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  1. How is Christensen starting? Surely he is suspended!
  2. The meg, that was class. Havertz 👏 a hat-trick and an assist in one hours play.
  3. Kepa - 3 - Stupid error early on that Christensen bailed him out on, then the horrendous error leading to the 2nd goal. One or two redeeming moments. James - 5 - good first half, struggled against Mane in the second. Christensen - 3 - did ok, but then lost us the game by being sent off. Zouma - 7 - solid performance Alonso - 4 - offered little going forward and as usual conceded a goal from an attack down his flank. Jorginho - 3 - loose passing and missed penalty Kante - 6 - gave the ball away a lot, but put in a good shift and drove forward with the ball well.
  4. Can anyone see Giroud featured heavily this season? I know it means likely benching Ziyech or Havertz but i think Werner and Pulisic would be lethal playing either side of Giroud.
  5. Thought Zouma and Christensen did really well, James was excellent, Alonso shakey as usual. Kepa was poor as usual. Happy with the centre 2 though felt we lacked the driving forwards Kova offers. RLC disappointing, still think he's better deeper, Havertz was ok, expected more but it is his first game, can see him much more effective through the middle, Mount decent as usual. Werner was so encouraging, sharpe, fast, direct, i expect great things from him, defending against both him and Pulisic will be a nightmare for any team.
  6. Van de beek announced with Man U.... James Rodriguez just confirmed to Everton and Havertz remains a rumour at Chelsea. Tick tock!
  7. West Ham seem to be sticking by their guns with this ridiculous 80m valuation! Personally i'd be disappointed if we spend any more than 50m on this guy. Just don't think he is currently worth more.
  8. He posted this just after. Not confirmed but more positive.
  9. He's a blue!! 😁 Time to re-locate the thread!!
  10. I feel so sorry for this poor bloke. This is worse than when nando came to Chelsea!! Selling isn't a wise option, a loan with the intent of pushing his value up for re-sale may work out, that way we keep Caballero and buy a decent Kepa replacement. Alternative option is to give Kepa another chance, but we can't be doing that with Caballero as back up. A quality second option and the two compete for mins could be a smart move. Best case Kepa shows his worth and we can either recover most of the money spent or keep him, worst case at least we have another decent keeper and Kepa will h
  11. On paper this team is every bit as good as Man Cities and Liverpools. If it gels quickly we have something special.
  12. With Mbuyamba signing i can see the logic in the Silva interest, a good leadership presence and with him approaching retirement it won't stunt the youngsters growth! Gotta get a goal keeper, thats a must! i know we all want rid of Kepa, but i can't see it happening, maybe we need an upgrade on Willy, a bit of competition for Kepa may spark him into life, if not at least we have someone half decent.
  13. Will he start a Premier League fixture before Christmas 🤔 I have a feeling this guy could be one of those we talk about how we got him on a free in years to come!! Good bit of business 👏
  14. I read an interesting article on him that stated that he come to train with us and wanted to sign with us last year, but we couldn't because of the transfer banned. So maybe the intention was always to go to Barcelona and come back to us this year 🤷‍♂️, plus we are definitely more likely to offer first team football quicker than Barcelona.
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