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  1. First season in the Premiership, only recently turned 21 and playing through injury at times Feel some of the criticism aimed at Mount is unfair. He's bound to be inconsistent and has possibly been overplayed at times due to RLC being injured but it's clear to see this kid has a bright future with us. His work rate and pressing has also been great this season
  2. The board have been getting quite a lot of hate in recent years, some of it has been warranted. That transfer window in Conte's last season was one of the worst transfer windows we've had in recent memory but they are certainly making some very good buys Kovacic, Jorginho, Pulisic and now Ziyech brought in the last few years. All players who have and will improve our first 11 Kepa is kinda sketchy right now, I still feel he has the potential to be very good for us but he's not been playing at the level he should be recently but he was one of the highest rated young GKs in football when we bought him Also delighted we never spent 80 million on Zaha
  3. Feel one of the issues last season was that Kovacic was in a role where he was expected to score goals and add an attacking threat which isn't really his game. He seems to be playing slightly deeper this season and the improvement has been massive. He's never going to score goals or carve open defences but he's got great work rate, is press resistant, good technical ability and one of the best in the League at carrying the ball forward Him and Jorginho have developed a very good relationship in the middle for us
  4. I have no idea who's the best or who will be the best but we have a seriously talented group of youngsters coming through Mount, Hudson-Odoi, Gilmour, James, Tammy, Tomori. Then add in Pulisic who's 21 and RLC who's still only 23 and we have probably the best group of young players on the planet right now
  5. Tomori seemed to go under the radar compared to our other youngsters. All the talk was about Mount, Hudson-Odoi, Tammy and James and there was talk of Tomori going back out on loan He's certainly looking good right now and doesn't look out of place playing for us
  6. We should just go all out for Jadon Sancho. Emerson has impressed at LB so it wouldn't make sense spending big on someone like Chilwell I feel Tomori and Christensen will continue to grow and progress so I'd want to hold off spending big on another CB and there isn't anyone really worth going for We're absolutely stacked in midfield and attacking midfield so no need to spend big there And I've been impressed with Tammy so far, I had reservations but he's looking very good at times and will only get better With Pedro and Willian both past their best and in their 30s, we're left with Hudson-Odoi and Pulisic as our only true wingers/wide forwards For me Sancho is one of the next big things in football and plays in a position we could use reinforcements. He would be worth spending over 100 million on IMO
  7. Think it's obvious to see that Barkley is a squad player for us. He has some good qualities but last season and this season so far shows that he shouldn't be starting material for us Mount is only 20 and already looks better and RLC clearly showed he was much better than Barkley last season Decent squad player to have though
  8. Still think it's crazy how we appeared to have a free run at him for just over 30 million. Easily one of the best midfielders in the world right now
  9. Seeing him bring on the likes of Mount, Tomori and Abraham last night was so refreshing To see 3 academy graduates all come on in a Cup Final is a huge change to what we are used to seeing. After all this time, we finally appear to be creating an actual pathway to our first team
  10. Even though we lost 4-0 I'm not massively worried. The result seriously flattered Utd We have a new manager, lost our best player from last season and fielded quite a young side. We also started the game missing 5 players who you'd believe would be considered first team players in Rudiger, Kante, Pulisic, RLC and Hudson-Odoi We will improve drastically over the next few months IMO
  11. Considering Lampard likes to play a possession based style of play I'm pretty sure Jorginho will be one of the first names on the team sheet due to him being our best player at keeping possession and our best player at resisting the press
  12. Makes no sense, any manager we appoint will be in the exact same situation. No money and no goalscorers We need someone to come in and nurture our group of extremely talented young players and create a clear pathway into the first 11. Lampard and Morris are quite clearly the best fit for that criteria
  13. No idea why people would even consider Mourinho coming back. I love Mourinho, he's probably our greatest manager of all time but he would be a truly awful appointment. It wasn't long ago that he had us almost battling relegation and despite spending vast sums at Utd they were absolutely awful before he left We need long term, Mourinho is as short term as they come. We have a group of extremely talented young players coming through that are our future. We need a manager who is going to show faith in them and afford them opportunities, Mourinho is the wrong man for that job. I'd hate to see a repeat of the De Bruyne and Salah situation again, both players were not given a chance and are now two of the best players in the League playing for our direct rivals, Mata was easily one of our best players and one of the most productive in the League but was cast aside for Oscar due to work rate I hate to say it, but Mourinho is kinda broken right now. He's lost the dressing room in his last 3 jobs and has lost the magic that made him special all those years ago. We appointed Sarri to move onto a more expansive, attacking style of play and to create a new identity. The foundations have been placed from last season, appointing Mourinho would mean those foundations would be ripped up and in a few years we'll probably be in a mess with no direction
  14. Pep's only experience before taking over Barcelona was managing the B team. He then went on to help create one of the greatest teams of all time winning basically everything Zidane's previous experience before taking over Madrid was managing their B team, Madrid went on to win 3 Champions League's in a row Tired of hearing this narrative about experience
  15. Still only 24 which is young for a GK, very good debut season in England, now Spains no1 and will only get better Exciting times. He was expensive but we've potentially got a world class keeper for the next 10 years

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