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  1. Considering Lampard likes to play a possession based style of play I'm pretty sure Jorginho will be one of the first names on the team sheet due to him being our best player at keeping possession and our best player at resisting the press
  2. Makes no sense, any manager we appoint will be in the exact same situation. No money and no goalscorers We need someone to come in and nurture our group of extremely talented young players and create a clear pathway into the first 11. Lampard and Morris are quite clearly the best fit for that criteria
  3. No idea why people would even consider Mourinho coming back. I love Mourinho, he's probably our greatest manager of all time but he would be a truly awful appointment. It wasn't long ago that he had us almost battling relegation and despite spending vast sums at Utd they were absolutely awful before he left We need long term, Mourinho is as short term as they come. We have a group of extremely talented young players coming through that are our future. We need a manager who is going to show faith in them and afford them opportunities, Mourinho is the wrong man for that job. I'd hate to see a repeat of the De Bruyne and Salah situation again, both players were not given a chance and are now two of the best players in the League playing for our direct rivals, Mata was easily one of our best players and one of the most productive in the League but was cast aside for Oscar due to work rate I hate to say it, but Mourinho is kinda broken right now. He's lost the dressing room in his last 3 jobs and has lost the magic that made him special all those years ago. We appointed Sarri to move onto a more expansive, attacking style of play and to create a new identity. The foundations have been placed from last season, appointing Mourinho would mean those foundations would be ripped up and in a few years we'll probably be in a mess with no direction
  4. Pep's only experience before taking over Barcelona was managing the B team. He then went on to help create one of the greatest teams of all time winning basically everything Zidane's previous experience before taking over Madrid was managing their B team, Madrid went on to win 3 Champions League's in a row Tired of hearing this narrative about experience
  5. Still only 24 which is young for a GK, very good debut season in England, now Spains no1 and will only get better Exciting times. He was expensive but we've potentially got a world class keeper for the next 10 years
  6. The treatment of Sarri was unjustified and some of the fans behaved in a petulant, embarrassing way But there's no way our fans turn on Lampard IMO don't forget, Mourinho had us almost in a relegation battle and the fans still chanted his name Lampard is one of the greatest players to ever play for us, he even ended up at City and scored against us and the supporters still adored him The fans would follow someone like Lampard to the end as he's carved out a legacy at this football club that could never be tarnished
  7. Add to the fact that both RLC and Hudson-Odoi will be getting the best possible treatment money can buy Back to the point of Hudson-Odoi and his contract situation, I'd be be ecstatic if he signs a new 5 year contract. At 18 he didn't look out of place in our first 11 and he has an insane amount of potential.
  8. With the potential ban and us not being able to outspend everyone anymore, the most logical appointment would be Lampard with Morris as his assistant. With the ban the presseure will be slightly off as nobody is expecting us to do much, Lampard and Morris can come in and begin implementing our academy players, Lampard also plays a similar system to Sarri so he can carry on where Sarri left off The likes of Allegri, Mourinho and Blanc would make no sense
  9. Ideally when everyone is fit .......................................Kepa................................. James/Azpi...Rudiger...Luiz/Christensen...Emerson ............................Kante....Jorginho.......................... .......................................RLC......................................... .....Pulisic...............Abraham.................Hudson-Odoi I'd also hope to make Kovacic permanent, he's a decent player and can cover all 3 midfield positions. Hopefully we can somehow keep Ola Aine allowing us to sell Alonso. You'd then have the likes of Ampadu, Zouma, Kovacic, Ola Aina, Giroud, Pedro, Willian, Barkley as back ups Now, for me that squad isn't quite good enough to challenge and there may be a struggle to finish in the top 4 when you take into account the fact we won't have RLC and Hudson-Odoi for a while but we have a great foundation here, with a team filled with great young talents who will only get better For me, when we can actually sign players we should be focusing on LB, a wide attacker and a forward. Focus on signing young players with room to grow but players that are also good enough to make an impact in the first 11. It may take a few years but we could potentially have a great team
  10. I literally can't understand why there appears to be so much negativity towards this signing, IMO this is exactly the type of signing we should be making on a regular basis We've signed a 20 year old who has bags of potential in an area where we need reinforcements, at 20 he will only get better. Not only that but he's good enough right now to make an impact in the first 11 I see people moaning about his goal output, which is unfair when you take into account his age, there's not many teenagers in football who are hitting 15-20 goals a season. He's also played under 4 different managers in the last few seasons who all have different tactical setups and it's also unfair to use the fact he's been dropped from the first 11, Jadon Sancho is a big talent and Reus is currently better. Pulisic wasn't willing to sign a new contract so why would Dortmund spend time nurturing him when he wasn't going to stick around? They quite rightly decided to nurture Sancho instead Pulisic can play through the middle or on either wing, he's intelligent, hardworking, has pace, great dribbling ability and very good technical ability. He's also someone who has a mature head on his shoulders and doesn't come across of a troublemaker. He has some areas he needs to improve but so does every young player. The stick that this kid is getting before he's even kicked a ball is ridiculous Him, Hudson-Odoi and RLC could potentially grow into a great attacking threesome for us
  11. Only way i'll be happy if Sarri leaves is if we bring in Lampard and Morris and create a true pathway from our academy to our first team, give them time to build and continue the philosophy Sarri has started to implement. Lampard and Sarri's tactics have quite a few similarities with each other If we appoint someone like Blanc, Allegri or Mourinho i'd have lost any faith in this board and it would be completely clear they don't have a clue what they want or what they are doing
  12. Keep hearing about how we should have signed Brandt and Hazard instead and i don't get it Brandt plays basically the same position as RLC, pointless spending money on him when we also have Mount coming through T.Hazard is a good player but he's 27 next season and will never be a truly top player IMO if we wanted to buy a ready made attacker to perform straight away we could do a lot better than Hazard Pulisic is only 20, has the world at his feet and has the potential to be better than those two. So much unfair stick directed at him, he's still so young so obviously he's not the finished article but he has the potential to be a top player
  13. I agree, he isn't good enough to be starting for us but he's more than good enough to be a good depth option for us It's one of the main issues i've had with our whole transfer policy these last few years, we have a ton of players out on loan from academy graduates to players in their early to mid 20s. Quite a few of these players would make great depth options in our squad. Instead we seem to rather spend big bucks on average players to fill up our squad. By using players from our loan army it would allow us to fill our squad with decent depth and concentrate on signing a few players to improve our first 11
  14. I do like Kovacic as a player, i feel he's been unfairly judged as he's never really been a goalscorer and he is pretty versatile and can play all over midfield I do agree with you though, I wouldn't say there's a massive difference in quality between Kovacic and Pasalic, keeping Pasalic instead of spending 40 million on Kovacic which would allow us to invest in other areas of the squad makes a lot of sense Problem is, our transfer dealings make no sense which means it will most likely not happen
  15. We should really be looking at doing our utmost to get this transfer ban frozen which is a real possibility We should then aggressively be pursuing players like Werner and Dybala Both could potentially be signed, Dybala scored 26 goals in one season before he got moved out of position to accommodate Ronaldo and Werner has the potential to grow into a top striker You then have outside options like Martial and Icardi, Martial could be an excellent player in the right conditions and would be perfect in Sarri's system and while Icardi is a dick, he's in his prime and one of the best strikers in the world

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