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  1. So far in the first two games of the season we have been without 5 players who would be considered first team Mendy, Chilwell, Thiago Silva, Ziyech and Pulisic That's almost half the first 11 missing. Adding a competent GK, a pacy LB and a hugely experienced CB who is also a leader to our back line will make a huge amount of difference IMO Frank has obviously been playing a bit more defensive in these two games due to our defensive issues and you can see why. Kepa has been directly at fault for 2 of the 3 goals we've conceded so far and it's only taken Christensen two games to do something stupid. Also, Pulisic and Ziyech will make a huge difference in our attack. Pulisic is easily our best attacker at carrying the ball forward and Ziyech is probably our most creative player. It's a long season and once we have everyone fit and ready we'll be looking a lot better
  2. The exciting thing in regards to RJ is that he's still only 20 years old. Potentially we have someone who could become a truly world class player
  3. His pace is going to cause absolute havoc for opposition defences
  4. Can't expect much from him in that game, he's literally only just joined, has been training with the squad for less than a week and is only recently back from his holidays. You need to also factor in that he's still only 21 and has literally just moved to another country. He will need time to get up to speed Just hope some people don't write him off like they decided to write Pulisic off when he first joined. He went from being someone that isn't good enough for Chelsea to one of our best players in a season Also fair play to him, he ran back half of the field to make a tackle after losing possession. That's the type of mentality we want in our dressing room
  5. Fabrizio Romano tweeted earlier that Lampard was key in us signing Havetz. This is one of the best young talents in world football and a generational talent who was determined to play under a manager that only has 2 years experience. I also heard Werner turned down a late offer from Pep and City to join us The pulling power of Lampard has been incredible this Summer. I have no doubts Lampard will be a success with us, his man management skills seem top notch already, especially the way he slowly integrated Pulisic into the team and it showed how effective that was in the restart. He has improvements to be made from a tactical viewpoint but that will improve as he gains more experience and someone like Lampard will always want to improve He is a born winner and born leader, he is one of our greatest ever players and has never let us down, you saw at times last season how the players would run into brick walls for him and how much they respected him despite his managerial inexperience. You can also see how much trust the likes of Marina and Roman have given him already
  6. Been seeing so much saltiness from Bayern fans online since this transfer happened. They seem to believe that Havertz only joined us to spite Bayern as they told him they didn't want him right now and that he will run his contract down with us and make his dream move to them on a free I guess they are still bitter that we signed Ballack on a free from them and beat them on penalties in their own back yard to win the Champions League Now we've taken the best young German talent who was supposed to be destined to join them away from them Love to see it
  7. Pogba looks best when he has world class players around him. At Juve he had the likes of Vidal, Pirlo and Marchisio in midfield He's an incredibly talented player but he lacks that edge to truly implement that talent on the field, he doesn't dominate games much and doesn't elevate the team. Just look at Bruno, he came in and elevated the whole team and dominated
  8. None of those players are your typical DMs that we seem to be looking for Kovacic is much more of a box-2-box midfielder and asking him to sit in front of the defence takes away his biggest asset in driving forward with the ball, Kante isn't someone who wouldn't sit back, he's best when he's allowed to roam across the pitch to the ball back. Jorginho and Gilmour will both sit back but their job is to dictate the play and keep possession flowing, Jorginho lacks the athleticism, strength and pace and Gilmour lacks the height and strength From what I've heard and seen it appears very likely we'll be lining up in a 4-3-3 with Mount and Havertz as number 8s with a DM behind them. That DM will need to be very disciplined to stay in position, strong, athletic, comfortable with the ball and great at intercepting and tackling
  9. I feel the issue with Kepa and the criticism he's facing isn't simply down to him having a bad season where he made a few mistakes, it's down to him having an absolutely terrible season. It would be hard to find a GK who has had worst stats than Kepa did last season He basically let in 50% of shots that were on target last season and I think I remember reading that he conceded about 14 goals which he should be expected to save. Those are awful stats for any GK, let alone a GK who cost over 70 million and is playing at the highest level
  10. Where did you get 46% from? His save percentage last season was around 75% which is a huge upgrade on Kepa who had a save percentage of around 53% He's also 6ft 6 in which makes him 5 inches taller than Kepa. Due to that height he is very comfortable collecting crosses and dominating his box unlike Kepa who literally stays rooted to his goal line Also, it's a good thing Cech is leading the recruitment, he knows exactly what is required for a GK to be play at the highest level and what attributes are needed to play in the Premier League Mendy isn't world class but he appears to be a good keeper and a massive upgrade on Kepa
  11. If Liverpool don't sign anyone else this Summer it will be 2 years since they've signed anyone that actually improves them They have a great team as proved these last few years but in football that can quickly turn stagnant. It's so difficult to maintain success season after season I feel Liverpool got very lucky with injuries last year, the likes of VVD, Salah, Mane, Firmino, TAA were mostly fit all of last season. A few injuries to key players could cause them problems, their backup options are pretty average
  12. Obviously we would never sell him but I feel we'd easily get more than 60 million for him. We paid 58 million for him when he had 18 months left on his contract and wasn't regularly starting He's just coming of the back of the best season of his career, has 3-4 years left on his contract and is still only 21 Don't forget, before Covid the likes of Maguire, Pepe, joao Felix and Lukaku were all going for well over 70 million
  13. Considering he's scored 38 goals in the last 2 seasons despite being only 21 I'd say he's pretty decent...
  14. So let me get this straight... We're signing a highly rated LB, who is only 23 and will improve, who improves our first 11, who fits into our style of play, who was also the managers first choice and we've managed to knock 20-30 million of the asking price The amount of negativity in this thread is embarrassing
  15. We've signed Werner and Ziyech and look likely to sign Havertz, Chillwell and Thiago Silva and people are still complaining We are basically having one of our best ever transfer windows and yet people are still not happy. Literally ridiculous
  16. When people talk about football they seem to actually forget that a few million is a huge amount of money Anyway, I'm confident this will be done. All the reliable journos are all saying that this should be done, we are the only team in for him, he want's to join us and Bayer need to sell this Summer to get a decent amount for him This will probably be our highest ever transfer and will obviously take time
  17. I would be very happy with Chilwell. He's had an inconsistent year but he's also showed his quality. He's exactly the type of player that will fit into our system, he's a great athlete, can run up and down that left flank all game long, he's young, prem proven and has room to get even better. He's also very good at winning aerially duels His pace will also be massively important to stretch the game as a lot of our attackers will be looking to come inside so width from the fullbacks will be important I'm not massively fussed on the price either, it's not my money and we quite clearly have a large budget to bring in new players Lastly, there's not many other better options available. Most people had barely heard of Reguilon before he was linked to us, Tagliafico is obviously a good player but defending in the Dutch League is massively different to defending in the Premiership and at 27/28 wouldn't be a truly long term option. I don't really rate Alex Telles that highly, he has an incredible left foot but isn't the quickest player and I just feel if he was truly top class he would be playing at a higher level right now and Alaba would probably break our wage budget
  18. In fairness to Sarri, this is probably one of the worst Juve teams in recent times. They are simply not good enough to realistically win the Champions League right now I don't feel he'll have any regrets about leaving Napoli, he's won the Europa League and a League title in the last two years and has been able to manage players like Ronaldo and Hazard
  19. They did very well to eventually finish 3rd despite the first half of the season but they were also helped by Leicester's epic collapse, Chelsea's inconsistencies and Spurs decline which caused them to switch managers. Sheffield Utd and Wolves simply didn't have the squads to truly challenge for the top 4 You are right, teams shouldn't be solely judged on transfers but Utd spent almost 200 million on 3 first team players and 1 squad option. Not many teams in the League can afford to do that and big improvements should have been made from last season Utd should have comfortably finished 3rd, OGS had already been at Utd for 6 months before this season so had plenty of time to prepare. They barely scrapped getting into the top 4 and had the exact same points total as last season. For me OGS has been pretty average overall at Utd and doesn't warrant a nomination for manager of the year
  20. Tammy Abraham 46 games, 17 goals Kezman, Pizzaro, Pato and Falcao combined 87 games, 11 goals Morata's best season for us 48 games, 15 goals Mutu's best season for us 32 games, 10 goals
  21. Don't agree with the suggestion OGS should be in with a shout Utd have spent almost 200 million in the last year and finished with the exact same points total as the season before. They've not really made much progress under OGS despite spending vast sums of money. He's done well in bringing some stability and giving chances to some of the younger players but you'd expect big improvement if you've spent 200 million on new players They finished above on goal difference despite us losing our best player and being unable to sign anyone
  22. I would have loved Sancho, he has superstar potential and could become one of the best players in the world. I feel we walked away due to the combined cost it would take to bring him here, he's likely to cost over 100 million, have astronomical wages and huge agent fees I would be massively gutted that we are going to miss out on him but I feel Havertz is equally as talented and fits into our system much better. We also have the likes of Pulisic, CHO, Werner and Ziyech so Sancho isn't needed as much In the last two years Sancho has scored 31 goals and contributed 33 assists Havertz has scored 35 goals and contributed 14 assists Sancho obviously has much higher assists but both players make around 2 key passes per game. Sancho also plays in a better team with much better attacking players than Havertz I don't feel there's a huge amount separating them and feel both players will be amazing signings for who they sign for
  23. Pedro was the right choice when you take everything into account. He's a born winner, massively experienced and offers a bigger goal threat than the likes of Hudson-Odoi
  24. Sparkz

    Nathan Ake

    The argument was that Pep supposedly improves defensive players. The likes of Otamendi, Mendy, Stone and Cancelo haven't improved under his management. If he was so good at developing defensive players he shouldn't need to spend another 40 million on another defender Ederson is probably the 2nd best GK in the League while Kepa has been the worst GK in the league, that's huge. You also underrate Laporte IMO who is top class and only behind VVD You also need to factor in that Pep has been at City 4 years and has spent 300 million on defenders while Lampard has been at Chelsea for 1 year and hasn't spent a penny on defenders. Of course City are going to be tactically better defensively than us
  25. The pressing argument isn't flawed. Pressing isn't just defensive, it's also an attacking way to tactically play. Winning the ball high up the pitch allows you to have the ball closer to the opposition goal while their defence haven't been able to regroup and organise. It puts the opposition defence under constant pressure Pressing is key to the way Frank wants to play and Mount is one of the best in our team at doing it
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