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  1. I actually quite rate Jorginho, he works very well in the right system, however in a 4-2-3-1 or 4-4-2 the two central midfielders both need to be able to tackle and press. Jorginho can't do either well enough. Lets see, but firstly i can't see Lampard setting the team up like Sarri and secondly i can't see Lampard building a team around Jorginho.
  2. I'm interested to see how our midfield lines up under Lamps. Can't see a great deal of change at the back, and with the 4-2-3-1 expected it has to be Giroud up top with Tammy or Michy as back up. For midfield, surely Mount and Ampadu will feature, expecting/hoping for something like this once everyone is injury free. DM - Kante / Ampadu Box to box - RLC / Kova LF - CHO / Willian AM - Mount / Barkley RF - Pulisic / Pedro Makes me think what would happen to Jorginho, has to be moved on, can't see a use for him in this system.
  3. Why were we playing first team starters in this match?! There are fringe players desperate for minutes and we get arguably one of our best players injured before a cup final.
  4. Drop Hazard and CHO remains on the bench. That is a kick in the nuts for the lad, dont blame him for wanting to leave, at this stage we need to be doing everything to keep him, Sarri is doing the opposite.
  5. Couldnt agree more. Would love Southgate, but im as much as an England fan as i am a Chelsea fan and would hate Chelsea to be the team that nabs the England manager and condemns England to more disappointing world/euro cups.
  6. More rumourse that Hazard has agreed terms with Real, just waiting on them to agree the fee (rumoured at 98m). Ruthless with Belgium the other night but something tells me he is over Chelsea and we are no longer seeing his best. Im not too worried if we lose him, despite the transfer ban. We need to give our youth and loan players a chance now, our team can be solid next year if we just give some a little faith. CHO and Pulisic should be starters, Tammy should be given a good chance and share minutes with Higuain, RLC should be first name picked in our midfield. The only position of real concern is left back, Alonso has lost the plot, Emerson is OK but not sure he is good enough.
  7. £5 donation says that pedro scores or assists the second half?
  8. Agree with you on RLC. Pedro is running the show and is bound to either get another or an assist. Reckon Willian should come off about 60mins for CHO.
  9. Not sure you were watching the same game as the rest of us.
  10. Dare i say give Zola an interim / trial position and see whether he has the same effect Solskjaer has had with Man Utd. Not making top 4 with Sarri, so what do we have to lose.
  11. Great start from Higuain, i know he is now a bit older, but the one season Higuain worked under Sarri he scored 38 league goals in 36 appearances. 83mins per goal.
  12. I would love Mata back at Chelsea
  13. Reading this makes me think that Fekir could be one of those players to make a massive difference for us. Do you think that Sarri would sign Fekir to supply that attacking threat from midfield? If not possibly another player that could do this would be James Rodriguez, he might be available at the right price, Real dont seem to want him and Bayern might want to end his loan, not playing a great deal. I agree with what Delnino has said about Alonso, we need a new LB, Azpi should not be dropped though, just needs more time to adapt. As for the forwards i feel we are making a good move with Higuain, he hopefully will do a good job on the short term giving Abraham the opportunity to come in and lead the line if Sarri feels he up to the task. Willian can be phased out to bring CHO through. This would very much go against the norm with youth and Chelsea though! Im very much hoping that Hazard stays this summer, but if not the Pulisic signing will become integral. You never know, if Hazard was to leave it could be the catalyst for us to really kick on, Tottenham improved as a team after Bale's departure, as did Liverpool after losing Suarez, we could end up with enough money to build a more balanced squad.
  14. I really hope the club does not consider this. Wtf could we buy with 35m, nothing decent, this guy has potential to be world class, simple solution here, play him until the end of the season and take it from there, he will still be hot property come July, but maybe by then we could have convinced him to stay. Sarri, just put some faith in this kid, he is already better than Willian and Pedro.

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