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  1. I do like Kovacic as a player, i feel he's been unfairly judged as he's never really been a goalscorer and he is pretty versatile and can play all over midfield I do agree with you though, I wouldn't say there's a massive difference in quality between Kovacic and Pasalic, keeping Pasalic instead of spending 40 million on Kovacic which would allow us to invest in other areas of the squad makes a lot of sense Problem is, our transfer dealings make no sense which means it will most likely not happen
  2. We should really be looking at doing our utmost to get this transfer ban frozen which is a real possibility We should then aggressively be pursuing players like Werner and Dybala Both could potentially be signed, Dybala scored 26 goals in one season before he got moved out of position to accommodate Ronaldo and Werner has the potential to grow into a top striker You then have outside options like Martial and Icardi, Martial could be an excellent player in the right conditions and would be perfect in Sarri's system and while Icardi is a dick, he's in his prime and one of the best strikers in the world
  3. Our striker situation is pretty dire when you look at it We have Giroud who is turning 33 soon who has scored a total of 5 Premier League goals for us in 1 and a half seasons We have a 31 year old Higuain on loan who's quite clearly past his best and managed 5 goals in 18 games We have Bats who's managed 9 goals in 36 games this season Then we have Abraham, while he's had a great season for Villa, there's a huge gap in quality between the Championship and Premier League. When he played in the League, he managed 5 goals in 31 games You then take away Hazard and we simply don't have any sort of goal scoring threat. Loftus-Cheek is out for a while, Hudson-Odoi is out for a while, it's going to take Pulisic a while to adjust to the League and both Willian and Pedro have shown they simply aren't good enough anymore who will both be another year older being 32 and 31 If we don't get this transfer ban frozen and are unable to sign anyone then we could potentially seriously struggle next season as our attack will be seriously average.
  4. If we sack Sarri and bring in Allegri i'll lose the little bit of faith i have left in our board We brought in Sarri specifically to change our style of play and identity, to sack him after one season even though he met his aims to bring in a defensive minded manager like Allegri would be hilarious and show this board hasn't got a clue what they are even doing Nothing against Allegri, he's won a fair few trophies but it would literally make no sense
  5. I'm not quite sure why Sarri has received so much criticism, I'm also not sure what people actually expected from us this season He's come in to a team that had a terrible season the season before, he's had no "top" striker all season having to rely on a wantaway Morata, 30 something Giroud and 30 something Higuain. He's had to radically change our tactics and style of play and it is his first season managing outside of Italy. His decisions have been quite questionable at times and player selections have been perplexing but nothing is perfect. The whole Kante narrative is boring, Kante has never been a true DM sitting in front of the defence, Jorginho is slowly starting to show what he's made of and Sarri has started to drop out of form players in favour of players like Hudson-Odoi before he got injured RLC. Speaking of RLC and Hudson-Odoi, we now have two academy graduates that have broken into the first 11, when was the last time that has happened? Look at the improvement RLC has made this season, he's turning into an absolute player and his all round game has improved massively under Sarri We've secured top 4 and are in the Europa League final. At the start of the season if anyone would have said that we'd finish top 4, be runners up in the League Cup, making the final of the Europa League while having 2 academy graduates break into the first 11 I'm sure most of you would be thrilled
  6. No pre-season No top class striker First time managing outside of Italy Top 4 finish, runners up in the League Cup and a good chance to make the Europa League Final. We also have two players from our academy in RLC and Hudson-Odoi who have basically broken into the first 11 He's made mistakes, been stubborn and been frustrating at times but has actually done a very good job to be fair to him You also have to take into account the fact that he's playing a completely different system to what this squad is used to and that takes time
  7. He's literally only broke into the first 11 this season and has struggled with a few injuries, not to mention he's playing in a slightly dysfunctional team Despite that he's still managed 8 goals so far. Unfair to make predictions about him not fulfilling his potential so soon
  8. This basically sums up our the majority of transfer dealings these past 5 years, incompetent and completely lacking in any sort of direction It was clear to see someone like Zappacosta was never going to be good enough for us, everyone could see it. But we decided to blow over 20 million on him while neglecting our academy prospects. We really need a DOF right now. We've wasted an absolute ton of money on average crap and have barely improved our first 11 these last 5 years
  9. I've defended Sarri quite a bit, I still stand by that he needs time to truly implement his footballing philosophy on this club. Like Mourinho amd Conte, he's getting let down by our players who quite frankly are a joke What i can't defend is this persistance of playing the same crap week in week out. He has no excuses when it comes to that. The likes of Christensen, Ampadu and Hudson-Odoi should be ahead of some of the sh*te we have in our first 11
  10. While Insigne is a very good player, Hazard is big upgrade on on him. The problem is, the other attacking positions are severely lacking compared to what Sarri had at Napoli Hamsik has always been quite underrated IMO Great technical ability, movement, great passer and a great finisher. Barkley and Kovacic are no where near his level of ability. He also had a peak Higuain and then revolutionised Mertens into a false 9 who could score and create simultaneously. We've had a goal shy, zero confident Morata and a 30 something Giroud for most of the season. Callejon was a very effective wide attacker, who had great movement, scored goals and was extremely hardworking, Pedro has similar qualities but is past his best and Willian lacks the movement, finishing ability and quick passing to be truly effective The fact is, our attack is actually very poor. Take away Hazard and we haven't got one truly great player in our attacking positions. Compare it to the rest of Europe and you'll see just how far behind we are.
  11. Loftus-Cheek, Christensen, Hudson-Odoi and Ampadu have played almost 50 games between them and we're just past the half way stage of the season That's a pretty decent return considering two of them are only 18 and RLC has had injury problems Sarri has probably given more chances to our youth players than any other manager
  12. Jorginho is our new scapegoat it seems and has been for a while Funny how he and Napoli absolutely thrived under Sarri in the same system Sarri is trying to implement here I'm almost certain in such a tactical League like Serie A someone must have attempted to target Jorginho seeing as he was the key piece in how Napoli played... It didn't suddenly stop Napoli did it? Why's that? Oh yeah, Napoli played as a collective unit, who moved intelligently across the pitch, who all played as a team, pressed effectively and followed the managers instructions Also, guess what, Sarri want's teams to press us, it's what opens up space. Jorginho is great at playing quick passes and moving the ball but that doesn't work when the players are not moving into the right spaces and creating openings to play into Again, we play nothing like Napoli. I constantly see Jorginho gesturing to players to move, Sarri is constantly saying the players still don't get his football Jorginho was the key component at Napoli but that wouldn't have worked if the players around him were not moving into the required spaces
  13. Difference is back then we were more than happy to outspend our rivals and throw money at our problems without a 2nd thought Now, the purse strings have tightened, we can't afford to outspend our rivals and there's much more focus on bringing youth players through, hench us refusing to sign a Cesc replacement as we had Ampadu This hiring and firing of managers simply doesn't work for us now, we need to actually build something and that requires patience
  14. Simon Johnson‏Verified account @sjstandardsport 2h2 hours ago More that's half-time...#cfc players heads bowed...no-one saying a word to each other Speaks volumes about the state of our team. Where is the encouragement or motivation? Where's the desire or leadership? As soon as things gets tough the main reaction from our players is to put their head down and feel sorry for themselves.
  15. Simon Johnson‏Verified account @sjstandardsport 2h2 hours ago More that's half-time...#cfc players heads bowed...no-one saying a word to each other Speaks volumes about the state of our team. Where is the encouragement or motivation? Where's the desire or leadership? As soon as things gets tough the main reaction from our players is to put their head down and feel sorry for themselves.

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