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  1. Sparkz

    Eden Hazard

    Need to get this guy tied down on a new long term contract. Feel this is the season Hazard finally reaches a new level. He's not fully fit and playing in a new system but he's already destroying defences for fun. Imagine him fully fit and the whole team comfortable in this system?
  2. Sparkz

    Mateo Kovačić

    He had no pre-season with us, is playing in a new League and the whole team are still learning a new system. Kovacic has looked good so far but it will be a few months till we see his real quality. I like Barkley but he simply isn't on Kovacic's level Said it before but him and Hazard are going to cause serious problems for the opposition with their dribbling ability
  3. Sparkz

    Antonio Rudiger

    We had an awful Summer last year in terms of signings but Rudiger was an absolute steal. Think he'll take it up a notch this season under Sarri, his strength, passing and speed are perfect for his tactics
  4. Sparkz

    Eden Hazard

    I was slightly worried at how Hazard would react due to not being able to go to Madrid, was slightly worried he may not be fully motivated this season That was all put to rest after that 15 minute performance on Saturday, he looked super motivated and Huddersfield were unable to contain him. I'm so happy we are actually going to see Hazard play in an attacking team that will play to his strengths. I feel he could take it up a level this season and turn into the player we all know he's capable of becoming We seriously need to get him sign a new contract with us. Offer him whatever he wants. It doesn't matter how much we get we simply won't be able to replace him, especially in this current market. Also, I'd happily offer him a massive contract just for being so loyal to us even when we've had no Champions League football to offer him. He's never kicked up a fuss about wanting to leave and this is his 7th season with us.
  5. Sparkz

    Maurizio Sarri Officially Appointed

    It was so nice to see us attempt to attack, create and maintain control over the full 90 minutes. I've gotten so used to us putting multiple players behind the ball and going into super defensive mode after taking the lead in the last few years It's going to take a while for us to truly play to his tactics but the signs were there in that 2nd half performance.
  6. Sparkz

    Mateo Kovačić

    That's a fair point but I was just pointing out that it's unfair to judge him for not being able to break into Madrid's starting 11 when he had 2 of best CMs in the world playing in his position. It's not a fair reflection of his abilty It wasn't that long ago that Isco wasn't a starter for Madrid but right now almost every team in Europe would love to him in their team
  7. Sparkz

    We've got a new Kepa

    Not only is he very highly rated with huge potential he's also very comfortable with the ball at his feet. In a way we've kinda upgraded on Courtois as this kid will be a much better fit for Sarri's system Our signings this Summer all perfectly suit the system that Sarri is trying to implement, We have listened and identified targets that our manager wants and appear keen to actually change the philosophy of this football club There's been an element of panic in this widow but we've actually done brilliantly this Summer, we've kept hold of Hazard and Kante and signed 3 top players.
  8. Sparkz

    Mateo Kovačić

    He's only been on the bench due to the fact he had Kroos and Modric ahead of him and let's be honest not many players would start ahead of them
  9. Sparkz

    Mateo Kovačić

    Highly energetic midfielder, he's a very good passer but not quite as good as someone like Fabregas or De Bruyne. He has brilliant technical ability, good pace and one of his best assets is his dribbling ability, his ability to carry the ball forward with pace is fantastic. Him and Hazard could cause serious problems for opposition defences He doesn't have a great scoring record but he did manage to score 8 goals in his last season with Inter Milan so the potential is there for him to possibly develop into a better goalscorer For me, a midfield trio of Jorginho, Kante and Kovavic is up there with some of the best. In Sarri's tactical setup we won't be losing many midfield battles anytime soon
  10. Also, thank f**k we are actually attempting to play football and attack City this time around Remember when we sat back like cowards last season and appeared to be frightened? How our aim was to keep the scoreline as low as possible? I hope to never see anything like that again
  11. So we're 20 minutes into our first competitive game, we're playing a new formation and new tactics after playing 3 at the back for the last two years, we're missing by far our two best players in Kante and Hazard and are playing against the best team in the League who are almost at full strength And people are already moaning and being negative in regards to the new season? Damn
  12. Sparkz

    Tiémoué Bakayoko

    I really don't see a space for Bakayoko in a Sarri side, Sarri has spoken multiple times about being willing to coach a player to fit in his system, he's done it so many times with other players but I don't really see any qualities that Bakayoko has that would allow him to function in a Sarri team It's not just his technical abilities like passing and ball control that are below average, he also seems to have no awareness of whats going on around him either. Also at a club like us that can afford to spend over 50 million on a player like Jorginho and potentially 30 million on a player like Golovin it makes it even less likely Bakayoko will get any sort of chance with us
  13. Sparkz

    Jorginho is a Blue

    We already had the best box to box midfielder in the League in Kante, we now have the best DLP in the League in Jorginho Add RLC or Golovin in the last midfield spot and we would then have a truly excellent midfield and one that could compete against Europe's best
  14. Sparkz

    Jorginho is a Blue

    As soon as City became interested in him I thought there was literally no hope of completing this signing. This could well be our best signing since Kante, these last few years he's been one of the best DLP in European football and key to the way Napoli play, everything goes through him. I wouldn't worry about him not being able to handle the physicality of the league, Fabregas and others have coped just fine Some numbers from last season from Jorginho 33 games3,197 passes89.5% pass accuracy62 tackles won50 interceptions49 chances created4 assists2 goals Those are some insane numbers. I had lost a bit of faith in the board recently in regards to our ability to sign top players but they've done extremely well to sign this guy.
  15. Sparkz

    Next Chelsea Manager

    It would certainly be an interesting appointment and a big change from managers we normally go for. He's done a great job at Fulham, they were fighting relegation in the Championship when he took them over and in a few years he's gotten them promoted playing great attacking football. He also appears to have a good record with youth and has done a brilliant job with Sessegnon, he started as a LB then Jokanovic moved him to the wing and he absolutely flourished becoming one of the best attackers in the League I'd be open to him being our manager if we can't get Sarri