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  1. I think a lot of the Wolves players are quite underrated. At the right price could be a good buy! At 29 though it is likely that re-sale value in a few yrs won't be much, so can't see the club spending more than 20 or 25m.
  2. Good save from Fernandinho! Get in you blues!! And would the f-ing commentators stop going on about liverpool!! We are in a top 4 race and the title race is basically done
  3. Bit of a shame because i think he's done well so far, and i'm a massive Alonso fan, but 45mins against Mahrez on a yellow is asking for trouble, with the 5 subs now i'd put James on for Alonso and switch Azpi to the left. Edit - def replied to the wrong message 🙄
  4. That was a cool finish from Captain America! What a legend! Another point, how the hell did Alonso get a yellow for that! Mahrez down like a windsock in a gentle breeze.
  5. Soyuncu would be a great signing. Would way prefer this than Chilwell! I know Alonso has his weaknesses, but going forward he is way better than anything on the market right now!
  6. I thought i'd begin a new topic discussing our defence in general. Obviously tonnes of exciting things going on from an attacking perspective, the signing of Ziyech, Werner, the rumours of Havertz and obviously the emergence of some great young players in midfield and forward positions. However there is a big elephant in the room... our defence! I'd be interested to hear others opinions on this and what they would like to happen. I think everyone would agree RB is sorted! For CB Rudiger is great, i do rate Tomori as a good player for the future and think Zouma is quite good, but do we want either of these to be starting week in week out? As for LB, i rate Alonso massively going forward and think Emerson is a good enough back up, however both are riddled with inconsistency especially Alonso defensively. Now for goalkeeper 🙄, is Kepa any good? I think we can all agree he is not shown £70m worth, but do we replace him or give him another season, after all De Gea was crap in his first season for Man U? So where would you start? I see a few options... 1- replace Alonso with a more solid LB and give Tomori a real chance to establish himself a partnership with Rudiger. 2 - get a quality left sided CB that can cover Alonso allowing him to utilise his attacking threat. 3 - buy nobody and hope and pray Tomori turns out to be the real deal and that Alonso can somehow be coached how to defend 😬
  7. This signing is massive for us, i see this as our Hazard replacement. If we were to now get Havertz i think that would put us on par offensively with Liverpool and City. I like the idea of Werner mixing in with CHO and Pulisic for those wing positions in a 4-3-3, but i think a really good option would be to play him off Abraham with a diamond shaped midfield behind, could go one way or another here making him a nightmare to mark and given tonnes of opportunity to run in from behind; ---‐----------------Abraham/Giroud ‐-------------------------《werner》 ----‐---------------Havertz or Mount ----------Kov/Kante---------------Ziyech/RLC ‐---‐-------------------Jorginho/Billy
  8. Think Havertz where Ziyech is and Ziyech where Sancho is would be more likely. We need to sell Emerson and get a new LB, not sure it will be Telles though. Koulibaly rumour has been going on for years, we need another CB, no idea who we'll end up going for though.
  9. First disallowed goal was the height of hypocrisy, if you give a foul to disallow the goal surely then it should be a pen for what Fred did 🤷‍♂️ Second disallowed goal was correct, but unlucky for us, great play! The absolute disgrace in this game is Maguire not being sent off, thats not to even mention that he scored their second goal, that decision completely changed the outcome of the game, the excuse the commentators suggested that he is not that kind of player is irrelevant. I'm not usually one to moan about the refs but this game we have been shafted. Oh... and the Willian yellow 🤦‍♂️ ridiculous.
  10. Maguire did that deliberately, should be red
  11. I'm calling it. Within 2 years Reece James will be regarded higher than TAA, will be Englands number 1 RB and possibly the worlds best in his position. The kids a star in the making.
  12. Surely if our transfer banned gets overturned we will utilise the Ake buy back clause. Another good option at CB who also provides cover at LB.

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