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  1. End of the road. Was a fairytale while it lasted but for his and everyone else's sake I think it's best he is replaced by an experienced manager.
  2. Havertz gotta start. He was excellent after coming on. As was CHO
  3. It's a shame to see it end like this to one of my Chelsea hero's, but if we end up losing by 4 or 5 Lampard will be gone before the next game.
  4. The good news folks... Tammy won't be starting in anything other than the league cup after this showing.
  5. This ref lol. We're on the break... He gets in the way, stop the game 👏 On a separate note, is Tammy starting to look like the English Benteke?
  6. That's a right foot, left foot, header, draws a pen, scores a pen... I'm calling it, that's a 10/10 performance for Olivier. Fantastic 👌
  7. Perfect hat-trick 👏 Giroud has to be nailed on up top. Was awesome at the end of last season and is still far better than Tammy.
  8. Literally cannot believe how good this guy is!!
  9. Mount, Kante and Havertz. Cracking trio in the middle of the park. The pressing and ball recovery is off the charts, and they're pretty bloody good on the ball too!
  10. Mendy. What a boss!! With him, either RB, Silva, Chilwell and Zouma playing i legitimately feel we have the best defence in the league now Van Dijk is injured. Great work from our recruitment, a world of difference! With the amazing attackers we have i actually think we are a shoe in for the league this year.
  11. Is he injured? Was dropped from the bench for some youth guy today... not that i'm complaining.
  12. Yeah i'm watching nbc too. Absolute stone wall pen, dunno how thats not getting reviewed.
  13. The frustration. You can't blame him entirely for all 3 goals yesterday. The first for me looked like a foul on Havertz, but after that it seemed too easy for Ings, he could have done more but not all his fault. The second, poor pass from Zouma, but a good goalkeeper would have dealt with it easily, he just lamely let it roll between his legs, pathetic. The third, was in the corner, but a good goalkeeper would have saved it, yes it was going through a crowd of players, but it wasn't hit hard and he reacted so slowly. He made a couple of good saves but the performance was only a 2 or 3/10 in my
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