'd have both, why are we choosing?.
  18. He hasn't been inconsistent this season though, he's been rubbish. If Lukaku was scoring he wouldn't be blamed. I get that young players are inconsistent, but there is a difference between being inconsistent and being really poor.
  19. I dont remember anyone posting that we should sell him so i dont get why people are mentioning that. When Havertz doesn't play well their seems to be a thousand excuses. When you pay the money we did and the hype that comes with him im expecting better than one good game and then 5 bad ones. If the results this season were poor he would be getting alot more criticism, he is lucky we are winning so people are more accepting of his poor performances.
  20. Whats impressed me the most is his energy levels look like they have gone up, more intensity in his defending, slide tackles and using his power and strength more.
  21. I thought he played well, showed some nice touches. Hope he starts VS Brentford
  22. International break is so annoying, ruins the season for me. You can never get in to a rhythm and lose any momentum you do have.
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